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I'll Put It On The List

Posted on Thu Nov 24th, 2016 @ 9:20pm by Lieutenant Commander Soren Himmel & Petty Officer 3rd Class Rebecca Ainscow

Mission: S1E2 - Unity
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: Mission Day 8; 11:00


After finishing her cup of tea with Akiva - as awkward as it was it was she got through it alright - Rebecca decided to head down to main engineering and see what the Chief Engineer wanted - if anything - on top of his essential supplies. It was a good system Claudia had implemented but there were always difficult choices to make when it came to allocated resources for projects on the side.

Entering main engineering through the big double doors Rebecca stared up at the huge warp core which glowed blue and hummed quietly. It was a hive of activity and she tried to find the man she was looking for - after spotting somebody addressing a man as "Lieutenant" Becky guessed that he was Lieutenant Himmel and approached him.

"I'm sorry if this is a bad time but Captain Ainscow asked me to visit all the department heads to see if there's any extra resources they want for personal or departmental projects. I'm Petty Officer Fuentes - the Captain's Yeoman" Becky said.

Himmel turned his attention to the Yeomen before him, "Nice to meet you Petty Officer, I always can use stuff. What can I actually get though? Walk with me."

Not a moment after Soren spoke he began walking through engineering checking on the other engineers progress with the Yeomen on his tail, "I could use more duranium for machining purposes. As much you can get would be great. I misplaced my quantum flux regulator. Speaking of which, we could use some more tool cases for the engineers, they keep borrowing mine. Considering the mission I will need some parts such as driver coils, torque buffers, impulse packs, and deuterium cartridges. Are you writing this down?"

Rebecca was writing them down as they walked together through main engineering. It was a hive of activity and certainly one of the more interesting parts of the Vindex she had seen so far. She didn't know what was available but she imagined it was a case of making what they had last until the supply lines were reopened.

"Of course Lieutenant. I've got duranium, a quantum flux regulator, tool cases, driver coils, torque buffers, impulse packs and deuterium cartridges. Is that right?" Becky replied.

Soren stopped briefly as he processed the Yeomen's response, "Yeah, that's right." He continued his stroll until he approached the pool table with Yeomen still there. "Could you help me real quick, Petty Officer?"

Pleased that she'd heard Soren's list correctly Rebecca looked back up at the Chief Engineer and nodded. She was surprised that she was being asked to help but despite that Rebecca was more than happy to help out when she could.

"Absolutely. What can I do for you Lieutenant?" Becky asked.

"Perfect," Himmel responded, he then pointed to the opposite side of the table where he stood, "I need you to be on that side as I run a quick test on our impulse engines. My engineers just freed it from the stabilizers we placed in I am checking to see what further repairs need to be done. If you could analyze the readout while I run through the impulse engines over here." Soren stopped for a moment and looked up to her, "essentially, stop me if there are any red flags that go up."

Rebecca walked around to the other side of the table and listened to Soren's instructions carefully to make sure she understood them properly. She didn't have a clue when it came to engineering but she was glad it was a relatively easy task.

"No problem. I think I can manage that" Becky replied.

Soren smiled and began his work, "Alright, I'm running through initial setups and propulsion control. You'll notice the impulse systems appear on your screen. You'll see exhaust, power, speed, and various other important gages. If one of them comes out of wack let me know." Himmel's fingers glided across the LCARs as he put in various commands. "Okay, bringing up the impulse engines online. I'm making sure they're in sync right now. How does it look over there for you?

Casting her gaze firmly on the screen the Yeoman made sure that she was looking in the right place. When she'd confirmed that Becky kept a close eye and made sure that everything was running correctly. So far everything was fine.

"So far so good..." Rebecca replied.

Himmel acknowledge the Yeomen with a nod, "opening up the exhaust and giving her room to breathe." He tapped a few more buttons, "impulse manifold looks good. impulse reactors holding."

Becky wasn't aware of what had happened before she arrived other than a confrontation with The Consortium. The details of which were minimal but as she was only a Yeoman Rebecca didn't expect she'd get to know very much.

"Nothing so far Lieutenant...she's holding up alright" Rebecca replied.

Himmel smiled and nodded with satisfaction, "Beauty. She's looking good Petty Officer." He tapped a few more commands, "I think I'm finished here, I'll shut it down and we'll run a level 1 diagnostic." Soren closed out the screen and walked around over to the Yeomen, "Thank you Petty Officer, that wasn't too bad was it?"

"You're welcome Lieutenant. It was something different for me to do and I enjoyed it - I appreciate the opportunity - even if it was just watching a screen. If you think of anything else for your list before the end of your shift then just give me a call and I'll come and sort it out for you" Rebecca replied.

Himmel nodded, "Very well Petty Officer, I may even get in touch with you after hours if need be," then Soren let out a light hearted chuckle.

Rebecca smiled at the Chief Engineer and nodded. She liked Soren - she looked forward to seeing him again at some point and would be more than happy to help him if necessary.

"If there's anything I can help you with I'll see what I can do. I'll leave in you in peace - and thank you for being so accommodating. Until the next time" Rebecca said.

With that Rebecca turned and headed out of the doors on her way to her next assignment.

Soren smiled and watched as she left until an engineer approached him with a PADD, he grabbed the PADD and he was back at it.


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