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What Else Do You Need?

Posted on Sat Nov 12th, 2016 @ 10:53pm by Petty Officer 3rd Class Rebecca Ainscow & Lieutenant Commander Cara O'Reilly MD

Mission: S1E2 - Unity
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Mission Day 8; 09:30


After leaving Elsa's office Rebecca decided to go to Sickbay next seeing as that was the one place she could remember the location of. After taking a turbolift ride - one that stopped on every single deck much to her frustration - Rebecca found herself in sickbay and looking around for Lieutenant O'Reilly.

Cara and Mac walked out of a cubicle and Cara said, "give her 30mgs Divisin and set her up with an appointment with our OB/GYN," then she handed the Head Nurse the patient's chart. "Who's next?"

"You're clear, boss, if you want to run grab some breakfast," Mac said, taking the PADD from Cara.

Rebecca looked around and found a Lieutenant talking to another woman and presumed that she was Lieutenant O'Reilly. Walking up to the woman she introduced herself.

"Lieutenant O'Reilly? I'm Petty Officer Fuentes the Captain's Yeoman. She's asked me to ask you if there's anything extra you want from the rationed resources list this month" Rebecca said.

With a smirk, Cara called out to the retreating Head Nurse, "hey, Mac. I thought you said the Vindex rumor mill was quick. This one," she waggled her thumb at the Yeoman, "hasn't heard the rule." As Mac laughed, Cara put her hand on Rebecca's shoulder and said, "it's Doctor. Not Lieutenant. I don't allow rank in here." The with a chuckle she said, "come on in my office and let me look at my latest list."

Becky giggled as it was clear that she had a lot to learn about daily life aboard the Vindex. She then nodded at the doctor's suggestion of going somewhere private to discuss what - if anything - the doctor was going to request. This was going well so far - she hoped that it would go the same way for the rest of the day.

"Doctor it is. Let's go" Rebecca said.

Cara steered the Yeoman into her office and gestured toward the credenza against one wall of her office with a carafe of fresh coffee and a pot of hot water for tea. "Help yourself," she said as she walked around her desk and took a seat. She opened up her desk drawer and took out a PADD and turned it on.

Rebecca looked over at the credenza and decided to make herself a cup of tea. She slowly poured the tea into the cup before dropping a cube of sugar into it. After pausing for a moment to let the sugar dissolve Rebecca stirred the drink before adding the milk and taking it over to the desk. Once she sat down she smiled at the doctor.

"Thank you Doctor. It's always nice to have fresh tea available rather than out of the replicator" Becky said.

"I managed to gain an ally in the kitchen," Cara said with a smile. "So I get fresh coffee and tea all day long."

Becky didn't know who the ally was but presumed that it was the Vindex's head chef. If he had teabags then she supposed that she would have to be extra nice to Paul so she could get some for herself - after all - her supply would only last so long. Paul had a large supply of it but given the circumstances he wasn't giving it out to everyone.

"You'll have to let me know who that is so I can make them a cake and get a similar arrangement. I have some teabags in my quarters but they won't last forever...especially with the amount that I drink in one day. I promised I'd give some to Captain Ainscow as well..." Rebecca replied.

Cara narrowed her eyes in an attempt to look devious. "Well...we'll have to see how loose your pocket strings are on some of these supplies I need," she said and winked. "Starting with Divisin. I need 300 units or we will start seeing a huge population explosion in the next 8-10 months," she said, referring to the monthly injectable contraceptive medication.

Rebecca added that to her PADD and looked back up at the doctor once she'd added it to a new list for the Medical department. She couldn't help but blush slightly - even though it was something that didn't apply to her as she never planned on needing to use it.

"Err...yeah I don't think the Captain would want to end up with that happening. I don't think we'd have the room either..." Rebecca replied.

"I also need 20 units of Cerenide and 50 units of Ceftakan," Cara said, looking at the list on her PADD. She glanced over the top of the tablet and said, "one is an anticoagulant and the other is a volume expander. If we are going into battle we will need all we can get." She looked back down at her list. "If QM can replicate any bandages and 5% Dextrose solution for intravenous infusion that would be great."

Rebecca nodded and wrote everything down on the PADD. She began to realize just how different the situation was aboard the Vindex - it wasn't a ship of exploration right now - it was a ship of war. She just hoped it would go back to exploring one day.

"I've added those too" Rebecca said.

She then took a long sip of the tea and placed it back down on the counter.

Cara leaned forward and held out the PADD. "The rest of what we need is listed here," she said. "I realize some items may need to be replicated and some may exceed what is our rationed allotments, but I would rather seek alternatives during a non-battle situation than during."

"Very true Doctor. I just hope I don't have to do this too often and we can re-open our supply lines before too long. Even what rations we have won't last forever...even this stuff...I'll just have to be extra nice to the chef and hopefully he'll oblige" Rebecca said pointing to her cup.

"Believe me, Rebecca," Cara said, "I am not a stranger to supply rationing. And, once I get the lay of the quadrant I will start looking into indigenous alternatives to some of our medications." Movement outside of her glassed in office caught her eye and she got to her feet. "On that note I need to get back to work," she said and walked around her desk. Leaning down as she walked passed Becky she whispered, "see Chef Foster about the tea," and, with a wink, she left her office and disappeared into a patient cubicle.

"Oh I will. Thanks Doc" Becky replied.

Rebecca smiled and finished the cup of tea before standing up and placing it back on the trolley she got it from out of the way. After ensuring she'd picked up both PADDs it was time to head on to her next destination - where that was she hadn't decided yet - although she was starting to feel a little bit hungry. Becky liked the hospitality she had received so far - she hoped the next time she was in sickbay it was to deliver some positive news.



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