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Posted on Fri Nov 11th, 2016 @ 9:57pm by Lieutenant JG Annie Wilson & Lieutenant JG José Muñiz

Mission: S1E2 - Unity
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: Mission Day 8; 14:00

Annie watched Jose at the controls, testing him about where everything was, and so far he was doing okay, but Annie thought he would benefit from a proper test just to make sure that he was comfortable with the controls. Captain Ainscow had suggested to her over dinner that she took Ensign Muniz to the holodeck, so she decided to do that.

"You seem pretty confident, how about we go and take this down on the holodeck?" Annie suggested, facing the man as she spoke to him, pleased with him so far.

José felt confident with the controls but it seemed like a good idea to have some simulated training before he started his duty shift in a couple of hours' time. After all with what was happening nobody knew what to expect. Least of all the newest member of the Vindex's crew.

José nodded. "Let's go. I've got two hours before I go on duty so there's no time time to waste"

Annie talked as they walked. "Okay, there's a program we came up with for each department to use for training, but I haven't used the one for flight control yet, you'll be the first."

José called the turbolift and waited patiently for its arrival. A few moments later it arrived and two officers vacated the elevator. José gestured for Annie to enter the turbolift first before entering himself. He was just about to request their destination but realised he didn't know what deck the holodecks were on.

"Where are the holodecks on this ship?" José asked.

Annie smiled. "The entrances are on Deck 10, so Deck 10."

The lift started moving towards Deck 10.

José chuckled to himself. He should have checked beforehand but at least he knew where they were for future reference. One bonus was that the Vindex used the same shuttlecraft that he had operated before so it was one less thing to work on familiarising himself with.

"Thank you" José said.

"No problem," Annie replied. "Just remember, you can ask the computer if I'm not around to ask for directions, although I'm sure you know that already."

José smiled. "How are you finding it aboard the Vindex?"

Annie had slowly grown to enjoy being on the Vindex, she had met a few different people and they all seemed nice, especially the chef Paul Foster, who had been very accommodating when she asked for Scottish food.

"I like it, I was nervous at first because I've never been on a ship before, but because of the shortage I was made the department head straight away, the paper work is a bit boring but it doesn't take long. The chef is good too, like, really good. Anything you ask him for, he can cook it." Annie replied, pausing for a moment to clear her throat.

"What about you?" She finished, smiling.

José hadn't been aboard very long so he hadn't really come up with a conclusive opinion - but so far his initial impressions of the ship and the crew that he'd met were very positive. It was a fresh challenge the Spanish helmsman was looking forward to - even if the Vindex was facing a dangerous task with an uncertain outcome.

"It's a step up from the Renown. After all this is a brand new starship and the Renown isn't so new...but I'll still miss it. I was surprised by the request from Captain Ainscow but it wasn't a difficult choice" José replied.

Annie was happy to have somebody with experience in her department, as the rest of the flight control officers had just left Academy. As good as they were, experience was necessary too, and she was grateful to have it, not just for her benefit, but every one else in the department's too.

"I can imagine, everyone wants to be on these ships, I never thought I'd be on one straight away, but here's where I am now. I think I'll stick around for a while, my dog likes it here too, we can walk for miles on the holodeck." Annie said.

Their brief conversation passed the time and the turbolift slowed to a halt before stopping on Deck 10. The doors hissed open and José again gestured for Annie to go first - especially as she knew where she was going and he didn't.

"Right," Annie said. "Seeing as you asked where it was, I'll lead the way. It's not too far, but you're in for a surprise when we get there, if one is available. They should be, especially at this time of the afternoon."

José followed Annie and looked around to take in his new surroundings. He was very impressed with how modern the ship looked - although the Renown had been refitted to the latest standards it felt different to be on a ship built to the standards other ships were being refitted to.

Leading Jose to the holodeck, she found him to be quite a charming man, he was very polite and took an interest in other people. Annie liked his accent too, although for now, she just wanted to build a good rapport with the man.

Annie smiled. "Okay, here we are. This one's free so we'll use this one."

"Excellent" José commented.

Annie used the console to reserve the holodeck, once that was done she opened the doors and led them both inside. Once they were inside, the doors closed.

José couldn't believe it - the Vindex had holodecks that spanned two decks - they were the certainly the first holodecks of their size he'd ever seen. The stories he'd heard from fellow officers about how state of the art and modern the Sovereign-class starships were were certainly no exaggeration. He was very impressed.

"I've never seen a holodeck that cover two decks before. Very impressive" José commented.

Annie nodded. "They're pretty big, there's an observation deck up there, although that's usually where Captain Ainscow watches the training drills from. Anyway, are you ready to go? It won't take too long, I find if you drag things out too long they defeat the object."

José nodded. "Of course. I'm ready"

"Okay," Annie replied. "Computer, activate the flight control training program."

José now found himself in the middle of the Vindex's bridge with the red alert klaxons blaring and red lights flashing. He looked around and saw that the bridge was a mess - it was clear that this scenario wasn't going to be as simple as course corrections. It was a real test - and that was how José liked it.

"There's your seat, I'll stand and watch." Annie said, pointing to the flight control console and then standing a few metres away from it, a distance she could comfortably observe Jose from, but still give him the space to focus on his test.

José took the seat at the helm and waited for orders. The bridge rocked as the phaser fire struck the vessel - it was that accurate the simulation depicted the Vindex under attack from a Consortium vessel.

"Evasive manoeuvres. Get us out of here!" the first officer shouted.

José nodded and used the first evasive manoeuvre pattern that came to his mind - moving the Vindex out of the way of a barrage of torpedo fire just in time - although the torpedoes missed they detonated close to the vessel and caused more damage.

"Get us into an attack position. We need to take out their weapons before they take us out!"

José quickly decided to use Attack Pattern Delta-2 as this would give the Vindex's tactical officer more time to fire on the enemy Galaxy-class and get a pass at the starship's ventral side. Deciding to do things the old fashioned way José vacated his station and activated the manual steering column.

"Coming in hot. You've got two passes" José called out.

So far, Annie liked what she saw, Jose had clearly listened and said attention in his brief lesson on the bridge, satisfying Annie that he had taken everything on board. He'd clearly taken note of the fact Annie said she had used the manual controls where appropriate, as he had chosen to do so to perform a manoeuvre. Not the one she would have used, but still a good choice.

Even though it was only a simulation José was taking it extremely seriously and put the fact it was a scenario to test him with piloting the Vindex to the back of his mind. He never liked to use simulations as an excuse to lack concentration or make mistakes.

The Vindex swooped over the ship and fired on the Galaxy-class starship's weapons array. Once the Vindex was clear of the target José turned the controller to turn the ship around before aiming to dive under the the enemy ship.

"Fire at will!" the Exceutive Officer called out.

It was only a brief pass but the Vindex managed to inflict the desired damage on the enemy ship - but that wasn't enough for the Executive Officer - he wanted that ship dead in the water.

"Helm - bring us in from astern. Fire at their impulse and warp engines"

José quickly returned to the console - as that was the primary purpose of the simulation - and plotted a course to bring them in from astern. As the enemy was moving and trying to get astern of Vindex it wasn't easy. After a few twists and turns with a few shots fired between the two ships José had managed to get them astern of the enemy.

"Open fire!"

The Tactical Officer fired a barrage of quantum torpedoes at the enemy ship - but not before it had managed to fire some torpedoes at the Vindex. Instinctively José broke away but he couldn't avoid the final torpedo which struck the Vindex's hull and violently rocked the ship.

"Status of the enemy ship?"

"The enemy ship has been disabled. They won't be following us"

"Helm - get us out of here at best possible speed"

José nodded. "Right on it"

He set a course to a planet in the opposite direction to put as much distance between the two ships as possible. Once the course was laid in and the co-ordinates confirmed he engaged and the ship went to warp.

"Okay, I think that's long enough." Annie said. "Computer, end the program."

José stood up just before the simulation ended and walked over to Annie to hear what she thought. He wasn't sure what she'd make of him using the manual steering column but he hoped he'd done enough to convince her that he was ready.

"How did I do?" José asked.

Annie smiled. "I think you did well, I like how you used your initiative with the control stick, sometimes it's better to do it yourself rather than let the computer do it. I wouldn't have used that manoeuvre myself, but it was still a good choice, and you responded well to the situation. I think a well done is in order, Ensign. I'd say you're ready to fly this ship from four o'clock this afternoon."

José nodded and listened. He was pleased that he'd managed to impress her.

"Thank you. I think sometimes using the manual steering column can be better - especially with consecutive tight manoeuvres like those. Let's just hope we don't have to do that for real..." he replied.

"Absolutely," Annie said. "Anyway, I've got a ship to fly, maybe you should get yourself a snack and a rest or whatever before you start at four o'clock, Paul should be in the kitchen at the moment so I'm sure he can make you something nice."

José agreed and decided to take Annie's advice and get himself something to eat and have a short rest before he started his duty shift in just under an hour and a half. He would however need to ask Annie for directions again - he knew where his quarters were but that was about it.

"I think I will do that - where is the mess hall?" José asked.

"How did I know you'd ask me that?" Annie giggled. "It's on Deck 15, you can't miss it. You're better using the other turbo lifts down the corridor, they stop right ouside."

"Thank you. I'll see you at 16:00 - and thank you for helping me. Will you let me get you a drink to say thank you" José replied.

Annie was surprised, but more than happy to accept Jose's invite, he was quite the gentleman.

"I'd love to, maybe tomorrow after your shift? I'd say tonight, but I'd imagine you'd want to get a rest after your first shift." Annie suggested.

José smiled. "I look forward to it"

"Me too," Annie replied, smiling. "See you later."


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