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Posted on Thu Nov 17th, 2016 @ 3:21am by Lieutenant JG Annie Wilson & Ensign Anastasia Bogolyubov

Mission: S1E2 - Unity
Location: Anastasia's quarters
Timeline: Day 8

Annie thought about what Captain Ainscow had asked for, an early detection warning, to put it that way. She decided to get started on it straight after the meeting, so she found her way to the science lab, hoping to find the person she was looking for. This was her first project, and she hoped that it would go well, it had to, for the sake of the mission.

Looking around, she saw Anastasia was there, so Annie walked over to her, hoping that she was ready to get started straight away.

"Excuse me," Annie said. "The Captain asked me to work on an early detection system, and Lieutenant Johansson recommended you to me. Are you able to help me with it or shall I come back a bit later?"

Anastasia had been absorbed in working out a mathematical description of a theory one of the physicists had came up with, to describe a minor anamoly the Vindex had passed during it's 'rendezvous' with the Renown. She cocked her head as she turned to face Annie, a look of focused scrutiny at her eyes as she studied the Chief Flight Control Officer silently before answering, "I like Lieutenant Johansson. She explains things to me. I would be happy to collaborate with you, Ensign Wilson." Anastasia paused before adding, "I was about to return to my quarters to tend to my kitten Prokhvost. Perhaps we could discuss the project requirements over a cup of tea?"

Annie nodded, seeing as Anastasia had a pet, it was something they had in common. She was happy that they would be able to get started straight away too, Annie didn't like delaying things, the more time they had, the more time they would have to get things ironed out and get them right first time.

"Lead the way." Annie replied, gesturing towards the door with her hand.

Anastasia nodded solemnly, then led Annie to the turbolift. After the two women stepped onto the turbolift, Anastasia asked, "What exactly do you mean by an early detection system?"

"We're headed for a planet about a day away from here," Annie began, "But we aren't sure what we're going to find there, so we need an early detection system to give us as much time to prepare as possible. How we do that I don't know right now, but between us, I hope we can figure it out."

"Probability assignment," Anastasia answered in a flat tone as the turbolift doors opened. "We can create a combinatorial optimization algorithm that solves the assignment problem in polynomial time," Annastasia continued as she led Annie to her quarters. "We can create an algorithm to look for trace evidence of different threats, and assign probability of such threats materializing. Since we are looking for specific threats, it will be easier to detect them earlier. The trick will be in eliminating ghosts."

Anastasia opened the door to her quarters and was immediately rushed by huge, dark grey kitten with black stripes. With an uncharacteristic gleeful shriek, Anastasia picked the kitten up, calling him "Prokhvost" and speaking rapid fire Russian at the kitten. A bright smile on her face, Prokhovst lifted the kitten up so that it was face high. "Ensign Wilson, this is Prohkvost. Prohkvost, this is Ensign Wilson."

"Hello you, aren't you adorable?" Annie said, looking at the large kitten before stroking him gently under his chin. If her quarters were big enough, she'd have had a cat as well, but Max took up a lot of space as it was.

Annie spoke. "I think the idea you suggested works, if we can link it to work with my console and the weapons station, then the moment we detect anything, we can check it out. What we'd be looking for specifically is a Sovereign class and a Rhode Island class. If we can find out any particular details about these ships in the Vindex database, we can add these to the algorithm to give us a more definitive answer."

"Then we need to determine indicators that are unique to each one of those starships and incorporate them." Anastasia handed the kitten to Annie. "If you will hold Prokhvost, I'll make some tea and we can discuss the specifics of what we need. Please, come in," Anastasia added, stepping into her quarters.

Annie held the kitten gently and stroked him under the chin as she walked into Anastasia's quarters, looking forward to the cup of tea she was about to make for them both. Annie heard Prokhvost purr, bringing a smile to her face, pleased that the kitten was enjoying the attention she was giving him.

"I wish I could have a kitten," Annie said. "But I've got a dog and I don't think they'd get on very well, and I don't think the Captain would let me have another pet either."

"He likes you," Anastasia said as she fetched two glasses of black tea from the replicator. "You can come and visit us anytime," Anastasia added shyly. "Honey? Lemon?" she asked, handing one cup to Annie.

"He's sweet," Annie said. "And yeah, I'd like that, it would be nice to socialise with someone who is a fellow animal lover."

She continued to stroke the kitten before Anastasia brought a drink over. Thinking for a moment, Annie decided she would go for honey in hers.

"Honey, please." Annie replied, smiling.

"The honey is nonreplicated," Anastasia said as she put a small jar of dark honey in front of Annie, with a honey dipper already in it. "My grandmother raises bees in a cedar hive." Anastasia took a seat opposite from Annie, took a sip from her cup, and then set the cup down. "Would you be offended if we began addressing the alrorithm now? Or do we need to engage in social banter for a few minutes? I enjoy your company, but sometimes misunderstand social cues."

Annie smiled, she didn't mind getting straight to work, especially now she had a cup of tea. She added some honey to her tea and stirred it, before placing the honey back on the table. She then took a taste of her tea, before deciding to skip socialising for now and get on with their job.

"This honey is lovely," Annie replied. "I'm not great at socialising either, so I'm happy to get started on the algorithm when you are ready. The sooner we start, the sooner we can finish."

"But you can still stay and play with Prokhvost and talk with me afterwards," Anastasia said hurriedly, looking down at the kitten who was stalking an imaginary mote of dust between the feet of the two women.

Annie smiled, she liked the kitten and was grateful for the invitation to stay behind afterwards. It would be nice for Annie to hopefully make a new friend, or at least improve her socialising skills.

"I'd like that," Annie said. "Thank you."

"Both the Rhode Island and the Sovreign class have unique warp signatures," Anastasia began, making an entry into her PADD that transferred the information to Annie's PADD. "In addition, there are certain astronomical phenomena that are unique to the Altor system, such as its Oort cloud or comets transiting the inner system, Uf either ship that we are searching for were to interact in some way with these phenomena, they would leave a distinct footprint. Our long range sensors wouldn't necessarily interpret these footprints as the presence of either of the two ships, but we could tell the sensors to do exactly that, to assume that what they detected was the presence of one or both of those starships, and try to find other markers, and establish a degree of probability of their presence until the Vindex could get closer to establish certainty. If we have a list of upgrades that both ships have received, it would increase the effectiveness of our algorithm."

Annie read the information on her PADD, and listened to what Anastasia was telling her. Normally, somebody of her rank wouldn't have access to such information, but because she was a head of department, she did. Standing up and walking to the nearest console, Annie looked over at Anastasia.

"May I?" Annie asked.

"Please," Anastasia answered, her eyes unwavering as they followed Annie.

Annie turned the console on, once it was loaded she requested the information they required for the algorithm.

"Computer," Annie said. "Please list the latest modifications made to the USS Brandenburg and USS Sarek, newest first, authorisation access code Wilson 1 9 Alpha Delta."

As the computer began listing the various modifications, refits and upgrades to both vessels, Anastasia's fingers began flying across her PADD., Or rather her right hand did, while her left hand lifted about her hand, her fingers moving in an odd, repetitious manner. As soon as the list stopped, so did the motion of both hands.

"I think that will suffice," Anastasia said, looking up at Annie. "Normally, this would be like pytalis' nayti igolku v stoge sena. Finding a needle in a haystack," the Russian woman translated. "But we know the straw in haystack, and the shape of the needle, so it should be easier?"

Annie watched and saw the list was rather long, but she did ask for them, so she wasn't going to berate the computer for giving them so much information. Thinking to herself, she decided on the other hand even though it gave them more work to do, the more they had on the two ships, the easier it would be.

"If we know what we're looking for," Annie replied. "Then it'll be easier to find it, now all we need to do is design an algorithm that'll instruct the sensors to look for them specifically, although unfortunately maths and science weren't my best subjects..."

"People aren't mine," Anastasia replied, with more than a hints of wistfulness in her voice. But then a look of excitement replaced the momentary sadness in her eyes, as her fingers began tracing patterns in the air. "But the algorithm design won't be a problem. First, we allow for epistemic uncertainty by defining the two ships as functions of two sets of masses, with the properties of said sets as series 1-K, with K being the amount of correlation between the two mass sets, which---" Anastasia's concentration was interrupted by her kitten attacking her feet. "Prokhvost," the Russian woman laughed, sweeping up the kitten until human and kitten were nose to nose. "You know you can't interrupt Mommy when she's deriving a dynamic decision process using the principle of optimality. You are such a silly kitten," she added, rubbing her nose with the kitten's, before placing it down on the floor. Prokhvost turned his attention to Annie's feet.

"If you can give me an hour, Ensign Wilson, I can get something for you to upload," Anastasia said, then paused, a troubled look coming on her face.

While Anastasia talked, Annie listened and had another drink of her tea, as most of it was way above her head, even though it was interesting. She had another drink of her tea, just as Anastasia finished talking and the slightly worrying look appeared on her face.

"Okay, that works," Annie replied. " there something the matter? You look a little...concerned..."

"Would you mind," Anastasia asked hesitantly, "If I called you Annie?"

Annie nodded,"Of course you can call me Annie, what's the matter, Anastasia?"

It looked as if the weight of the world had been lifted off of Anastasia's shoulder. "I just...don't understand social cues. It's like...trying to interpret a First Contact culture for me. Can I get you another cup of tea, and then I'll get started, and you can let me know what does and does not synch with the Vindex's sensor capability."

"It's okay," Annie said. "I can find it difficult too, massive crowds don't do it for me either, but that's ironic when I'm on this ship which has hundreds of people aboard. I'd like another cup of tea, thank you."

Annie remembered that when Commander Briggs tried to upgrade them with a similar technique, it caused issues.

"Before we left space dock, Commander Briggs and myself worked on boosting the flight control sensors with an algorithm he designed, they worked in a simulation, but they wouldn't process a particular command when it came to trying them out for real, if I can download the diagnostic reports from the ship's database, would they be any use to you?" Annie replied.

"Yes that would," Anastasia answered, as she took Annie's cup back to the replicator. "It might be that the command in question couldn't deal with a Aleatoric uncertainty. A random factor that changes each time that this particular command is entered." Anastasia set the cup in front of Annie, giving the other woman a quiet smile. "Annie, do you ever think where you might be if you hadn't joined Starfleet?"

"Thank you," Annie said, smiling. "I'm not sure, my father was a civil engineer, so maybe I could have followed his footsteps, I suppose, but that would have meant I actually had to be good at maths."

Annie took another drink from the freshly made cup of tea, then standing up and going back to the console to request a download of the diagnostics. Before standing, she picked up a PADD to download the information for Anastasia onto.

"Computer, please download the flight control sensor experiment diagnostics from July 16th, 2388, and transfer them to this PADD. Authorisation access code, Wilson 1 9 Alpha Delta." Annie said.

The information was downloaded onto the PADD, which she then passed over to Anastasia.

"Here you go, Anastasia." Annie said, smiling.

"If I wasn't here, I don't think I would be happy," Anastasia said, as she took the proffered PADD and placed it beside her own. The fingers on both hands began typing entries into each PADD simultaneously, occasionally crossing over each other. She looked up at Annie, her fingers still making entries. "I think I'm happy here." Anastasia's attention went back to her PADD. As she continued making entries, she said without looking up, "I can have something in forty-five minutes. We can still continue talking, if you like."

"I'd like that Anastasia," Annie said. "I'd like that a lot."


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