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A Delicate Assignment

Posted on Wed Nov 23rd, 2016 @ 7:43pm by Commander Tolan

Mission: S1E2 - Unity
Location: Tolan's Quarters
Timeline: Mission Day 9; 07:00

Tolan knew he wasn't out of the woods yet - even though Claudia seemingly didn't suspect him he knew that for the next twelve hours at least he would be worried about what to expect at Altor. He'd given Claudia the information in good faith - but if it turned out to be wrong then the Suliban officer knew that he could end up in the Vindex's brig for supplying false information. He was in a position of trust and the information had to be correct - for his sake.

Suddenly his console beeped informing him that he had an incoming transmission. Moving over to it he sat in the chair behind his desk and ordered the computer to encrypt it before accepting the call.

"How are you this morning Lieutenant?" the man asked.

Tolan replied. "I'm fine. They've bought the information - but I don't know what I'm supposed to do to convince Ainscow not to throw me in the brig if it's wrong. I was asked to delay them and if I end up in the brig how am I supposed to do that?"

"Don't worry about Ainscow. She won't be your problem for much longer..." the man responded.

Tolan wasn't exactly sure what he meant by that. There were Consortium agents aboard the Vindex and he knew that - he just didn't know who they were. If Tolan knew who they were then maybe he would feel a bit more reassured. For now however he felt his position was on a knife edge - at least for now. He had got Kazyah into The Consortium's network but the Suliban did it to get him off his back - Tolan knew that Kazyah was up to something - he just couldn't prove it.

"She's not as stupid as you think. She's quite resourceful in the face of dire circumstances - and she's got a good crew too. I've learned a lot about them in the last nine days" Tolan said.

The man was growing impatient - he had wanted the Vindex fighting for The Consortium at Starbase Unity but clearly that plan hadn't worked. Something else was going to have to be done instead.

"I asked you to deliver me that ship and you failed. You're lucky I haven't had one of our agents on that ship kill you for your failure" the man replied.

Tolan snapped. "And if you did that your entire operation on this ship would fail. I told Ainscow where those ships were to delay it from getting to Starbase Unity before the attack fleet. I've done what you asked me to do - and if any of your friends come anywhere near me I will tell Ainscow and the Task Force Commanding Officer everything about your plans - so unless you want that I suggest..."

"Stop that ship from getting there. If you don't then I will - I've got six ships that can intercept you in two days..." the man replied.

Tolan sneered. "And weaken your precious attack fleet? You and I both know you won't do that you fool. If you want me to stay quiet and stop this ship from getting to Unity you're going to do something for me in return as...a token...of your gratitude"

"You're in no position to demand things from me Tolan. Do what I say or you will suffer the consequences of your treachery and disobedience!" the man shouted.

Tolan nodded. "Oh but I am. I'm here and you're there - and it might just work out in delaying the Vindex for long enough anyway. It works both ways - the Vindex gets what it wants and I get more trust from Ainscow - in return it gets held up arriving at Unity. If you don't think that's a suitable arrangement then it'll be you held responsible for failing to take Starbase Unity. You know I've heard..."

"Alright!" the man snarled.

Tolan smiled. "Good. We need some supplies and we haven't got them - I want you to give me the flight plan of the next convoy headed for DS11. If I have those then you have my word this ship won't get to Starbase Unity until it's fallen to the enemy...and then you can have the Vindex as a prize for crushing Starfleet"

"What?" the man replied.

Tolan was amused by the man's reaction to his demands. He was a clever tactician by all accounts - but Tolan knew for a fact he wouldn't weaken the attack fleet and nor was he prepared to give up in his quest to seize the Vindex for The Consortium.

"Arrange for it to rendezvous with us at these co-ordinates...and tell them to have the following list of supplies ready to beam over. You have my word they won't be fired upon and nobody will be hurt - however if they aren't there when we get there then I'm afraid our little arrangement is over" Tolan replied.

The man sighed. "You do realise we can't spare this much...right?"

"You're going to have to if you want our arrangement to hold up. Otherwise you can say goodbye to getting this ship or taking Starbase Unity. If the Vindex, Renown, Brandenburg and Sarek get there before or at the same time as you then you can say goodbye to your prize..." Tolan replied.

The man didn't want to compromise his position or lose valuable supplies to the enemy - but if Tolan was going to succeed in his mission then it was a sacrifice that had to be made. He knew that the Vindex was a ship worth waiting for - especially when he wanted to punish Captain Ainscow for her part in The Consortium failing to take the Renown and the Vindex disabling and causing casualties aboard the Bozeman.

"Very well. They'll be waiting for you - but in return you're going to have to deliver Claudia Ainscow to me as well. I'd like to have a her" the man replied.

Tolan nodded. "Alright. You'll have the Vindex and Ainscow in seven days' time. Then I'm out of here"

"I'm very glad to hear it. I expect an update in two days" the man replied.

The screen went blank and Tolan breathed a sigh of relief - having turned the tables on his superior he had managed to buy himself some time - he just now had to work out who his allies aboard the Vindex were...


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