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Rendering Assistance

Posted on Wed Nov 23rd, 2016 @ 7:28pm by Lieutenant Kazyah Linn & Lieutenant JG Amber Zuzan
Edited on on Sat Apr 8th, 2017 @ 8:36pm

Mission: S1E2 - Unity
Location: Lieutenant JG Linn's office
Timeline: Mission Day 9; 09:00

Wondering where to start with the precise details of what The Consortium had ready to attack Starbase Unity the acting Tactical Officer was thinking about how best to prepare the Vindex for the battle it would inevitably be taking part in within the next week or so. Amber had already been to see Captain Ainscow and told her that she wasn't exactly happy at being excluded from the staff briefing the previous day. At least for the time being Claudia had increased her relevant security clearance levels so she could perform her role properly.

Thinking to herself she decided to speak with Kazyah and see if he had any information that might come in useful in devising a plan of action for the battle - so after finding out where the Chief Intelligence Officer was Amber made her way there and pressed the chime.

"Enter," came a voice from within.

Amber entered and stood in front of Kazyah's desk.

"Lieutenant Zuzan - acting Tactical Officer. I was here to ask for some help...if you can give it to me that is" Amber said.

Kaz looked up, though the look was merely a formality. He gestured to one of the seats. "Ask away, Lieutenant."

Amber sat down in the offered seat and thinking for a moment how to phrase things she spoke.

"I've got no idea what we're supposed to be facing here. As you know the Captain didn't have me sit in the staff briefing and she's asked for my opinion on attack strategies...but as I don't know anything I can't come up with any ideas. I was hoping you'd be able to help me with that - what are we up against?" Amber asked.

"We're up against a force that's roughly equal to our own," Kaz stated, not looking at the woman directly. "And their crew talent is also on par. We're basically in a civil war at this point, where both sides have been given the same amount of training and experience."

Amber sighed. "So essentially it's one versus one and we're all equipped with similar or the same tools. I'm willing to bet they got most of the more powerful ships as well...this whole situation just seems so messed up. Is there any chance of them receiving reinforcements that could tip it in their favour? I guess bearing that in mind it might be an idea to come up with two plans...just in case"

"Of course they can," Kaz said, matter-of-factly. "One thing you have to remember, their entire force is made up of Starfleet vessels and Starfleet crews who have betrayed the Federation. It is entirely possible that half of our own force could change sides mid-battle. That being said, the same could happen in reverse, though it is less likely."

That had given Amber even more to worry about. The potential of vessels changing sides meant that planning tactics based on their numbers would be rendered useless if even one ship changed sides before or during the battle.

"I didn't think of the changing sides...this is going to be a difficult one to plan. Mind you we don't even know if the two ships we're supposed to be meeting are even still with Starfleet anyway. Personally I'm not sure it's a risk worth taking...but the Captain wants to have a I guess she thinks it is worth it" Amber replied.

Kaz sat back, looking at the woman, even though he couldn't see her. "What do you mean?" he asked, rubbing his chin.

"I'm just not sure taking a chance on finding the Sarek and Brandenburg at Altor is one that's worth taking in the circumstances - The Consortium are everywhere after all...even on this ship. I really don't trust Lieutenant Tolan at all...something isn't right about him. Unless it's just me being presumptive and thinking too much into things" Amber replied.

"I think you're being very presumptive," Kaz stated, leaning back. "I don't believe it's wise to start pointing fingers at people without probable cause. That's where panic sets in. This is a tense time and the last thing we need is for unsubstantiated rumors to start flying around the ship."

Amber nodded. She had been on edge for a while and she found it very difficult to trust a lot of people - hence why she asked for a transfer to try and make a fresh start. Instead she found herself in a situation potentially worse than the last one she was in.

"'re right. I've been on edge for a while now and it just seems wherever I go there's problems. I guess if he's told us that information then we should give him the benefit of the doubt he could be right" Amber replied.

"Or perhaps you should just trust the Captain to choose the correct people in her command?" Kaz stated.

Amber hadn't yet to see eye to eye with Captain Ainscow - although Claudia had chosen her for the role Amber believed it was out of necessity rather than choice. Still - Kaz had a point. Amber should learn to trust Captain Ainscow's judgement - she was the Commanding Officer after all.

"Perhaps so. Admittedly I've never been one to trust people easily although perhaps now is a good time to start changing that policy" Amber replied.

"Do you trust me?" the man simply asked.

Amber responded. "You haven't given me a reason not to"

"I haven't given you a reason to, either."

Amber grinned. "My aren't you a clever one? I'll put you in the 'maybe' pile"

"Do you have the answers to your questions?" Kaz asked, tired of this conversation.

Amber could tell the mood had dropped somewhat and she'd evidently outstayed her welcome.

"Yes. Thank you" Amber replied.

Amber then turned on her heel and walked out of Kaz's office. She wasn't sure what to make of Kaz either - she wanted to trust him but he had a point he hadn't done anything to earn or lose trust from her.


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