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A Drink

Posted on Fri Dec 9th, 2016 @ 5:49pm by Lieutenant JG José Muñiz & Lieutenant JG Annie Wilson

Mission: S1E2 - Unity
Location: Ten Forward
Timeline: Day 10 - 00:00

Annie waited in her quarters for Jose to let her know he had finished his shift. She hadn't dressed to suit the occasion, treating it as a drink with a friend, rather than a date. It definitely wasn't a date, they'd only known each other a couple of days, and it was a drink from Jose to say thank you for the help Annie gave him.

As soon as José finished and was relieved by the Gamma Shift conn officer he made his way to the turbolift and down to Deck 10 to meet Annie. Once the doors were closed he called his superior officer to let her know he was on his way.

=/\="Muniz to Wilson. I'm on my way to Ten Forward now - I'll be there in a few minutes"=/\= José said.

=A="I'm coming, won't be long." Annie replied, standing up and heading for the door.

On her way out, she could see Max was fast asleep in his dog bed, although Annie wasn't surprised, they'd had a long walk on the holodeck and the Malamute was very keen to get into his bed the instant they got back to Annie's quarters.

Annie took the lift down a few decks, thinking about how things were going to go, although she knew that with how things were between them, Annie scolded herself for worrying about such a thing. What was making her a little nervous, if anything, was she had never been out for a drink with a man before, but at least it was with someone she had built a good rapport with.

José arrived just before Annie. He waited at the bar for her to arrive - although just as he was about to look for a table José watched Annie enter Ten Forward looking quite tired to say the least.

"Annie! What can I get you?" José asked.

Annie smiled, happy to see her colleague after they'd both had a long, hard day.

"Erm," Annie said. "I'll just have whatever you're having, thank you Jose. I'll go and find a table for us, any preference?"

José nodded. "That'll be two rum and pineapple juices then. I don't mind - maybe take one of the window seats? It'll be nice to look at something other than a viewscreen I suppose"

"Okay." Annie replied, heading off to the nearest table next to a window.

José ordered their drinks and waited patiently for them to be made. Once the bar attendant had made them he placed them onto the bar for José to collect. He thanked the man before making his way over to the table.

Annie looked out of the window, although not very much could be seen, apart from the Brandenburg and the Renown, with the Sarek out of view. She chuckled to herself as she thought of Captain Ainscow opening the bottle of champagne in her quarters, although Annie thought that Claudia was probably talking in jest, rather than being serious.

"Here you go Annie" José said.

He placed the drinks down on the table before taking a seat at the other side of the round two seater table.

"Oh," Annie said. "Thank you. Sorry, it's been a long day, I'm half asleep already, although I can blame my dog for some of that. We don't go back to my quarters until he's tired or wants his food, if it's me that's tired or hungry, I have to wait."

"I don't blame you - it's been a difficult day for us all but we'll all get through it together. Anyway that's enough talk about work - Cheers" José replied.

José raised his glass and smiled at Annie. He was very fond of rum and pineapple juice - very grateful that his brother Rafael had supplied him a few bottles of his favourite rum as a present before José departed the Renown for the Vindex.

Annie smiled, lifting her glass and touching it against Jose's, then having a taste of the drink he had given her. She'd not had it before, but it was nice. As much as she liked it, Annie told herself that she was going to have one, then go to her quarters to sleep.

"My brother gave me a few bottles of rum before I left. It was out of his own supply but seeing as it was a special occasion of sorts he was feeling generous. Rafael has always looked out for me though - he's a good brother" José said.

"I'm an only child myself, and the only one in my family to join Starfleet, everyone else wants to stay on Earth. I don't know why though, for all the problems out here, there are some beautiful places to visit." Annie replied.

José and his brother had both made a pledge that one José had joined Starfleet they would at some point serve together on the same ship. Now that had been achieved José couldn't turn down an offer to serve on a Sovereign-class starship.

José nodded. "I agree. I've not seen all that much yet but being out in the Gamma Quadrant is a fantastic experience that few people in Starfleet get to experience. So - why did you join Starfleet Annie?"

Annie shrugged, unsure of the true reason why she joined Starfleet, as most people's seemed to be 'to see what's out there', Annie wanted to have a different reason. Not being able to think of one, she made one up instead.

"Tough one," Annie said. "I guess it was to try something different, my dad is an engineer, and it didn't really appeal to me. Starfleet was always at the back of my mind, in the end, that's what I went for. How about you, Jose?"

"Although my parents never joined Starfleet I have relatives on the other side of my family that have joined up in the past. My brother and I said that we'd serve together one day and we have - I wanted to see what was out here but also keep my promise to Rafael" José replied.

Annie smiled, clearly Jose loved his family.

"I miss my parents, but at least I could bring my dog with me. If the Captain refused the request, then I probably wouldn't be sat here talking to you. I don't know where I'd be, but wherever I go, Max comes with me." Annie said.

José laughed. "Seriously?"

Annie chuckled, she'd had Max for a few years now, since he was a puppy, but they were both inseparable.

"I mean it," Annie replied. "Max is my best friend, I wasn't going to leave him behind whatever ship they sent me to. I haven't seen any other dogs on board yet, but one of the officers in the Science department has a kitten."

José had never had a pet in his life and neither had his brother. Although he'd thought about it before José couldn't really decide what to get - so he hadn't bothered.

José chuckled. "I get why people have pets. I've often thought about it but it's choosing what pet to have and then there's making sure they're alright if I end up being away from the ship for a while. Maybe one day"

"You should get one, having a pet is great. I talk to my dog sometimes, I know he can't talk back, but he listens. It's nice to have him sat waiting by my door every day, ever since I've been here, he's there waiting for me without fail." Annie said, smiling and picking her glass up again.

"That's only because he wants his dinner!" José replied in jest.

Annie giggled as she had some more of her drink, putting it back down on the table to stop herself coughing on it.

"You're so mean," Annie giggled. "Leave my poor dog alone."

José smiled. He liked Annie's sense of humour and that so far they appeared to be getting on well. He could see that Annie was very fond of her dog and could completely understand why.

"I'm joking Annie" José replied.

"Good, otherwise there'll be trouble next time." Annie said, smirking.

José had another sip of his drink. He had enjoyed meeting up with Annie so far and it had been the perfect way to wind down after his first shift on the Vindex - even if he did half of it in the shuttlebay and the other half of it on the bridge.

"What are you doing after you finish your drink?" José asked.

Annie smiled, thinking to herself that she had nothing to worry about to start with. Jose had been the perfect gentleman, and although Annie found him attractive, it was far too early to be thinking about anything. They worked together, and they didn't know each other that well anyway.

"After I've finished this Jose I'll be going to bed, unlike you I've got to be awake at 7 o'clock for my duty shift, and the Captain wants us ready to leave by 10 o'clock. Or at least that's what she said earlier, anyway." Annie replied.

José smiled. "Can I see you back to your quarters?"

"Okay," Annie said. "If you insist, you can walk me back to my quarters, as long as you get me some more of this."

José nodded. "It's a deal"

Annie smiled, her trust in the man was growing by the minute, although she wasn't going to trust Jose too much too soon, just enough so that they got along, and then Annie would simply let whatever happened take its course.

José finished his drink and watched Annie finish hers before he collected the empty glasses and took them over to the bar. He then returned to take Annie back to her quarters.

"Alright, let's go." Annie replied, yawning.

José led them both out towards the turbolift. He was keen to see Annie again - but strictly as friends. He wasn't going to risk damaging their friendship.

Jose spoke. "Would you like to meet up again Annie?"

"I'd love to, maybe another night this week? I can't do tomorrow though, I've already arranged to do something with the Captain, whatever she has in mind." Annie said.

José smiled. "Excellent. Maybe in a couple of nights' time? We've got a long trip ahead of us and it'd give us something to look forward to. How about the 8th or 9th?"

Annie nodded, waiting patiently for the lift to stop on her deck. Once it did, she walked out of the open doorway and made a beeline for her quarters.

"It was brief, but I enjoyed that," Annie said. "Thank you Jose."

José smiled. "You're very welcome Annie. I enjoyed it too"

"Goodnight." Annie replied, heading into her quarters and going straight to bed, hoping that she'd get a full six hours sleep before it was time to get up again.

"Goodnight Annie. Sleep well" José said.

José watched Annie disappear into her quarters before he headed back for the turbolift they'd just left. Stating his destination José smiled to himself - he was going to enjoy being on the Vindex - especially as he'd already made a friend and everyone he'd met so far were extremely welcoming.

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