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Do You Hear What I Hear?

Posted on Tue Jun 14th, 2016 @ 5:00am by Lieutenant Elijah "Eli" Dreznik

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Deck 6, Science Lab
Timeline: Mission Day 1, 1745 hours

The Captain had departed the Lab some three hours ago, leaving Eli Dreznik to his own devices. Upon her departure, the CSO had taken it upon himself to complete some of his administrative duties--namely, preparing and submitting the monthly duty roster to the XO for her review. After completing that task, Eli had begun a cursory review of all current short and long term research projects currently being worked on by his staff. He quickly found himself waist-deep in data, a significant fraction of said information beyond his understanding without further research.

After over two hours of sifting through data and progress reports, Eli needed a breather. He tossed the PADD he had been viewing onto a nearby console, then stood up and rubbed his eyes. It was approaching supper time, but he was not ready to eat quite yet. He had an idea that might just help him focus a bit more.

Eli sat back down in front of a control panel. "Computer," he said. "Access The Starbase communications array. Passive monitoring, manual frequency control. Authorization Dreznik Lambda Four Five Six."

The Computer chirped twice, then established the link. Eli removed a communications earpiece from a charging cradle, switched the device on, and clipped it to his right ear. A faint rush of static was all that he heard. Eli pulled up his notes on the possible Skagaran signal traces (which he called Project: Burning Bush) and began to make minuscule adjustments to the frequency and amplitude of the subspace signals.

Instead of beginning at his usual point, Eli expanded the band with of the signal receivers. He set the initial frequency to 4.4605 GHz and the amplitude to pi. At 4.4618, he began to hear louder crackling and some scattered noise that resembled patterned speech. At 4.4623 GHz, the words became clearer. Eli ran the transmission through several filters before it became clear enough to make anything out.

The language pattern was a good match, nearly eighty percent. Some of the words were even vaguely recognizable, like they were either a different dialect; or, the language coild have been modernized since the database Eli had was over five centuries old. After a few minutes of careful listening and comparing, Eli hears a word that chilled his North Star colonial blood to the bone.


Everyone on North Star knew the word rokdar. The word, which means "butcher" in Skagaran, was used by the original Human abductees to describe their technologically superior masters. As such, the term took on an extremely negative connotation over the course of half a millennium of colonial history. Eli snatched the earpiece from his ear and almost threw it onto the console. "Computer, disengage comm monitoring," he commanded loudly. He had not expected a single word to affect him so profoundly.

Eli closed his project file. He shit down the lab, and headed toward the mess hall to get something to eat. In the back of his mind, a question burned brightly.

"What in the name of The Two Suns have I found?"


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