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Calling In Reinforcements

Posted on Fri Dec 16th, 2016 @ 8:16pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Lieutenant Daniel Gardner & Lieutenant Will Morgan

Mission: S1E2 - Unity
Location: Observation Lounge
Timeline: Mission Day 10; 09:00

Claudia was pleased to have agreed two personnel transfers with Captain Suhea the previous night. The officers in question were on their way to a different assignment but Claudia requested that Lieutenants Gardner and Morgan were transferred to the Vindex to fill some key positions. Deciding that she was going to go for a less formal approach than normal Claudia sat in the observation lounge so she could have a chat with the latest arrivals.

=/\="Ainscow to Gardner and Morgan. Please meet me in the Observation Lounge at your earliest convenience"=/\= Claudia said.

After completing his medical with the Doc, Will was on his way back to his quarters to get settled in before his shift had begun, however the oppurtunity to meet the Captain and see more of this fine vessel spurred him on. He made his way to the nearest turbolift and sdelected Deck One once he entered the lift.

=/\="Morgan to Ainscow, Acknowledged Captain, I'm on my way." Will reported. Once the turbolift arrived on Deck One, Will stepped out and took a look around the Bridge. After spending his time on the Hyperion, Will still held the biased view that the Bridge layout of a Sovererign Class starship was a mighty sight to behold. After taking his moment, he moved on to the Observation lounge where he found the Captain.

Will enetered the room and then stood to attention. "Lieutenant Will Morgan reporting, Captain."

Hearing a familiar accent Claudia turned up to find an Operations division Lieutenant had entered the room. Standing up and extending her hand for a handshake Claudia smiled at Will.

"A pleasure Lieutenant. Can I get you anything?" Claudia said.

Will nodded as he replied to her question. "Yes please, sir. I'm rather partial to Lady Grey Tea that double sweet," he explained. "Its something that helped me to relax during the many late nights of revision at the Academy...a long time ago..."

Daniel's transfer in was somewhat unorthodox. It was almost unheard of that once an assignment started, transfers out so quickly never happened. The transfer wasn't what had annoyed him. What annoyed him was the fact that he had just unpacked, he had just laid the last piece down to make his quarters his own when the transfer had come in. His effort had been for nought.

However, whilst he was quite disgruntled about the move, he was also intrigued by the secondment to the Vindex. And he even had a need to know. Which is why, when he got the call to meet the Captain, he dropped what he was doing and made his way immediately to the Observation Lounge.

The door to the observation lounge opened as Daniel approached it, revealing another Lieutenant. "Lieutenant Gardner reporting, as ordered, Captain." He said as brought his feet together, standing upright in an Academy passing attempt at coming to attention.

Claudia looked to see who had walked through the doors - it was another Operations division Lieutenant who she presumed was Lieutenant Gardner - the new Chief Tactical/Security Officer. Pleased at the prompt arrival of both officers she decided to get things rolling once she'd ensured both Daniel and Will were comfortable.

"At ease Lieutenant - please take a seat. Can I get either of you anything before we start? I appreciate it's a bit of a surprise for you both to be transferred here but I'll give you an explanation as to why once we're ready to start" Claudia said.

Daniel shook his head, remaining silent. In his years as an Intelligence Operative, he understood the art of silence and just simply listening. He took his seat.

Will relaxed a little as he finished his drink. "Thank you for the kind offer, sir. I have to admit that there was a lot of details in my orders re-assigning me from Starfleet Operation to the Vindex...however I'm eager to get started where I can help."

"The reason you're here is that we need experienced officers in important roles. We're about to go into a very dangerous situation which could mean we either win and push The Consortium back to Deep Space 11...or lose and are forced to withdraw from the Gamma Quadrant. If you want to know the basics of it...The Consortium are a group who want Starfleet out of the Gamma Quadrant - but the bulk of their strength are vessels that were previously loyal to the Federation but are now against us" Claudia said.

Claudia paused to take a drink before continuing.

Claudia continued. "We also firmly believe there is a group of sleeper agents on this vessel that is waiting for instructions to carry out whatever task The Consortium want them to...although we've tried to find out who it is we haven't got any concrete evidence yet"

Will took on board the situation taking place on the Vindex and understood the gravity of what was happening and why his transfer had been put through from working at Starfleet Operations. He had his own demons to put past him and this gave him the chance to do that by concentrating on the job at hand.

"I'm here to serve Captain. My first duty is to you, the ship and her crew and to Starfleet. You'll get my best all of the time," Will explained.

"I'm glad to hear it Lieutenant" Claudia replied with a smile.

Curious of the new situation that he was now aware of, Will did have one concern... "Captain, I hate to ask an obvious question but do you know who the sleeper agents are?"

"We have our suspicions but that's all they are. We have no concrete evidence and unfortunately until we get some all we're doing is pointing fingers on a hunch. If we get one of them we can get the rest of them. One thing is for certain - we know The Consortium never put less than six agents on a vessel - so we know it's at least six we're trying to find" Claudia responded.

Will looked over at Mr. Gardner after the Captain explained the situation to him. "Looks like we both have a job on our hands," he said with the realisation that both officer had come aboard during a tense time.

Daniel had opted to remain silent up until that point. Although he had been silent, his mind had reeled at the fact there were apparently no less than 6 sleeper agents on board, never mind the fact the Captain just informing the new Assistant Chief Operations Officer and himself.

Several possibilities jumped at him, some not entirely probable but Daniel had learnt over the years to not overlook the improbable theories. But he had to keep some of these close to his chest. "Captain, may I ask who knows there are sleeper agents on board?" He asked. His first step was to find out who knew and to somehow limit that information, which was going to be nigh on impossible.

He needed to gain control of this situation and quickly. Without a Security Chief on board this situation had already become wildly out of hand.

"Just the senior staff. Outside of that the only ones who know are the sleeper agents themselves - Intel hasn't been able to find us any answers so at the moment it's just a case of being extra vigilant - although we think it's only a matter of time before they slip up and reveal themselves" Claudia replied.

Claudia then took a sip of her tea before continuing.

Claudia continued. "Do either of you have any questions before you leave?"

Will shook his head at the question. "No Captain, I have nothing else I need to know. I'm looking forward to getting underway."

"Excellent. I shall see you later on - thank you for coming gentlemen" Claudia replied.

Will nodded as he left the room and headed off to the Bridge to begin his duties

After the two men had left Claudia decided to get on with other things. There was a lot of things to do on her list and not enough hours in the day to do them. Nevertheless there were six days to catch up on any overdue paperwork - it would be a good way of passing the time.


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