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Ocular Overload

Posted on Sat Dec 3rd, 2016 @ 4:29am by Lieutenant No Name & Lieutenant Commander Cara O'Reilly MD

Mission: S1E2 - Unity
Location: Medical
Timeline: MD 8 || 1000 Hours

Leaving the Intel offices after meeting with Lieutenant Linn, Cat decided to get her medical out of the way, but knew the odds of it going quickly were stacked against her. Almost every doctor she had encountered wanted to talk to her about her artificial tympanic membranes and the problems she had encountered due to them over the years.

With a sigh, she took the turbolift to deck eleven after finding out where the Sickbay was and who was in charge of it. Once she arrived, she walked in and looked around for the redhead doctor who was the Chief Medical Officer and wondered if this doctor was a friendly one or one who was just by the book.

Cara had her head in a PADD and was sipping a cup of coffee as she walked across the Main Suite. At the last minute, she looked up and avoided running into the Lieutenant. Stopping suddenly, she managed to jerk her coffee cup back so none of it spilled on the young woman. "Oh...I am so sorry. I need to watch where I'm going," she said with an embarrassed giggle. Quickly summing up that the Lieutenant wasn't visibly injured, she said, "I'm Dr. O'Reilly. How can I help you?"

A quick step to the left helped Cat avoid the redhead who nearly walked into her and she flashed a smile. "Lieutenant Catalina Ghatto, reporting for my physical, Doctor O'Reilly," she said while offering a hand.

Cara, quickly, looked around and saw nothing to set her coffee cup down on so she could take the Lieutenant's hand so she handed the cup off to a passing nurse with a sheepish grin and then wiped her hand on her labcoat. Taking the young woman's hand and giving it a shake she said, "nice to meet you, Catalina. Your timing is perfect. I have some free time." She gestured toward an empty cubicle and said, "let's get started."

"A pleasure, Doctor O'Reilly," Cat said as she headed for the cubicle. "I'm probably one of the rare ones that actually report for a physical soon after coming aboard." She still had her small carryall with her slung over her shoulder and a PADD in her free hand, but she chuckled when the Doctor had to hand her coffee cup to a nurse and vowed to get her another cup.

Cara patted the biobed and said, "have a seat," whiule she activated the bed's monitors. Looking at the carryall she asked, "have you even bothered to check out your quarters yet?"

Cat sat down on the biobed and put her carryall down beside of her on the floor and the PADD beside of her. "Nope. I saw Lieutenant Linn and came straight here after my meeting with him."

Cara called up Catalina's medical records on the bedside terminal and, quickly, reviewed them. "Artificial tempanic membranes? I bet those come in handy in your line of work," she said as she picked up a bio-scanner and began to move it over Catalina. "Any health issues I should know about?" she asked.

"While I can hear sounds as low as five Hertz clearly, any sudden loud noises such as an explosion renders me nearly deaf temporarily," she told the doctor. "While I read lips, my equilibrium is thrown off and it's like being drunk. I have yet to find a solution to this problem short of another operation which I don't want. Other than that, I'm fine."

Cara frowned. "How often are you in situations that put you near an explosion?" she asked.

"Not that often, but I used an explosion as the noisiest thing I could think of at the moment," Cat admitted. "The fact remains is that when something like that does occur, it renders me less able than most of the crew, Doctor."

"Well....we'll have to make sure you stay out of those kinds of situations until I can come up with a solution," Cara said and held up her hand. "That doesn't entail surgury," she said with a smile. She put down the bio-scanner and took a hemo-extractor out of a drawer in the cabinet behind the biobed and said, "I need to draw some blood. Routine."

Cat nodded her assent to the Doctor. "I heard about an experimental technique which is something like a noise cancelation field, but I can't remember who published it at the moment. It was theorized to cancel out damaging noises while allowing normal noises to reach the listener."

Cara let the hemo-extractor locate the best vein in Catalina's arm and pressed the trigger. "I will, definitely, look into that," she said as the vial attached to the extractor began to fill. "In the might want to go with old fashioned ear plugs when you are in loud areas or where explosives might be." When the extractor was finished, she removed the vial and said, "there. All finished." Cara signed Catalina's chart, turned and smiled at the young woman and said, "And I promise...I will check on that experimental technique."

"Ear plugs would cancel out my ability to hear normally, Doctor," Cat pointed out. "Not exactly what I need."

Cara went over to a cabinet and took out a package of cotton balls. As she handed it to Catalina she said, "pinch off a small amount and stuff it in each ear. It will filter out the loud noise but not keep you from hearing. It's the best I can do for now."

"Cotton...?" Cat asked before she launched into a belly laugh and nearly fell off the biobed. "We a society...that's cured everything....and you..offer..cotton!"

"For now," Cara said and laughed, too. She reached in the pocket of her labcoat and pulled out a purple sucker. Holding it out to Catalina she said, "and since you've been such a good girl..."

"Thank you," Cat laughed again as she took it and looked at the color. "Ever wonder what flavor purple really is? It isn't grape and I've never figured it out."

"Me either. But it ties with blue as the favorite with children," Cara laughed as she shut down the biobed. "Catalina? It has been a pleasure. Welcome to the Vindex," she said, cheerfully.

"Thanks, Doctor O'Reilly," Catalina said as she grabbed her PADD and hopped off the biobed to pick up her carryall. "Now to find my quarters. See you around." With a smile, she headed off to find her quarters.


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