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We Need Medical Assistance

Posted on Fri Dec 2nd, 2016 @ 11:26pm by Commander Tolan & Lieutenant Commander Cara O'Reilly MD & Lieutenant Elsa Johansson

Mission: S1E2 - Unity
Location: USS Sarek
Timeline: Mission Day 9; 21:00

Tolan had prepared himself for the away mission with quiet efficiency. He'd brought along some apparatus that would be required to help repair some of the medical equipment which had been damaged in the attack on the Sarek. Reporting to the transporter room as requested he stood on the transporter pad and waited for Cara and Elsa to arrive. His only concern was if Kazyah decided to do another check of his logs - especially considering the nature of that morning's call to his superior within The Consortium.

Elsa arrived at the transporter to find the Suliban mission advisor already waiting. She really didn't know much about Tolan, but then again, it wasn't as if she had had much time to discover anything about anyone on the Vindex, aside from the members of her own department. Still, there was something offputting about him, that she just couldn't identify.

"Lieutenant Tolan," she said with a nod, adjusting the strap of her carry bag over her shoulder. 'Duchess of all trades, hopefully mistress of at least one,' she thought to herself, as she ran a mental inventory of everything she was bringing along.

Tolan turned to face Elsa and returned the nod.

"Miss Johansson. We're just waiting for our team leader to arrive then we'll be ready to go" Tolan replied.

Cara and Tookl materialized on the transporter pad and Cara looked around as she adjusted the weight of the heaviest kit out of the two she was carrying. Seeing the two Lieutenants, she stepped off of the pad and walked over to them then looked around the transporter room of the unfamiliar ship.

Once the final crewmember from the Vindex had materialised the Sarek's commanding officer Commander T'Freja entered the room and greeted the three visitors. Their arrival wasn't a moment too soon for her medical department.

"It is agreeable to meet you" T'Freja said.

Tolan nodded. "Commander. I am Lieutenant Tolan of Starfleet Command - presently assigned to the USS Vindex as a mission advisor"

"Lieutenant Elsa Johansson," Elsa introduced herself, stepping forward with a nod. "Chief Science Officer for the Vindex."

"I am Dr. O'Reilly and this is Chief of our Field Trauma Specialists. We are eager to help in any way we can," Cara said with a professional smile.

"A pleasure. We haven't got much time to lose - if you'd like to follow me then I can brief you on the situation as and walk" T'Freja replied.

T'Freja gestured towards the doors and led the way.

"We're overrun in sickbay and with a few extra pairs of hands and with our equipment repaired we can get things done faster. Does anyone have any expertise with repairing EMHs? If we had ours then it would make things easier" T'Freja said.

Tolan nodded. "I have. I'll take a look at it for you Commander"

"Since Lieutenant Tolan has the EMH," Elsa said, removing her carry bag from her shoulder, "I'm available for any other routine repairs or maintenance you might need, in or out of sickbay."

Cara looked around as they headed for the turbolift. The ship was a lot smaller than theirs. It didn't take them long to arrive at the deck that housed Sickbay. They had to dodge debris, hanging conduits and workers along the corridor. When they reached the doors to Sickbay, they had to squeeze through the opening as the doors were stuck. Inside there were ceiling panels hanging from bolts, wires sparking and patients laying on hover gurneys since all four biobeds were full and the surgical bed in the center of the suite was laying on its side...ripped off of its pedestal. Personnel...not all medical...seemed to be doing their best to treat the wounded. Cara dropped the larger of her two bags on the floor and walked over to the first teal shirt she saw. "I'm Dr. O'Reilly. Who's in charge?" she asked.

A human male approached Cara and indicated that he was in charge. T'Freja then left sickbay once the Sarek's Chief Medical Officer had made himself known.

"I am Lieutenant. Your arrival couldn't have been any sooner - we're inundated with patients and we can barely cope. Any help you can offer us would be most appreciated" Stephen replied.

"Doctor," Cara corrected the CMO. "I don't do ranks. This is Tookl. He's an Emergency Field Trauma Specialist. He excels at triage," she said, introducing her companion.

Tolan looked around and then headed for the nearest computer console to get to work on repairing the EMH. It had been a little while since he last worked on one but the Suliban Lieutenant was confident he would be able to get the job done and give them an extra pair of hands.

Elsa stood to one side, looking around to see where she could lead a hand, when she saw a senior chief leading a "parade" of biobeds.

"Can I give you a hands with those, Senior Chief?" Elsa asked as she walked up.

The Senior Chief gave the tall Nordic Lieutenant a skeptical eye. "We're pulling these out of storage to try to get a handle on the overflow of Sickbay. You know anything about bringing these type of units online?"

Elsa pulled an item that looked like a modified sonic driver. "Have multitool, will travel," she quipped.

The Senior Chief gestured at the line of unactivated biobeds behind him. "Have your pick then, Lieutenant."

Tolan meanwhile had unpacked his tools and was performing a diagnostic of the Emergency Medical Hologram. So far he'd worked out that the holomatrix wasn't functioning properly so the Suliban started work on repairing the damaged parts of it - hoping that those repairs would be enough to bring it back online.

"Any luck yet Lieutenant?" Stephen called over.

Tolan replied. "The holomatrix isn't in good shape but I think I can salvage it. It'll take me at least fifteen minutes but I'm hoping that's the only issue. I've got a diagnostic running on everything else at the moment so I can work on those one I've repaired the holomatrix - if anything else comes up"

"Excellent. Keep me posted" Stephen replied.

Tolan nodded once before continuing with his work.

Cara picked up the bag she had dropped just inside the door and headed to the nearest biobed where an woman in a red shirt was trying to stop an arterial bleed with some towels. "Here," Cara said, dropping the bag and opening the smaller kit. She removed a cauterizer and moved in next to the woman, handing the instrument to her. "OK....let up," she said and as soon as the towel was raised off of the wound, she stuck her right index and middle fingers inside the laceration and felt for the artery. Locating it she used the fingers of her left hand to hold the wound open and held out her right hand to the woman, who, instinctively, handed her the instrument. Cara cauterized the artery and the blood stopped spurting. Grabbing a clean towel she blotted the blood pooling in the wound a few times then held the towel to the woman assisting her, indicating she needed her to finish soaking up the wound. Then she took a dermal-regenerator out of her kit and pinched the edges of the lacerated tissue together as she moved the instrument over the wound, sealing it shut. A few minutes later she stepped back and said, "go ahead and clean up the surface," then she looked at his vitals on the biobed's monitors. "He's lost a lot of blood," she said. Looking around she called out, "I need an IV infuser and 2 Liters Ringer-Locke Solution over here."

A young man in a blood stained teal uniform rushed over carrying the items Cara had asked for and held them out.

"Do you know how to hook them up?" Cara asked the young man.

"Yes, Doctor," he answered.

"Do it," Cara instructed. "And keep an eye on his blood pressure. Once it gets back to normal you can DC the infuser and free up the biobed. He can recuperate in his quarters."

"Yes, Ma'am," the young man said and went about his task.

Cara looked around, grabbed her bag and headed to the next patient.

Tolan's diagnostic had completed and it turned out that two of the omnidirectional holographic diodes were also to blame for the Sarek's emergency medical hologram's problems. After downloading the location of the two faulty OHDs to his PADD Tolan carried his tool case over to the first one and after dragging a wheeled stool over so he could reach it the Suliban officer stood on the stool and got to work with the first OHD.

"What's happening Lieutenant?" Stephen asked.

Tolan spoke as he worked.

"Two of the omnidirection holographic diodes aren't working properly. The fault with both isn't terminal however it'll take me another ten minutes to fix both of them. The computer is attempting to repair the fault with the holomatrix - hopefully by the time I'm done here we'll have a working EMH. If not then I've got another idea that might work" Tolan replied.

"Thank you" Stephen replied.

Stephen was working on a patient who had suffered severe injuries after falling from the upper level of main engineering. He was still alive but it was still touch and go whether the Andorian man was going to survive. He and a nurse prepared the man for a scan to better diagnose and treat his injuries.

"Up and running, Senior Chief," Elsa told the NCO who was getting all the biobeds that had been in storage up and running.

The Senior Chief looked over at her and grinned. "We'll make a noncomm out of you yet, Lieutenant. If you would, go ahead and get that bed to that compartment next to sick bay. They're using it as a combination triage and overflow area. They'll be happy to get the equipment and probably have something else for you to work on."

Elsa nodded and began moving the biobed to the area the Senior Chief had pointed to.

Tolan continued his work - but unexpectedly he received a shock from the OHD he was working on. He cursed loudly but with the noise in sickbay he doubted anybody heard him get shocked by the OHD or his reaction. He decided that this particular OHD was going to need a bit more work as he assumed with the shock he received indicated a more severe fault.

Stephen approached Cara to see how she was getting on. He was very grateful for the Vindex's assistance and things finally seemed to be moving a bit quickly now some more experienced pairs of hands had arrived to help out.

"I'm glad you arrived when you did...things seem to be moving a bit quicker now. Do you think you could give me a second opinion on something though? When you've got a minute of course Lieutenant - no rush" Stephen asked.

Cara was tossing her disposable surgical gown in a receptacle after having set an engineer's fractured ribs. She picked up her kit from the floor where she had set it. "I'd be glad to," she said to the CMO. "And...please. Call me Cara," she added as she fell in along side of him. Rank was so unimportant to her. If she could do what she did and where she did it as a civilian she would.

"Sorry - Cara. Thank you" Stephen replied.

Stephen led Cara over to the Andorian engineer whose scan was now completed. He had seen an injury but he wasn't entirely sure that his hunch was correct. He showed Cara the scan before continuing.

"The scan for this man's injuries show that he has suffered a head injury. We've put him in an induced coma to keep him stable until the surgical suite is free to operate on him - however this was what I wanted to ask you about - we've found this contusion here but we think it could have been caused by his brain moving as a result of hitting the deck plating. What do you think?" Stephen asked.

Cara leaned over the man and, gently, turned his head to the opposite side so she could examine it. If what the CMO suspected had happened there would be signs of external trauma but there weren't any.

"Was this man ever conscious?" she asked as she turned his back back over and, gently, used her fingers to palpate the rest of his skull.

"He wasn't when we brought him in - presumably he was when he fell but we can't be sure. We've had him in a coma for the past 48 hours but we're not sure how long we can leave him in it before we have to operate. The surgical suite should be free very soon so we should start preparing him for surgery" Stephen replied.

Setting her medkit on the floor she squatted down and removed a clear tablet...about the size of a large PADD...and activated it. When she held it over the swelling into a lemon sized exray view of the man's skull appeared on the clear tablet. Cara pointed to an indentation of the man's skull just underneath the hematoma. It looked much like an imploding moon with several jagged fissures reaching for the top of the indentation. "That is the cause of the swelling," she said. "And the only thing that would cause that kind of skull fracture is blunt for trauma...from a round object. Like them fat end of a pool cue....or baseball bat," she said and straightened up, looking at the CMO.

"You're right - this absolutely wasn't caused by the fall in engineering. I'll add it to his medical notes and we can inform Security that an attempt has been made on this man's life" Stephen replied.

The surgeon indicated from the operating suite that they were ready for the man.

Stephen looked. "The surgeon looks like he could use an extra pair of hands. Do you want to scrub in Cara?"

"Thank you," Cara nodded. "But only as an assistant."

"Excellent. Let's get this man into the surgical suite. I'd love to help out but I've post-op check to carry out on that warrant officer who's just come out of theatre and some test results to chase up" Stephen replied.

Cara headed for the Isolation Chamber that had been set up as an OR.

Meanwhile Tolan had repaired the ODHs and was now preparing to bring the Sarek's Emergency Medical Hologram online. He'd ran another diagnostic to check that his repair work on the ODHs and the EMH's holomatrix had been successful - it appeared that they had been and he decided it was safe to attempt to activate the EMH.

"Activate the Emergency Medical Hologram" Tolan said.

Seconds later the EMH appeared in sickbay.

"Please state the nature of your medical emergency" the EMH said.

Stephen looked over to see the EMH was functioning once again. He went over to Tolan to thank him for his successful attempt at getting the EMH working again. Now it was they had an extra pair of hands to help clear the backlog.

"Well done. Last time we tried to activate the EMH it all we got was a load of garbled diagnostics before it shut down again. At least now thanks to you we have an extra pair of hands once you've returned to your ship" Stephen said.

Tolan nodded. "Thank you. If you want to put me to use I've got some basic medical training I can put to use while I'm here"

"Of course" Stephen said.

He took Tolan over to a Science division enlisted crewmember who had suffered burns to his arms when his console on the bridge exploded in the attack. Tolan looked at him and picked up a medical tricorder to see how the burns were healing.

"These are healing well" Tolan said.

He turned to a nurse to request that she bring him a dermal regenerator to continue the healing process.

Tolan asked. "Please fetch me a dermal regenerator for this man"

Within moments Tolan had been given the dermal regenerator and the Suliban Mission Advisor found himself going from repair work to helping to heal some second degree burns. At least other than that the Betazoid Petty Officer was alright and would be able to return to duty the next day or the day after.

In the adjacent compartment that was serving as triage, Elsa was rolling in the biobed when one of the corpsman pointed at her.

"Just slide that over there, Lieutenant," the corpsman said, pointing to a corner. Elsa did so with a nod. Before she could leave, one of the doctors intercepted her. "You're from the Vindex, right? Cross trained?"

"That's a good way to describe it," Elsa allowed.

"Could you help us set up a recovery area?" the doctor asked.

"Lead on," Elsa replied, following the doctor to another empty compartment.

The doctor led Elsa into the area he indicated to prepare it in anticipation of Matteo finishing the procedure he was about to perform as the designated recovery bay was now full and wouldn't be discharging any patients until the next afternoon at the very earliest.

Matteo had managed to clean the surgical suite ready for the Andorian engineer to be brought in for the operation to relieve the pressure on his brain. Matteo - a very skilled surgeon with 20 years' experience - had changed his garments ready to perform the next procedure.

"Ah you must be from the Vindex. My name is Matteo - could you bring me up to speed on this man's condition before we get started?" Matteo asked.

A nurse was tying Cara's surgical gown for her while another helped her into a pair of sterile gloves. As the nurse behind her tied her surgical mask behind her head, Cara said, "35 year old male...found unconscious in Engineering. It was assumed he had fallen, knocking himself out. Patient seized during his initial exam and was placed in a medical coma. On further examination it was determined that he sustained blunt force trauma before his fall resulting in a fractured skull...right side...just above the ear and a subsequent subdural hematoma forming underneath the fracture causing pressure on his brain. There is also a hematoma forming over the fracture site with blood seeping through the fracture." She stepped to the opposite side of the biobed from Matteo as a surgical nurse swung the surgical canopy over the patient's head.

"Alright. We'll address the subdural hematoma first as that will relieve the pressure on his brain - after which if the patient is stable enough to continue we will address the developing hematoma" Matteo said.

Cara nodded and held out her hand. The nurse standing next to her put a suction instrument into her hand and Cara stood ready to keep Matteo's surgical field clear.

After ensuring everything was present and correct Matteo started the procedure. He hadn't had much rest over the past couple of days with several lengthy and risky operations being performed with him having as little as four hours' sleep before returning to work. Normally Matteo would have been able to defer to the Sarek's other surgeon but he was injured in the attack and was presently unable to perform his duties due to a broken arm.

"Let's get underway. For the record this operation was commenced at 21:46 hours with myself Matteo Carboni leading and Cara O'Reilly of the USS Vindex assisting" Matteo said.

At 02:26 Matteo and Cara had successfully relieved the hematomas from the Andorian engineer's brain and had completed the procedure. There had been a scare half way through the procedure but Matteo managed to bring things back under control. Whilst the patient was not out of the woods yet his outlook was significantly more positive than it was before.

"Thank you for your assistance Cara. It was most appreciated" Matteo commented.

"My pleasure," Cara said as she snapped off her gloves and tossed them in the receptacle.

With the pressure on the Sarek's sickbay decreasing and the patients being assessed and treated much faster with the help of the Vindex team and the EMH. At 02:30 a very tired Stephen called a meeting in his office.

Tookl finished straightening out the inventory...or what was left of his Field Trauma Kit when he heard the announcement of a meeting. He straightened up and stretched the aching muscles of his lower back as he looked for his boss. Seeing Cara heading for the Sarek's CMO's office he hurried to join her.

Cara smiled at the Catullan. "You did a lot of "field" work today," she said, making quotation marks in the air. "Feel good to actually do what you trained for?"

Tookl grinned. "It did. I was afraid I might have gotten rusty but it all came flooding back," he said.

As they stepped through the door of the CMO's office Cara said, "you did good, Tookl. Very good."

"Thanks, boss," the Catullan blushed.

Matteo was next to enter the room quickly followed by Tolan. The Italian surgeon had worked solidly all day and he was now pleased to have at least for now cleared the waiting list for the surgical suite. He could rest once Stephen had finished the meeting - at least for now his presence wouldn't be urgently needed and he would able able to get a decent sleep.

The tall Scandinavian stepped in last, small burns visible on her hands and forearms with a few hairs escaping from the braid hanging down hair back. She gave the rest of the personnel assembled a tired smile as she took a seat.

Stephen smiled. "Thank you all for your hard work - we've managed to clear our backlog and we're much more in control of things. A big thanks to the team from the Vindex who have been a huge help to us this evening - we even have our EMH back now too which will help us massively"

Tolan was pleased with how things had gone - he'd even learned a few new things from the Medical staff on the Sarek that he thought would come in useful in the future if the need ever arose.

"We were glad to be able to help," Cara said, with a weary smile. "You have a great team."

Elsa bit back a yawn, but nodded her agreement with Cara.

Matteo nodded. "You certainly were. It was good to have an extra pair of eyes in theatre earlier"

"You shouldn't have any more problems with your EMH either. I'm grateful for the opportunity to get some more hands on experience and learn a few new things - even if it wasn't in better circumstances. At least we can all look forward to a good night's rest" Tolan commented.

Matteo chuckled. "Hear hear. I can't remember the last time I slept for more than a few hours"

Stephen smiled. "Glad to hear it. If you guys want to stay here for the night and head back in the morning I'll arrange for you to stay in the guest quarters. I can imagine you're all extremely tired"

Cara looked at Tookl and they both nodded to each other so Cara said, "that would be perfect, thank you." She looked forward to a shower. She was sure Mac and Anna had everything under control on the Vindex. They probably wouldn't even miss her.

Tolan nodded. "I'd like that too. I appreciate your hospitality Stephen"

"I'll third that notion," Elsa said, rolling her head as she massaged the back of the neck. "I don't think I have the energy to maintain a coherent transporter pattern anyway," she added with a wan smile.

"Alright then. If you'll wait here for a few moments I'll have it arranged and then someone will be along to take you to guest quarters. Thank you all once again - sleep well" Stephen replied.


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