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Last Night

Posted on Fri Nov 25th, 2016 @ 11:41pm by Petty Officer 3rd Class Rebecca Ainscow

Mission: S1E2 - Unity
Location: Fuentes' Quarters; Mess Hall
Timeline: Mission Day 9; 07:00

Rebecca woke up in Claudia's bed and reached over to see if the other woman was still there. She wasn't - immediately disappointing Becky who had hoped they would be able to share breakfast together before going on duty. Telling herself that Claudia probably had something important to attend to Rebecca got herself out of bed and into her clothes so she could head back to her own quarters so she could get a shower and put her uniform on. She hoped she would also have time to have a proper breakfast and maybe bump into Claudia while she was there.

After leaving Claudia's quarters Becky started to think about what last night actually meant to Claudia. Rebecca knew what she thought about it but she couldn't help wanting to know what the other woman thought. She continued to walk - hoping that she would be able to talk to Claudia during the day.

Arriving in her quarters Rebecca immediately undressed and got herself showered before getting into a fresh uniform and checking her schedule for the day. So far it wasn't looking very busy - much to her relief. Rebecca then headed off to the mess hall for breakfast with around 35 minutes left until the start of her duty shift - plenty of time to have a decent breakfast.

Five minutes later the Yeoman found herself in the queue for breakfast. Deciding on a big plate of pancakes Rebecca waited patiently for her turn. When it was finally her turn the Californian placed her order.

"Pancakes - lots of them - with a glass of pure orange juice please" Becky said.

Bovek smiled. "What would you like with your pancakes Miss Fuentes?"

"Chocolate sauce please Mr Bovek" Rebecca replied.

Bovek nodded. "Of course. They'll be along in five or ten minutes"

Rebecca smiled at the Bolian man. He was a lovely gentleman who complimented Paul extremely well and both chefs were always more than happy to do something else instead of what was on the menu.

"Thank you Mr Bovek. I'll over in the corner" Becky responded.

With her order placed Becky went over to the table she indicated to Bovek and sat down. To pass the time she looked out of the window at the stars flying past. The Vindex had been at Warp 9.2 since leaving Rakhar and was making good progress - but the atmosphere aboard the ship was still tense.

Five minutes later her order arrived. Bovek placed the tray down on the table and smiled.

"Six of my extra special pancakes and a large glass of freshly made orange juice for you Miss Fuentes. If you don't mind me asking - are you alright? You seem a little down this morning" Bovek said.

Becky smiled. "Thank you Mr Bovek. I'm alright thank you - I'll manage"

"Are you sure?" Bovek asked.

Becky nodded. "Absolutely"

"Well if you change your mind and you want to talk you can come and find me - any time you need" Bovek relied.

Becky smiled at the man. He was extremely thoughtful and was extremely grateful for his offer of a listening ear if Rebecca ever wanted one. She'd only known the man since the previous morning but it felt like a lot longer already.

"Thank you. I appreciate it" Rebecca replied.

Bovek nodded before heading back over to the kitchen and carrying on with the rest of the orders. He was always keen to let the crew know even though he was a chef he was always happy to listen and give impartial advice from a different perspective.

Rebecca took a sip of her orange juice before tucking into her freshly made pancakes. They were delicious and just what Rebecca needed to get herself through to lunchtime and to try and cheer herself up a bit. Although Becky tried to tell herself that Claudia probably had things to attend to it kept coming back that perhaps Claudia didn't enjoy their evening together.

Fifteen minutes later Rebecca had finished her breakfast and finished the last of her orange juice before taking the empty glass and plate back over to the counter to be washed. The mess hall had emptied out somewhat since her arrival as shift changeover rapidly approached - but those coming off their shift would be arriving shortly and the quiet would once again turn to noise.

"They were lovely thank you Mr Bovek. I'll be having those again" Rebecca said with a smile.

Bovek smiled back. "Any time Miss Fuentes. Enjoy your shift"

"Thank you. You too" Rebecca replied.

The Yeoman left the mess hall and headed up to the bridge - hoping she would intercept Claudia in her ready room as she reported in to receive her assignments for the day. The turbolift up to the bridge was almost full which Becky wasn't too pleased with - although it was to be expected. When it eventually arrived at the bridge after making several stops on the way up Rebecca exited the turbolift and went over to Claudia's ready room. Pressing the chime to request entry she waited to be permitted entry.

After waiting for a few minutes and pressing the chime a few more times Rebecca entered anyway and found that it was empty. Claudia wasn't in the mess hall or her ready room.

"Oh" Rebecca said.

She decided instead to use her initiative and made her way to all the department head offices to collect their daily reports for Claudia to read over. At least it was better than sitting in Claudia's office waiting for her to return and risk annoying her for not doing anything.


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