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The Night Shift

Posted on Wed Nov 30th, 2016 @ 7:42pm by Paul Foster
Edited on on Sat Dec 17th, 2016 @ 2:06am

Mission: S1E2 - Unity
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: Mission Day 9; 20:30

Paul had been on the late shift that day and it had been a very busy one to say the least. Every day on the Vindex had been busy but that day just felt like it was never going to end. Thankfully it was now quiet and with just a few hours to go before the kitchen was closed until 06:00 the next morning when Bovek was in charge for the early shift. Paul liked the later kitchen shift as it was usually quieter than the earlier one - but he was beginning to think that perhaps Bovek and himself should request that the kitchen be closed a bit earlier to reduce their shift duration from 8 hours to eight. It was quiet enough to close the kitchen at 22:00 hours and have a couple of hours before that to clean down and prepare for the next morning.

He was enjoying his time on the Vindex though. Paul had enjoyed Bovek's company and they got on well together - plus they'd shared some of their expertise with each other which was even better in Paul's mind. Deciding to get a head start on the morning preparation and then cleaning the kitchen Paul put some music on.

"Computer - continue my playlist. Medium volume" Paul requested.

His favourite rock and roll music playlist played as he got to work on preparing some freshly made croissants and pain au chocolats for the morning. Just then Paul remembered he'd forgotten to make tomorrow's batch of cinnamon buns.

"Shit - I knew I forgot to do something" Paul cursed.

He finished preparing the croissants and pain au chocolats before placing them into stasis and getting started on the cinnamon buns. He certainly wasn't going to be finished by 22:00 that night with the buns to cook and then a clean down to do. After getting the ingredients he needed Paul double checked he had them all before starting.

"Right...that looks like everything. Let's get going" Paul said.

He turned the oven back on and got to work. He'd made the cinnamon buns as a one-off last week but they'd proven so popular with the crew that Paul had decided to make them a regular feature for the lunch menu.

An hour and a half later and the buns were finally ready to bake. In the time that he'd left the buns to rise Paul had managed to start and finish the clean down and compiled a list of what vegetables he would need to collect from the hydroponics bay tomorrow morning before he started his shift. Paul much preferred to use fresh ingredients in his cooking and he was pleased that Bovek shared the same opinion. Very little of the food and ingredients in the Vindex's kitchen was replicated.

"I think we're going to need another hydroponics bay at this rate. We're out of potatoes and carrots for the fourth day running..." Paul commented.

He made a note to himself to ask Claudia about the possibility of another hydrorponics bay - although he knew that might be unlikely considering space was already at a premium. Just as he finished his list he heard someone call through to see if anyone was still in the kitchen.

"Just a sec" Paul called.

He placed the PADD down on the worktop before going to see who had called for him. When he emerged from the kitchen Paul found an officer from the Operations division stood there waiting for him.

"Oh hi Paul. I was wondering if you can do me a favour?" Nealey asked.

Paul chuckled. "Well that depends what it is Lieutenant"

"I don't suppose you could give me the recipe for that vegetable soup you made the other day? I'd love to have a go at making it myself in my quarters" Nealey replied.

Nealey passed Paul a PADD so he could download the recipe onto it for her.

Paul smiled. "I can do that for you but I'm afraid I won't be able to help you with the ingredients. We're struggling to grow enough vegetables for the kitchen as it is - I'll be asking Captain Ainscow for another hydroponics bay at this rate"

"Thank you. That's alright - I can wait until the ingrediants aren't in short supply" Nealey responded.

Paul went back into the kitchen and had a look on the console for the recipe for Nealey. When he'd found it Paul downloaded it onto the PADD that she gave him and returned it to her.

"Here we go. I can't promise it'll be any time soon but once things are less rationed come back down and I'll see what I can do for you" Paul said.

Nealey smiled. "Thanks Paul. I don't suppose you could tell me what's on the menu tomorrow?"

"It's a surprise - but those cinnamon buns you like will be. I know you've been back for seconds with those" Paul chuckled.

Nealey giggled. "They're nice. That's my excuse"

"I've put an extra tray in so hopefully they'll last a bit longer tomorrow lunchtime. Until then you're just going to have to wait because there's none left I'm afraid. I had the last one with my dinner a few hours ago" Paul replied.

Nealey was a big fan of Paul's baking and she hoped that when it was all over Paul would show her how to do it.

"You'll have to show me how to bake at some point" Nealey said.

Paul smiled. "We can sort that out Nealey. I'd be glad to"

"Thanks...I guess I'd better go off to bed now as it's getting late. You're a star Paul" Nealey replied.

Paul smiled and watched Nealey leave. Just as the mess hall doors closed behind her the timer on the cinnamon buns went off meaning that they were ready. He took all four trays out of the oven and placed them around the kitchen to cool before finally putting them into stasis at around 23:00 - an hour after he was scheduled to finish and retire to his quarters. Paul then went around the kitchen and double checked everything was switched off and ready for the next morning before closing up and departing for the night.

He hoped the next day wasn't going to be as hectic as this one had been.


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