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Posted on Fri Dec 9th, 2016 @ 5:49pm by Petty Officer 3rd Class Rebecca Ainscow & Lieutenant No Name

Mission: S1E2 - Unity
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: Mission Day 10; 12:30

Rebecca had been buoyed by her recent chat with Claudia and that things between them were a lot better than she first thought. Deciding to go for lunch a bit later than she usually would to avoid the crowds it was at least half way through her one hour break that she'd gone to the Mess Hall to get some lunch. It was Bovek on this lunchtime and Rebecca had chosen some of the pasta bake and one of the cinnamon buns that Paul had baked the previous evening.

Spotting a face she didn't recognise sat alone she looked at Catalina and smiled.

"Mind if I sit here?" Becky asked.

Catalina looked up from a meal of smoked sausage and cubed potatoes covered in cheese that had an aroma which could make taste buds orgasm from twenty feet. She looked at the blonde haired, blue eyed woman and nodded to the seat across from her. "Be my guest," she said.

Rebecca replied. "Thanks"

She put her lunch down on the table and sat down in the vacant seat. The smell of Catalina's food reached across the table and it was an extremely pleasant aroma. Her own food smelled nice too - she found Bovek's version of the pasta bake was slightly spicier than Paul's.

"That smells really nice. By the way - I'm Petty Officer Becky Fuentes. I'm the Captain's Yeoman" Becky said.

"You'rs does, too," Cat said after a moment. "Catalina Ghatto. I'm the new Assistant Chief of Intel." She waited for the Yeoman to find another table at the mention of SI as most people did, but she was resigned to the fact that few people trusted the intelligence gathering division of Starfleet.

Rebecca took a couple of mouthfuls of food and listened. Previously she'd preferred to dine alone but decided that in her more positive mood Becky wanted to try and socialise more now she was starting to settle into life on the Vindex.

Rebecca smiled. "Nice to meet you. It's nice that I'm not the only new face on the Vindex too - how are you finding it here so far?"

"It's nice so far," Cat said with a smile between bites. "I haven't met many people, but I just transferred from the Renown. So far, I've bet Lieutenant Linn and Doctor O'Reilly. Now you're number three."

Becky was glad to hear Catalina was enjoying her time on the Vindex so far. Truth be told it had been one of ups and downs for the Yeoman - but it was still early days and the positives outweighed the negatives.

"I'm glad. I've met a few too but I haven't met Lieutenant Linn yet. I guess I will at some point though. The Captain is nice though - when you can actually find her. I swear she disappears into thin air sometimes..." Rebecca replied.

"I'm pretty sure I could find her," Cat said. "I wouldn't be SI if I couldn't find someone, although my main area is cryptology. I figure if I can figure out enemy encryption and come up with new methods of it, then a single person on a ship shouldn't be too hard to find. You said you're her Yeoman, so if I want to find her, all I have to do is find you."

Rebecca chuckled. It was true - generally whenever Claudia could be found it was when she wanted Becky to do something for her. So far she was doing a good job of hiding her affections for Claudia and she hoped it would stay that way.

"Smart. If she knows there's cinnamon buns on offer at lunchtime then all you need to do is wait around here and she'll show up at some there's another way to find Captain Ainscow that might be useful" Rebecca replied.

"Noted," Cat said with a smile. "I'm pretty sure those could lure me out, too. What's good for entertainment on the ship?"

Rebecca had another couple of forkfuls of her food before replying. Fun was something she hadn't had all that much of since she arrived - but there was enough entertainment on the ship to keep the crew occupied.

"Well we've got six holodecks...the bar on Deck 10 is a lot less like a lounge and more like an actual bar - but I haven't managed to go there yet. There's a pool table and jukebox in there - that I do know. There's a karaoke night too which is usually on Fridays and Saturdays. I think the Captain was on about getting an air hockey table when we can get back to the Alpha Quadrant although I don't know if she was being serious or not. It'd be pretty cool if we did get one in there though" Rebecca said.

"What about boxing or Velocity?" Cat asked her. "I think I may pay the bar a visit one of these days. People seem to like to talk once they have a few drinks in them." She smirked. "Of course, I'm not one to take advantage of such things unless I'm in enemy territory. What's the general mood of the ship?"

"I think there's a boxing club in the gym once a week but I've let myself go these past few weeks. I really should get back down there again to keep myself in shape. Don't know about Velocity though" Rebecca replied.

She had a sip of her drink before continuing. She wasn't usually one to talk during meals but so far Becky was quite enjoying the experience.

Becky continued. "I'm not a big drinker myself but I won't say no to one every now and then. The mood is a bit tense but otherwise morale seems fairly high. I think the crew is just happy to have found those two ships and come out of it in one piece"

"You know it's not over," Cat said as she ate another bite of her food. "Not until we get those responsible. I'm working on breaking an encryption now, but it's hard. I really need to learn more languages from this quadrant."

"Oh I know...that was easy compared to what's coming up next - I can tell the Captain is a bit anxious but that's to be expected. I'm bilingual but I can't say my second language will come in very useful out here" Becky replied.

"I know Orion, Standard, English, Lip Reading, Federation Sign, and Romulan," Cat said. "None of which come in useful here."

Rebecca had another bite of her meal after mixing it around a little. It was a generous portion size and Becky had a feeling she'd only be having a small meal later that evening.

Rebecca smiled. "Standard and Spanish for me...that's as exciting as it gets. It's got me thinking though - I wonder how many different languages are spoken on this ship? Between you and I there's a few long did it take you to learn the alien languages?"

"Not long," Cat said as she finished another forkful of good and reached for her drink. "But then again, I sort of fast tracked my way through languages because I can lip read. It makes it easier."

"I might try and learn one at some point...I'm sure one of these days I'm going to be in a situation and thinking 'I wish I'd learned this language'. It's just choosing one that might actually be useful out here...and finding someone to teach me" Becky replied.

She'd eaten a fair amount of her lunch and had she had more time Rebecca would probably have asked for another portion - but as she'd left it late there was no chance of that.

"A shame we can't do subspace classes," Cat said as she finished her meal. "Of course, we could see what the computer has to offer and learn on our own time."

Rebecca nodded. " is. I'll have a look at what's in the computer later - seeing as we've got about a week of travel ahead of us I might as well find something useful to do to pass the time when I'm not on duty"

"Where are we heading to?" Cat asked as she took a sip of her drink. "The Intel Chief was less than forthcoming and no one had told him that I was coming aboard."

Rebecca continued eating for a few moments before replying. Starbase Unity was a long way from where they were but at least they were on their way - even if calculations suggested they wouldn't get there in time.

"Starbase Unity...although whether we get there in time or not is a different question. I believe the Captain has something planned but what that is she won't share with anyone..." Becky replied.

"Unity?" Cat asked. "Last I heard, it was safe. Why are we at high warp if that's the case?"

Rebecca didn't know anything else about it and as much as she wanted to help Catalina with that question she didn't have an answer for it. The reasoning behind the voyage to Unity appeared to be kept to the department heads only.

"That I don't know. It seems that's something Captain Ainscow wants to try and keep under wraps...just in case the 'wrong people' find out about it" Becky replied.

"Which is probably connected to the project that I'm currently working on," Cat muttered. "Sorry, classified. Need to know. Yada yada. This conversation never happened. So what brought you here?"

Becky finished the last of her meal and took a long drink out of her glass of apple juice before responding.

"Starfleet Command decided that Captain Ainscow could use some help with the administrative stuff - so they sent me here along with confirmation of her she got a rather big surprise when I turned up because she didn't know about her promotion or me being assigned here. It's my first assignment too so it's a good one - not everyone gets posted to a Sovereign-class on their first assignment" Rebecca replied.

"You got lucky," Cat said. "This is my second assignment. My first was on the Renown where I basically spent four years in a secure room cracking enemy encryptions."

Rebecca took a bite out of her cinnamon bun and straight away she knew she'd saved the best until last. Although she'd managed to get Paul to keep some of his supply of teabags aside for her the one thing he wouldn't give her was the recipe for his cinnamon buns.

Becky smiled. "Captain Ainscow speaks very highly of that ship and its crew. I don't know much about it but based on speaking to you I think I can see why she does. If you don't mind me asking - what attracted you to joining Intelligence?"

Cat watched her eat the cinnamon bun and wished she had gotten one, but mentally shrugged. "My ability to listen," she said. "You can learn a lot by just listening and saying very little. All kinds of secrets fall on deaf ears, but when you can read lips, you miss very little. That, and I love secrets."

Becky giggled. "That sounds pretty cool - I'd love to try and do the same but I have literally no friends so I'm usually by myself"

She continued eating the cinnamon bun and eyed the counter to see if there were any left. There were - and she planned to grab herself another couple if Bovek wasn't looking on her way out.

"I was planning to be an officer but I changed my mind a few years into my training and I ended up here instead. I'm quite happy being enlisted though - I enjoy being a Yeoman because I get to go around the ship and talk to a lot of people" Becky replied.

"Lucky," Cat said with a smile. "Being an officer isn't all it's cracked up to be. You have to follow a stricter code, more rules, more regulations and advancement up the ranks is a lot harder than it is for enlisted. I'm not saying you have an easy job, but it requires a lot more to be an officer. I don't know what I was thinking."

Rebecca finished the rest of her cinnamon bun and finished her glass of apple juice.

Becky smiled. "Now I'm glad I chose to be Enlisted - but I'm sure being an officer has its perks too. Your accent sounds familiar - what part of the States are you from?"

"The Big Easy," Cat said with a fond smile. "New Orleans. I miss that city and the culture that can't be found anywhere else on Earth. It's an amazing place and I want to get back there as soon as we get back to the Alpha Quadrant. I haven't seen it in four years."

Rebecca was glad that herself and Catalina had something in common being from the same country on Earth. She'd never been to New Orleans before but it was somewhere on the list of places she'd like to visit when she got back home again.

"I haven't been back to LA since I went to The parents always insisted on coming to see me rather than me going to see them. I guess it was an excuse for them to come to San Francisco for a I've not been back home for a while either. It's been three years now - I have a holodeck program but it really isn't the same" Becky replied.

"How long were you at the Academy?" Cat asked as she listened to the various sounds and conversations around them. It seemed that a Lieutenant had an issue with his direct superior, a Warrant Officer was planning a tryst with a Petty Officer and two men whose rank weren't mentioned were planning a card game.

Becky smiled. "Three years. I decided it wasn't for me anymore but I had a hard time convincing myself it was time to turn around and take a different path. I got decent grades but sometimes you've got to follow your I did"

"You were just a step away from your senior tour and graduation," Cat said. "What were you going for?"

"Operations. Something about it stood out to me at the time but as time went on I couldn't imagine myself being a part of starship operations. Administrative work might sound boring to some people but I think it's great - plus I get to walk around the ship delivering messages and collecting reports which helps when I could eat a whole tray of those cinnamon buns" Becky replied.

"Technically, you're still Operations," Cat said. "Just the administrative side of it and you help keep the ship running smoothly."

Rebecca nodded. "Very true. What do you say we try out the bar tonight? I really could do with a night out instead of sitting in my quarters all night again. I'm not sure if there's a particular event on tonight but I could do with a few drinks"

"I wonder if I can stump the bartender on some drinks that I know about," Cata said as she got up with her tray. "Shall we?"

Becky nodded and collected her empty tray from the table and stood up to take them over to the counter. Once she confirmed that Bovek wasn't looking she grabbed a few of the cinnamon buns and passed one of them to Catalina.

"Here. Trust me - you won't have a better one anywhere in the galaxy" Becky said.

"Thanks," Cat said with a smile. "I wasn't going to get one because I had already gotten what I wanted." She paused and took a bite. "Oh...I may have to do a black op to get the recipe now. C'mon, let's go before the chef sees us."

Becky giggled. "Good luck. Paul wouldn't give that recipe away for anything"

The Bolian chef was in the kitchen washing some of the pots used to cook lunch - he probably wouldn't have minded anyway as Becky already got on well with him. Rebecca walked with Catalina as they made their way out of the door and out onto the corridor.

"So...what have you got on the 'to do' list this afternoon?" Becky asked.

"I didn't say he would give it away," Cat said with a sly grin. "This afternoon? Back to Intel to try to crack the communication that Lieutenant Linn gave me. It's a hard one. I've been working on it for two days already."

Rebecca smiled. "Sounds fun. I've got loads of paperwork to file for the Captain which will probably take me until the end of my shift to complete. Once that's done I can get myself ready for tonight...I haven't even finished unpacking so I haven't got a clue what to wear. I'll think of something though"

"Where something that's easy to get off," Cat suggested as she headed out of the mess hall with her. "That way if you get too drunk, you won't have a problem getting your clothes off before you pass out."

Becky giggled. "The last time that happened was the night that I dropped out of the Academy...all I remember is waking up the next morning in the shower...that is something I don't want to repeat. Even though you're the only one I've ever told about it I was so embarrassed"

"You're lucky you ended up there and no tied up on top of the Administration building with nothing on," Cat laughed. "Graduation night was something else. I had to untie myself, find a way down, and get back to my quarters without anyone seeing me. I nearly missed my ship because of it and never did find out what happened."

Continuing to giggle Becky realised that perhaps she did get off lightly compared to Catalina.

Rebecca replied. "That makes me glad I didn't graduate - I think I'd rather wake up in the shower than what happened to you. Although that reminds me of a story my dad told me about the night before his wedding...but I think he'd probably hate me if I told anyone"

"I won't tell," Cat said. "I'm Intel, remember? We keep the secrets, not tell everyone."

"I guess it won't matter...well...the night before he got married his friends tied him to a streetlamp without his clothes on...and he didn't wake up until like an hour before the wedding was supposed to start. My mom was so pissed off when she found out she knocked out my dad's best man at the church..." Becky said - still giggling.

Cat started laughing and nearly choked on a bite of her cinnamon roll before she got herself under control. "Oh man, I bet she never let him forget that one. I think my Mom would have killed my Dad and everyone who was associated with something like that."

"She nearly did...I so wish I could have seen it but they won't let me see the wedding video. My mom finds it funny now but my dad doesn't - when I found out about it he begged me not to tell anyone else. My parents are crazy but I love them - plus it's obvious where I get it from" Becky replied.

"Want me to get a copy of it for you?" Cat asked with a gleam in her eyes.

Rebecca giggled. "I'd love one but I don't think it'll be that easy to get one - after all we're in the Gamma Quadrant and that video is all the way back on Earth. If the chance arises though...go ahead. I'm not sure what I can give you in return but I guess you could watch it with me"

Cat laughed. "If I get it, odds are good that I'd watch it first," she said.

"Oh come on that's not fair. I told you the story in the first place" Rebecca giggled.

"You should know you can't trust those Intel types," Cat said with a sly grin. "They have to know everything first."

Becky smiled. "Well I'll bear that in mind if I ever get a copy of it. So...where and what time later?"

Cat finished her cinnamon bun before she answered. "How does nineteen hundred hours sound?"

"Sure. I'll meet you in D15 at 19:00 - until then try and resist the urge to work out how to get hold of my parents' wedding video. I'll see what I can do about it and maybe I might just let you watch it with me" Rebecca replied.

"See you then," Cat said. "I'll hold off on that particular project until we get back in the Alpha Quadrant." With a smile, she headed off back to Intel to get back to work.


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