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Supply Run

Posted on Thu Dec 15th, 2016 @ 1:22am by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Commander Tolan & Lieutenant Will Morgan

Mission: S1E2 - Unity
Location: USS Clyde
Timeline: Mission Day 12; 22:00

Tolan had informed Claudia of the supply drop on the border of Federation territory. Originally sceptical of the information Tolan had convinced Claudia that he had received information a Consortium freighter had been attacked and jettisoned some equipment into space. What he had to think of was why it had a beacon on it to lead Tolan to it.

"Are you ready Captain?" Tolan asked.

Claudia nodded. "Just about. Are you going to fly?"

"If you insist. I'd suggest we take another pair of eyes though - perhaps Lieutenant Morgan. The more eyes we have then the quicker we'll track the cargo down and then we can be back here so we can catch up with Force C" Tolan replied.

Claudia nodded again.

"Alright. I'll ask him to come down" Claudia responded.

Whilst Claudia prepared to contact Will and request his presence Tolan ensured that the craft had not been sabotaged - after all the last thing they needed was to reach the cargo and find they were unable to do anything with it.

=/\="Ainscow to Morgan. Please join me in the main shuttlebay - as quickly as you can please"=/\= Claudia said.

Will received the call as he was working on a diagnostic on the Aft Sensor array from the Auxiliary Operations station in Engineering. He pressed the comm button on the panel before him.

"Acknowledged Captain," he answered, before signing off his workstation. It didn't take long for him to get to the Shuttlebay where he located the Runabout that the Captain was on board.

"You called, ma'am?" Will asked as he entered the cockpit.

Claudia nodded. "I did. We're going to look for some jettisoned cargo that Tolan told me about. We need them so we need to get their first - Tolan is flying and I'm manning Tactical...would you like to come along for a ride and take Ops?"

"I'd be happy to, ma'am," Will nodded as he moved over to the Operations station and began checking power levels as well as the distributions systems and sensors. he'd not long arrived on board and was now back on a runabout again, but that was something he was happy to be doing again. Besides the chance to get to know both officers better wa always a good one.

Tolan was pleased to see Will arrive so promptly. He began to power up the craft and do the final pre-flight checks.

"Alright let's go" Tolan said.

After being cleared for depature Tolan piloted the runabout Clyde out of the main shuttlebay and clear of the Vindex. At the present moment he was in a runabout with Claudia Ainscow - his prime target - but he knew now wasn't the time to attempt to subdue the woman. He would wait until the right time.

"Anything on scanners?" Tolan asked.

Claudia nodded. "I think I've got it. Sending the co-ordinates to you now"

"Got them. Course laid in...and away we go" Tolan replied.

The Clyde engaged warp for the short trip to the beacon. What was unknown to Tolan however was that Claudia had brought a Type 1 phaser - just in case her suspicions of the Suliban man were proved correct and he attempted to subdue her. It was just as well Will was there.

"Alright Lieutenant...once we're there we're going to have literally seconds to beam it all aboard. We might face some opposition so I want to be in and out as quickly as possible - Lieutenant Tolan will inform you when we are about to drop out of warp so you can be ready with the transporter" Claudia instructed.

Will nodded as he made sure that the Transporter controls were on hot stndby and redy to go at a moments notice. One thing he was good at was aking sure there was crackerjack timing on the use of transporters. "Aye Captain," he responded as he prepped himself mentally. Not having been on board the Vindex long, he was still getting used to Captain Ainscow and still gettingto know the crew. However he sensed that there was something else in play here, he just wasn't sure what...

Tolan piloted the Clyde along towards the beacon. He knew that he had lied about how he knew of the supplies - so far the Suliban double agent felt that Claudia believed him - but she didn't think Claudia trusted him.

"How far?" Claudia asked.

Tolan checked. "Not long. Five minutes at our current speed"

"Are you detecting anything around us?" Claudia replied.

Tolan could - but he didn't want to risk Claudia ordering them to turn around. The opposition wasn't much - two fighters and a freighter - but he was confident the Clyde would get there first. He wanted to drop out of warp as close as possible to give them the best chance of succeeding in collecting the supplies.

"Not at the moment Captain" Tolan lied.

Claudia sat back and relaxed in her chair. She knew that opposition was likely - hence why she'd suggested using the Clyde and not one of the inferior shuttles which wouldn't stand a chance in a combat situation. At least the Vindex was nearby too.

Five minutes later the Clyde had reached the beacon and sure enough the 'jettisoned' cargo was exactly where it was supposed to be.

"Alright Mr've not got long so let's get this aboard and get the hell out of here" Claudia instructed.

Tolan then heard an alert as the freighter and fighter escort moved into range. It was a surprisingly light escort for a freighter but at least Tolan was confident the Clyde was capable of defending itself and then making a quick getaway.

"We've got company. An Antares-class freighter and two Valkyrie-class fighters - you'd better make it quick Mr Morgan because we won't be able to sit here for long unless we call the Vindex in...although that probably wouldn't be the wisest idea" Tolan said.

Will reacted with ease as he heard the report about the ships closig in on their position. He brought the Transporter off of hot standby and locked on to the cargo. As soon as he had all of the pieces locked on, he activated the tranporter. "Beaming the cargo on baord now, I'm sending it directly to the Cargo Unit we have attached," he explained as he completed the procedure, making sure that every target was beamed on board. Once the console beeped for confirmation, he sat back slightly.

"All units are on board Captain, however the Freighter and those fighters are now closing to within weapons range," Will reported.

The fighters spotted the Clyde and opened fire on the craft. Phaser fire rocked the runabout as Tolan made evasive maneuvers. Claudia sat at the Tactical station and decided to get a little bit of payback. The Clyde was more than capable of inflicting damage onto the enemy fighters - but the freighter would be a bit more difficult.

"Alright Mr Tolan get us on their tails - we don't want them getting away or giving away our position to the enemy. Mr Morgan I need all the power you can spare for the tactical systems...arming micro torpedoes..." Claudia said.

"Aye Captain, diverting power from non-essential systems to the Tactical systems," Will responded

"Yes Captain" Tolan replied.

He piloted the craft and after a few twists and turns he managed to get himself behind one of the fighters - although the window of opportunity to fire was very narrow.

"" Claudia said.

She fired the Clyde's phasers at the craft before launching two torpedoes which were targeted at the Valkyrie-class fighter's engines. As the torpedoes approached the fighter the crew ejected - moments before the torpedoes hit their target and the craft exploded.

"Confirmed, The fighter has been destroyed. However the Freighter is now turning to try and get a target lock on us Captain," Will reported as he followed the readouts from the external sensors.

Claudia nodded. "Alright...let's target their communications array and then we'll call in some support from the Vindex. Mr Tolan - you know what to do...."

Tolan nodded and whilst avoiding fire from the remaining fighter he managed to get the Clyde into position to target the freighter's communications array. As the freighter got closer and closer he waited until the last possible second until pulling up - mindful the other fighter was still on their tail.

"Captain..." Tolan said.

Claudia waited until the last possible second before firing the phasers on a continuous burst followed by two further microtorpedoes which succesfully rendered the freighter's communications array useless. Whilst Tolan successfully pulled the runabout up with mere feet to spare the second fighter couldn't quite avoid the freighter in time and its starboard wing clipped the freighter before it spun out of control and the crew ejected to safety.

"Yee-hah!" Claudia said.

Will was impressed with the last minute manuver that Tolan had pulled off and in the space of mere seconds, the situation had improved to their advantage. "Nicely done Captain," he praised.

"Thank you Lieutenant. Alright...let's call in the Vindex and get some support. I think we should take a look around that freighter and see if there's anything else we can take. What do you think gentlemen?" Claudia replied.

Tolan was happy his pilot skills had come in useful. He thought that whilst it might take time away from their mission the Vindex could easily make that time up and catch up with the rest of Force C in plenty of time.

"We might as well Captain" Tolan said.

Will nodded in agreement with the Captain's idea to explore the Freighter. "With the Fighters out of the way, we should hve some time to check the ship out." He offered the opinion, aware that once the Vindex arrived in the area, support would be nearby. "Once the Vindex arrives, she'll be a match for anyone who should try to challenge us."

"Excellent. If you can send them a message Mr Morgan I'll check on the cargo and see what we've got. Mr Tolan - please set a course back to the Vindex" Claudai instructed.

Tolan turned briefly and nodded before turning back to face his console. He entered a course back to the Vindex and took the craft to warp. It had been an interesting encounter to say the least and he looked forward to seeing what was actually in the crates that had been 'jettisoned' on his request.

Will sent a message from the comm system to the Vindex requesting permission as soon as they arrived.

Claudia departed for the rear of the craft to inspect the supplies.

"So have you found your time here so far?" Tolan asked.

"So far, its been very interesting and I'm looking forward to even more interesting endeavours once we get underway again...whats in this cargo we've collected then?" He asked.

Tolan knew exactly what was in there but to make it look less suspicious he had to pretend he didn't know - even though there were other things amongst what he demanded from his superior he didn't want to give his position away.

"I wish I knew. All I know is that my superior said it was 'useful things' The Consortium could do without losing. I echo your sentiments has been an interesting experience on the Vindex for me too. One of the more interesting assignments in my career anyway..." Tolan replied.

Claudia started to examine the cargo and started to get a little bit suspicious when somehow the materials requested by the department heads were in the cargo containers. They were amongst other things but it just seemed a little coincidental that Tolan knew of a cargo that contained what the Vindex was in need of. Choosing not to address her concerns on the back of a successful mission Claudia decided to wait until the next day to ask Tolan about the cargo. She returned into the main cabin area and enquired about their arrival back at the Vindex.

"How long Mr Tolan?" Claudia asked.

Tolan checked. "Just a few minutes. We'll be dropping out of warp in 90 seconds...was it worth the trip?"

"I've not had a chance to look through it all yet. So far so good" Claudia lied.

Tolan was pleased it had worked out but had no idea of Claudia's suspicions. He continued to pilot the Clyde and hoped that would be the end of the matter. Nevertheless he prepared himself as he knew Claudia wasn't the most trusting of individuals and he'd not done much to earn it.

"Mr Morgan once we're aboard I'd like for you to arrange to get the cargo containers sorted out and stored in the appropriate places. If there's anything of interest inform either myself of Lieutenant Himmel as soon as possible" Claudia said.

Will nodded as he confirmed the Captains orders once they were back on board the Vindex. "Aye Captain, should I come across anything, I'll let you know," he reported, keeping an eye on the sensors as the Runabout closed on its destination.

Once the Clyde had successfully landed back in its designated landing position Tolan powered the craft down and decided against making a quick exit - this would make it look a bit more suspicious if he disappeared from the situation. Instead he decided to run a diagnostic of the craft to check for any damage which he would then give to the landing crew as part of his flight report. The one that was quick to depart was Claudia - who seemed in more than a hurry to get somewhere...wherever it was. At least it meant he could complete his task without Claudia questioning him about the cargo. He didn't know for certain that she had suspicions but naturally he had it at the back of his mind.

Will began off loading the cargo from the Runabout in the shuttlebay, noticing that the Captain left rather quickly and that Tolan seemed in a hurry to get on with his post flight check report. As he moved the cargo piece by piece over to the Industrial transporter pad, several of his senses were kicking into overload as if something definitely didn't feel right, however he couldn't put his finger on it and this began to bug him ever so slightly.


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