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A picnic on the beach

Posted on Mon Dec 12th, 2016 @ 9:49pm by Lieutenant JG Annie Wilson & Ensign Anastasia Bogolyubov

Mission: S1E2 - Unity
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: Day 12 - 18:00

It had been a few days since Anastasia visited her quarters to meet Max, and Annie had finally remembered to arrange the picnic she'd promised for them. She'd ordered some food from Paul in the kitchen, and once she'd collected it, she went to the holodeck and loaded her beach programme. Annie was waiting for the right time to use it, now seemed like that time.

Once it was loaded, Annie went inside and placed the basket and blanket on the soft sand. The sound of the sea was extremely relaxing, and for a moment Annie closed her eyes to listen to it.

=A="Wilson to Bogolyubov, I'm ready for you on Holodeck 3 whenever you are." Annie said.

=A="Bogolyubov to Wilson, I will be there momentarily."

Anastasia looked down at Prokhvost, who was poking his head out of her beach bag. "You do not need to go into the water. Besides, it isn't real."

The Maine Coon kitten appeared dubious, but the disappearance of his head could be interpreted that the kitten wasn't planning to argue the point.

Anastasia tightened the belt of her bathing robe, picked up her beach bag and headed out the door. The sight of her wearing a robe, with her hair loose and her feet bare, as she headed to the holodeck turned more than one head, but Anastasia did not display any awareness of creating a minor disturbance as she transited the Vindex's corridors.

Anastasia paused a moment when she stepped into the holodeck, letting her feet become acclimated to the sand. "Where is this?" she asked, turning her attention to Annie.

"It's a place called St Lucia, an island in the Caribbean on Earth. My parents took me there a few times on holiday, I loved it, and I thought you'd like it too. I brought some food, I hope you like Paul's baking. He made it especially for us." Annie said, opening the picnic basket to reveal its contents, a chocolate cake and an assortment of pastries.

Annie had been out with Jose for a drink, and she thought he was a lovely man, but she felt she got on with Anastasia even better than she did with Jose, and was very keen to keep building on their friendship. Their conversation the previous evening had given Annie something to think about, and she'd thought about it ever since.

"My father took us twice to Cuba," Anastasia said, as she removed her robe, revealing a bright blue monokini which could be best described as 'slinky.' "We visited the Xindi memorial both times." Anastasia folded her robe meticulously before joining Annie on her blanket. "Is that a strawberry Napoleon," she asked, pointing at one of the pastries.

Annie nodded, she picked up the Strawberry Napoleon and passed it to Anastasia, smiling at her. She herself had been to the Xindi memorial, but it was a while ago and her memories of it weren't so clear. She admired Anastasia, and waited for her to accept the pastry in her hand.

"I've been there too," Annie replied. "And by the way, you look stunning."

Annie was wearing a crop top and a pair of denim shorts, choosing them especially for the occasion.

Anastasia took the proffered Napoleon, then unconciously brushed a lock of hair from her face as she looked down at herself. "Is it inappropriate? I've only been to the beach with my family, and my brother and father would normal dictate that I wear something more conservative. Since it was only you and I who were to be here, I thought I might experiment with other types of swimwear."

"It's fine, Anastasia. You're stunning." Annie said, helping herself to a Danish pastry, taking a bite.

Annie smiled at Anastasia, and looked in the basket to see what else was in there. There was enough there to keep them going for a while, and hopefully another Napoleon.

Annie spoke. "I've been thinking about things, a lot, since the other night."

Prokhvost chose that moment to stick his head out of Anastasia's beach bag. He eyed the Napoleon in Anastasia's hand until she admonished the kitten, "I have other snacks for you that are more compatible with your gastric system." The kitten, as if in response, chose to ignore both his human and the pastry in her hand, instead choosing to climb out of the bag and explore the perimeter of Annie's blanket.

"What 'things' have you been thinking about?" Anastasia asked, turning her attention back to Annie.

Annie sighed, she'd never been good with feelings, so she thought it was just best to say it how it was, but in a way Anastasia would better understand.

"I've enjoyed your company, I really have." Annie said. "You talking about dates made me think about our friendship, and, I've grown to really like you, and consider you a special person in my life. I'm terrible at talking about this sort of thing, so, if it sounds silly, I apologise."

Anastasia's eyebrows furrowed as she nodded in agreement. "I have difficulty discussing such issues myself. I would be the last person to dismiss your attempt to convey your emtions, since you patiently allow for my discordant manner for expressing myself." Anastasia paused, before adding, "You hold very special place in my life as well,"

Annie smiled, and offered a hand to Anastasia. She'd not done relationships before, and she'd never thought she'd see herself being with someone of the same sex, but with Anastasia, Annie couldn't explain how happy being around made her feel.

"How about we make our meetings a bit more regular? I know Max would like to see more of you, and, so would I. Prokhvost too." Annie said, hoping Anastasia would accept the offered hand.

"Regular meetings," Anastasia replied, taking Annie's hand. Anastasia studied her hand holding Annie's, remembering something Jaya had said about spontaneity. "I understand that in relationships, a certain amount of randomness is appreciated by most people. I am not most people," Anastasia explained. "I will try to understand your actions, and make my own responses decipherable, but if you wish to continue our relationship in a particular direction, you will have to understand my unique nature."

Annie smiled, keeping tight hold of Anastasia's hand and caressing it with her thumb, gently. "I like you for who you are Anastasia. You're very special to me and, in time, I know I'll grow to more than like you. Close your eyes a second, I want to show you something."

Anastasia nodded, then closed her eyes.

Keeping hold of Anastasia's hand gently, Annie leaned towards her and then placed a sweet, tender kiss onto her lips. Annie then pulled away slightly, leaving around an inch between her lips and Anastasia's.

"Did you like that?" Annie asked, nervously.

Anastasia said nothing, but lightly ran her right forefinger across her lips, a thoughtful look on her face. After a minute or two of silence, she stood up and extended a hand to the still sitting Annie.

"Sometimes, in the genres of entertainment referred to romance and romantic comedy, the couple engage in frolic behavior in the surf. I would like to do this."

Annie giggled and smiled, she stood up and took Anastasia's hand, leading her towards the surf. There was a height difference between them, but not one that bothered Annie. Four inches was nothing compared to how the friendship between the two had gone from nothing to this level of trust so soon.

"Here we go," Annie said, "And now we wait."

Moments later, the surf came in and covered their feet and ankles, and Annie giggled as her feet suddenly felt cold after they were covered by the seawater.

Anastasia studied the water rushing over her feet before turning her attention back to Annie. In a sober tone, she asked, "Would this be a good time for another kiss?"

"Yeah, I think it is." Annie said, smiling cutely.

Annie turned to face Anastasia, holding both of her hands in hers, then leaning in to kiss her. Once her lips met Anastasia's, she kept kissing her sensually. She'd never kissed a woman before, or anyone, and Annie knew she'd saved her first kiss for the right person.

Again Anastasia ran a single finger over her lips, her face in deep thought. "I liked that very much. You did as well?" she asked.

"I loved it." Annie said, "It was my first, too. It was worth waiting for, just like you were worth waiting for. To be honest, I've never felt anything for another woman until now, but you've helped me learn more about myself, and I'm grateful. You and I are more alike than I thought, and I want to spend more time with you, a lot more."

Anastasia said nothing, but looked back at the blanket, where her kitten was tentatively placing its front paws off the blanket and onto the sand. She watched the kitten for a minute before turning back towards Annie. "My brother says I am an acquired taste, one that requires diligence and patience. I will do things that you may think incomprehensible, and I will sometimes be unable to comprehend things that you say or do, that someone without a spectrum disorder would not misunderstand. It is possible that I could be an embarrassment to you because of the way I behave or speak."

Annie smiled, she knew Anastasia was different, but she was a lot like her, and accommodating her in her life wasn't going to be a problem, and she wasn't going to be an embarrassment. Annie knew she was making the right choice, it just felt right.

"You could never embarrass me, Anastasia. I might not know much about spectrum disorders, but I'm willing to learn, and I'll help you on your journey. I haven't known you for that long, but, all of me wants to be that person in your life. Don't ever think for one second that you're an embarrassment to me though, you're perfect the way you are, and I wouldn't have you any other way." Annie said, continuing to smile.

Anastasia nodded, a small smile appearing on her face. "Then I would like to show you how to use the canar. But first, I would like to do something spontaneous and adventurous." Without another word, Anastasia stripped off her monokini. "I've never done like this before," Anastasia confessed, before running and diving into the surf.

Annie watched, and decided to join her in the water. One of her better points was being able to swim quite well, so Annie quickly reached Anastasia and floated in the water next to her.

"We should do this for real at some point, but for now, I'm looking forward to seeing how the canar works. Do you want to do it here or come back to my place? I don't mind, whichever option you are most comfortable with, I'm happy." Annie said.

"Perhaps back in my quarters?" Anastasia countered. "Annie, I would like to do this, but if you need to wait, I believe I understand. But I have wanted to share myself, my thoughts, my emotions, for as long as I have known it was possible." Anastasia explained. "To not be alone in my thoughts. But I am aware the level of intimacy this represents."

Annie appreciated being told about the intimacy the use of the canar represented, but she was ready, and she nodded. Back to Anastasia's quarters sounded great, and there was still a near-full picnic basket of pastries and cake to eat as well.

"I'd like that, and, I'm ready to share your thoughts, and my own too. If we're going to be together, then I'm happy to share everything that is mine with you." Annie said, smiling.

"Let me dry off and put my robe on," Anastasia said, pointing toward the beach. "I'm certain my current state of undress might prove disruptive when we transit from the holodeck to my qyarters. Before I do so, however, can I have another kiss?"

Annie smiled and nodded, leaning forward and holding Anastasia gently, kissing her sweetly. She knew this was meant to be, a few days ago she had been ordered to work with Anastasia on a project, now they were having a go at a relationship.

"Let's dry off, fortunately, I brought a towel...and I'm glad Max didn't come. He'd have made a right mess of the carpets." Annie said, leading Anastasia out of the water.

"I brought a towel as well," Anastasia answered as she scooped up her monokini before heading toward Annie's blanket. "Prokhvost would undoubtedly appreciate us drying away from him." The kitten in question has still only experimented with the texture of the holographic sand, choosing to remain on Annie's blanket.

Annie followed and changed out of her bikini and dried off, before putting her casual clothes back on. She then put her things together, and waited for Anastasia to join her at the door. Kindly, Jose had agreed to look after Max for the evening, although Annie hadn't told him exactly what she'd be up to.

"Ready when you are." Annie said, beaming.


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