Just a normal day at the office

Posted on Wed Jun 1st, 2016 @ 8:38pm by Lieutenant T'Mia

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Bridge
Timeline: MD01: 1100 Hours

For most officers in the fleet, the pinnacle of reaching the command track and being assigned as an executive officer somewhere was a fantastic achievement. Only the best got these chances and it often meant a one way journey to a command of ones own, but to a Vulcan, especially one who had achieved kohlinahr, achieving such a role was just another day at the office - especially when it was ones second time in such a position.

Lieutenant T'Mia, a Vulcan female of 93, had spent much of her adult life in a variety of different roles, travelling the Federation, sharing her expertise as a warp propulsion specialist and even working on some of the fleets newest starships such as the Diligent and the Legacy (although the Legacy remained on the drawing board for now). Her time in Engineering had come to an end in the early part of the current decade, transferring to the command track upon the suggestion of a superior and spending two years at the Academy, honing her command and tactical skills ready for the biggest test of her career - the big chair. Of course, being a Vulcan who had achieved success in her pursuit of pure logic and the purging of her emotions, T'Mia had been completely unfazed by the prospect of a change of career and had made the seamless transition to the role of executive officer aboard the Mikhail Kalashnikov. Unlike many, and in part to her lack of ambition or desire to gain rank or title, the Vulcan had no problem with remaining a Lieutenant throughout her role. After all, age was clearly on her side as she hadn't even hit 100 yet and most Vulcan's lived beyond 200 these days thanks to medical advances. She had a lot longer to reach the heights of Commander and Captain compared to other humanoid races in the Federation. Whilst the humans, Bajorans and others around her were preoccupied with gaining rank quickly, she could take her time due to her extended lifespan.

When her time on the Mikhail Kalashnikov had come to an end, the Lieutenant had been assigned to a new vessel, the Vindex, which had been assigned to the Gamma Quadrant for operations. Whilst the ship had not officially launched and had a relatively inexperienced crew (not to mention no assigned permanent commanding officer), T'Mia had been with it during its shakedown to Unity Station. Once there, the ship had begun taking on new crew and equipment and T'Mia had overseen the installation of rooms and resources for the Marine detachment that Starfleet had seen fit to assign to the ship for the duration of its voyage.

She had already made use of the ships recreation and mess facilities during the voyage to the ships new home quadrant and she had already begun to forge some interesting working relationships, but she was quite content living and working alone.

The start of this mornings duty shift had been quite peaceful. The night shift and early watch had swapped over and the commander of the night shift reported nothing unusual - not uncommon since they were at a Starbase. But, now two hours later and she had been forced to deal with a security alert (a feline had escaped someone's quarters), the arrival of a new baby had been reported by sickbay and she had received the latest update on Engineerings progress with the faulty EPS relays on decks five and six. No new ship came without problems and the Vindex had had her share already.

"Ensign Shaw," the Vulcan spoke in her usual sultry tone, turning her head slightly to look in the direction of the man standing by the communications auxiliary station. "Please assume command," she requested before gracefully rising from her seat at the centre of the bridge and gliding effortlessly towards the Captain's ready room.

As the Ensign nodded in silence and assumed command of the Sovereign class ship, the executive officer disappeared into the privacy of the ready room. Once the doors had shut, the Lieutenant grabbed hold of the console on the Captain's desk and turned it to face her. Pressing the button, she began to speak. "First officers log, Lieutenant T'Mia as bridge duty officer. This mornings security alert was resolved with the successful apprehension of the perpetrator on deck seven. Lieutenant Tolen's feline had seemingly wanted to engage in a rendezvous with the canine belonging to Ensign Shepherd of Astrophysics. Most curious... I can also confirm that Petty Officer Halston has given birth to a healthy baby boy and sickbay reports mother and child are both doing well. Finally, engineering assures me that the problem with the EPS relays will be fixed within 24 hours. I have congratulated them on their efforts and let them know the outcome is most agreeable. I now await an opportunity to report to the Acting Captain, Commander Briggs." And with a single tap, the Lieutenant's entry into the ships log was ended.

T'Mia spun on her heels and exited the Captain's private office, resuming command of the bridge. She slowly lowered herself back into her chair to the right of the command chair and found herself waiting, stoic and still, for the next situation to unfold.

The opportunity for an early lunch time had come around quite quickly following the somewhat mundane events of the morning, nothing that particularly stimulated or interested the ships Vulcan XO. With a break scheduled, the woman made the most of the opportunity to stretch her legs and had taken a stroll along deck two before deciding to stop by the mess hall for some lunch. With her hands clasped together behind her back, the Vulcan nodded to several individuals as she waltzed into the mess facility, not a care in the world bothering her. She walked up to the counter and was greeted by a Bolian.

"Well if it isn't the 'Lovely Lieutenant. How are you today?" Borek asked with his trademark smile and bald, blue head bobbing.

"I am the same as always Mr. Borek," the Vulcan retorted, a mild tone of irritation in her voice indicating her dislike for the daily routine they had seemingly developed. "I would appreciate you expedience in this matter today as I am due back on the bridge in fifteen minutes," she continued.

"Say no more my Vulcan-friend! Same as yesterday?" Borek queried as he began to busy himself behind the counter.

"No," the command officer responded bluntly. "Today I would like a chicken caesar salad and a cold beverage. Perhaps some iced tea?" T'Mia told as she placed her hands on the counter top.

"Well, well, well! You surprise me Lieutenant. A Vulcan who is not a vegetarian," the Bolian grinned as he began to work on the Lieutenant's requested meal.

T'Mia shook her said slowly as she prepared to respond. "It is a common misconception that my people are all vegetarian. Whilst I do not eat red meats, I do appreciate the taste of white meats and fish," the Vulcan revealed, much to the surprise of the Bolian opposite her.

Borek was about to speak when the ships internal communications array chirped to life, "=/\=Briggs to Lieutenant T'Mia. Please report to the bridge. I have news regarding ships personnel," the voice of the ships Caretaker was gruff, yet polite.

T'Mia tapped her commbadge and responded in her typical Vulcan manner. "=/\=Affirmative, Captain," she spoke before tapping her commbadge and terminating the communications channel. "Apologies Mr. Borek. Lunch will have to wait," and with a polite nod of respect, T'Mia left the mess facility, headed for the bridge. She could not help but wonder if the personnel news the Commander had spoken of was a reference to the news they had been waiting for; the appointment of a new commanding officer.

For anyone else it was an exciting time. For T'Mia, it was just a normal day at the office.