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Why, You Heartbreaker, You.

Posted on Sat Jun 11th, 2016 @ 12:20am by Ensign Otoha Takahashi RN
Edited on on Sat Jun 11th, 2016 @ 12:40am

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Quarters, USS Vindex
Timeline: end of shift


Ens. Takahashi briskly coursed the corridors with a scowl on her face. All she wanted to do was escape to her quarters now that duty shift was over. The primary reason was, she wanted to be able to blow up at her harasser without any of the crew seeing. Having to endure Mai's badgering all of the way, she had to keep her silence during transit.

~Come now, Otoha! It's obvious! The man finds you attractive!~

The nurse pursed her lips tightly, efforting to maintain a stoic expression. She exhaled the quietest groan of frustration. Once inside and the door was fully closed, she vented, "MAI! Would you please STOP it!"

~But why? You could be missing out on a wonderful opportunity, here!~

Otoha counted out, "In case you haven't noticed; I don't dress to impress! I don't flirt! And see this? I am wearing a ring! It is on my left hand. What does all that tell you?"

Mai stared for a few moments. ~That you're too timid and bashful to risk allowing a boyfriend in your life?~

"SINCE you have a front row seat to my thought life, you should remember wisely given advice to cadets. 'Never fish in the company pond!' More often than not, it ends badly."

~So who said anything about taking a mate? You have no male friends!~

"That's not true."

~I mean ones that do more than exchange salutes with you.~

Otoha stopped, closed her eyes, and sighed in a few moments of silence. She then whispered, "Mai... why are you doing this to me?"

Mai plopped down in her new favorite easy chair, ~Because your response to him when he cornered you in the turbolift was a little bit unlady like. 'Get Thee To A Holodeck' impugned both his motivations and his character.~

"Okay, that was rude on my part. I will apologize to him."

~You realize that your words backfired? Now he's going to try harder than ever to be a friend to you.~

Otoha squinted pensively, "Maybe if I were a little brutal during intake physical. Do you think that might change his perception of me?"

Mai shook her head in a wistful sigh, ~That can backfire, too, leaf maiden.~

The nurse tensed her fingers in to claws and groaned with clenched teeth. She then collected her wits, "I hate this!"

~He hasn't done anything offensive.~

"That's why I hate this. I can't just blow up at him."

~He just keeps lasering you with those crazy-about-you eyes?~

Surrendering to being overwhelmed, Otoha sank down onto her big, new bean bag, "Yes." A bit subdued, she shook her head, "He just doesn't understand. It could never be."

~Why not?~

"Oh, please~ You KNOW the reason."

~I'm the reason. I'm why you refuse to allow yourself a relationship.~

Otoha met eye contact, "I will never do anything to jeopardize or expose you."

~Maybe I'm not doing you a favor.~

"Maybe it's my preferred choice."

~Maybe not now while you're in Starfleet, but afterwards, don't you think it's possible that a mate can accept a dual being?~

"Or a multiple personality disorder?"

~Don't evade my question, maiden.~

Otoha sighed, then shook her head, "My family wants me to marry a local."

~Noted. You are strongly honor bound to your family. But you're still evading.~

Her head lowered, "I can't imagine a dual being marriage... or an MPD marriage. It wouldn't be fair to him."

~Don't sell him short. All you need to do is meet up with a good polygamist.~

"MAI!!" Otoha grabbed a large pillow to hurl it at full force. Her tormentor vanished by the time she turned, but it made her feel better to throw it anyway. "I DON'T SHARE!" She growled loudly and then wearily plopped back down on the beanbag. "How can you be so crude and offensive? Sometimes, you really..." A thought struck her. She laid across the soft mound on her stomach, resting her chin upon her hands. "I don't share." She stared off, "This conversation wasn't about a potential mate or a boyfriend. It was about me. You wanted me to realize this about myself." She slowly rolled onto her back, "Mai? How would it affect you if I took a mate?"

Mai reappeared beside her. Her demeanor was quiet and gentle, ~My question is, would you deny yourself others out of fear of losing me? I cease being a beneficial symbiont if I stop you from growing.~

Otoha spoke barely above a whisper, "It's my turn. You avoided my question. If you truly are a symbiont, then that means I am the host. The host cares for and nurtures the symbiont. It's not a one-way street." She stared pensively into her eyes, "I suspect that you don't answer me because you can't. Father taught me that sometimes no one can give me the answer because the answer isn't simple information. The answer is my own choice."

~Choices have consequences. Your family fully expects you to help carry on the family lineages. You can't breed with a ghost.~

Otoha settled on her side, head popped up on her hand. "I choose to await the destiny that heaven would offer the both of is."

Mai squinted in a teased grin, ~You're avoiding giving an answer, again.~

She shook her head slightly, "Some answers must not be prematurely forced. That can be disastrous. You've made me aware of the issues. That's enough for now. We... are going to get through them... together."

~What will you tell your poor over-amorous suitor?~

Otoha's sense of humor returned, "Um... Get thee to a holodeck?"

Mai scolded, ~NO!~


Ens. Otoha Takahashi
mysterious Mai

USS Vindex
Bravo Fleet


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