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Finding Arizona

Posted on Sun Dec 11th, 2016 @ 9:23pm by Lieutenant No Name
Edited on on Sun Dec 11th, 2016 @ 9:25pm

Mission: S1E2 - Unity
Location: Intel office
Timeline: MD 10 || 1330 Hours

"Computer," Cat said as she sat down in the her chair at the console in Intelligence. She had the PADD that contained the communication that the Intel Chief wanted her to decrypt. "Play Far Beyond the Sun, medium volume."

As the music began to play, the Assistant Chief cracked her fingers and opened the decryption suite and transferred the communication from the PADD to the main computer. "Computer, analyze communication package Delta Four Ghatto."

While the computer worked on analyzing it, Cat brought it up in front of her and looked at the screen and focused on the encryption algorithm. She let her mind go blank, then began to let small bits of what she saw in while considering every angle of basic Federation encryption tactics. Odds were good it wasn't an encryption package based on alien encryption such as the Karemma, but she knew the higher up in Command someone was, the stronger the encryption was likely to be.

Fortunately, she had been trained and had excelled in cryptology at the Academy and nothing was kept secret from her for long. The computer beeped to indicate it had analyzed the package and presented an analysis for her in another window. She let her mind continue to drift over what she knew and glanced at it; The base header revealed it was from the USS Vanguard and the USS Sovereign.

She pulled up another file and checked. The Vanguard was commanded by Malcolm Wright and the Sovereign was commanded by Hiroyuki Mitsuro. Both traitors who had gone to the Consortium and were leading ships filled with innocents who believed they were following loyal Starfleet officers. It made her sick to her stomach that anyone would turn officer against officer and now she had something to work on.

Cat closed the window and looked at the information provided by the computer again before she set it aside and looked back at the message in front of her. "What were you and Mitsuro talking about, Wright?" she asked herself. "Any why is it important enough to encrypt this heavily?"

She turned her attention to the encryption key that had an implementation date and saw that it had been added not long before and sent from the Vanguard to the Sovereign, but the rest of the encryption had rendered the actual data meaningless. She began to filter the data through the decryption suites while hoping that one of them had the key to unlock it.

While she waited, she got up to replicate a mug of hot chocolate and enjoyed the music as she let her mind wander. What connection other than being turned by the Consortium did the two starship Captains have in common? Did the location of the Vanguard and Sovereign have anything to do with it? What other ships were near those locations? Was it an order to attack Unity or deploy more ships to DS 11? She didn't have answers to any of those questions at the moment, but she would soon.

Her hot chocolate finished, she recycled the cup and went back to her terminal. The computer beeped to let her know it had found the type of encryption used and she sat down with a smile. "Now we're getting somewhere," she said as she let her fingers dance across the console. She launched an assault on the key algorithm while parsing the data stream piece by piece and muttered imprecations against the Consortium and the Captains who had allowed themselves to be coerced.

Cat paused in that and started feeding the computer the questions she had thought of while she had been drinking her hot chocolate, then turned her attention back to decrypting the algorithm. The computer would need time to extrapolate the information she had requested of it, but she had bigger fish to fry in cracking the communication.

It was a tedious job and time drifted by in spurts and fits which saw her pacing the office, sitting at the console, feeding the computer more queries, cross checking the results of the queries and working on breaking the encryption. Finally after three hours had gone by, she jumped up from her chair.

"Eureka!" she exclaimed, having heard it meant an exclamation of excitement and she felt it was appropriate. The information on the screen in front of her was finally decrypted and she quickly sent it to Lieutenant JG Linn for his analysis and left it to him to forward to Command.

USS Vanguard, Malcolm Wright Commanding to Hiroyuki Mitsuro, commander of the USS Sovereign. We have found the Arizona and request assistance in capturing this ship. Once we are able to add it to our fleet, we shall head for Unity and take it and Starfleet down. A string of coordinates and other information was included with it, but none of it was encrypted now.

With her job finished, Cat forwarded the information to her Chief, then sat back and looked forward to having a drink with Becky later. Who knows? she mused. I might even find a cute guy, too.. With a smile, she got another cup of hot chocolate and listened to more music.


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