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Ensnaring The Enemy

Posted on Fri Dec 30th, 2016 @ 7:46pm by Rear Admiral David Hutchinson Sr & Captain Isobel Joyce & Lieutenant Commander Rafael Muñiz & Lieutenant Ian Tilston & Ensign Anastasia Bogolyubov

Mission: S1E2 - Unity
Location: USS Renown
Timeline: Mission Day 15; 18:30

The mines were ready for deployment and the Renown was in the position Hutchinson had selected. They had half an hour before The Consortium fleet was due to arrive at Starbase Unity and Captain Ainscow wanted to be there before they arrived - so the Renown crew would have to hope their plan worked out to the letter and went to the second.

David stood in the centre of the Renown's bridge and decided to check that everything was ready to go. Rafael and Isobel were down in the Strategic Operations Centre to monitor the network's deployment before bringing it online.

=/\="Are we ready to go Commander Muniz?"=/\= David asked.

Rafael was just about to call David to let him know they were ready to go - so it was good timing.

=/\="Aye Captain. Ready when you are"=/\= Rafael replied.

David nodded. =/\="Acknowledged"=/\=

"Helm - let's get underway. Keep to the speed and course as best as you can" David ordered.

David returned to his seat and rested his arms gently on the armrests of his chair. He hadn't been on the Renown very long but he was enjoying it very much - so much so he planned for it to be his last command before he retired.

Down in the Strategic Operations Centre Isobel was stood in front of the large screen which dominated the room and tapping away at the console below it - glancing up at the screen every 10 or 15 seconds to monitor the Renown's speed and course.

"Ensign Bogolyubov - as you helped design them I'd like you to assist Commander Muniz with bringing the network online. I'll monitor the speed and trajectory from here" Isobel requested.

In truth, Anastasia would have given credit to the concept and design of the mines primarily to Lieutenant Johansson and Commander Muñiz, with herself being instrumental in the distribution of the manufacturing and utilizing game theory for the design of the minefield. However, her brother Roman had instructed her once that one shouldn't argue minutae with superior officers, so Anastasia merely nodded and moved to join Rafael.

Rafael was stood in the centre of the room at the circular console with its holographic projection. Rafael had designed the Strategic Operations Centre with Isobel and it had already repaid the crew in the time and materials it expended to construct. As Anastasia approached Rafael pointed to the console opposite him so that they would face each other.

Rafael smiled. "Use that console please Lieutenant"

"Yes, sir," Anastasia replied, taking her position

"Okay...approaching the first deployment" Isobel commented.

"Nice and steady Ensign. Mr Tilston - deploy the first batch of mines" David instructed.

Ian nodded. "Aye Captain"

Ian launched the first batch of mines at equidistant points that were plotted to ensure the best chances of the minefield being effective. After the first batch had been deployed Ian was pleased to see that so far things were working out and the first sector of the minefield was coming online.

"The first mines are coming online far so good" Ian reported.

David smiled. "Excellent - onto the next one"

He then decided to check in with the Strategic Operations Centre.

=/\="So far so good guys - well done. How are we doing for course and speed?"=/\= David asked.

Isobel was monitoring the course and although the deviation was negligible she didn't want that deviation to end up leaving an exploitable gap in the minefield.

=/\="We're off course very slightly - by 0.25 degrees. Speed is perfect"=/\= Isobel replied.

David nodded. =/\="Acknowledged"=/\=

David instructed the Renown's conn officer to correct the course - but happily the Benzite officer had already corrected the course before David had asked him to.

"Good work Ensign - keep it up" David said.

Soon the Renown was at the second deployment position and this time they were right on course. The second batch of mines came online as per the plan and the veteran Excelsior-class starship continued on its course to the third deployment point. The atmosphere aboard the Renown was fairly relaxed and David could see and sense the focus and concentration that everyone on the bridge was giving to their respective tasks.

"Alright...we're at Point 3. Mines are being deployed" Isobel reported.

Rafael monitored the situation - however this time there appeared to be a problem with bringing a the last few mines of the batch online. He reported this to Isobel and Anastasia.

"We've got issues with the last few mines...I'm attempting to bring them online before we're out of range" Rafael said.

"I believe it is one of the safety subroutines, Commander," Anastasia replied, her fingers moving deftly over her console. "When the crew of the DS9 initially designed these mines, the mines weren't activated until the entire field had been deployed. Time constraints in their manufacture and deployment did not allow for..." Anastasia paused, trying to remember the correct idiom "...all the bells and whistles. Subsequent modifications allowed the mine laying ship to ensure that the mines were indeed viable while deploying them. However, there is the maxim that the more complex a system it is, the more susceptible it is to error."

Rafael monitored the situation and watched as Anastasia worked to rectify the situation.

"And the last of the mines are online and active, Commander," Anastasia announced.

"Great work Ensign. Confirmed they're online and connecting with the sectors one and two" Rafael commented.

Isobel was pleased that the potential hiccup had been corrected by the talented scientist from the Vindex. She turned to Anastasia and gave her a small nod to acknowledge her work before getting back to her own and watching as the deployment position for sector four approached. Once it was reached an indicative 'beep-beep' was heard around the Strategic Operations Centre and Isobel watched the screen.

"The final batch is being deployed now. Once they're deployed and the network is online...I'll be happy and I can head back up to the bridge" Isobel said.

Rafael chuckled. "I hear you Commander. I'll be glad to get back to Main Engineering"

Anastasia merely nodded but made no remark. She herself wanted to be back on board the Vindex and off duty, to explore her burgeoning relationship with the Vindex's Chief Flight Control Officer, but instinct told her that perhaps it would be best not to bring the subject up. Instead she quietly awaited orders.

Once the final mines had been deployed and the minefield was now active and ready to ensnare part of The Consortium fleet before it reached Starbase Unity. Once the Renown had returned to the position the rest of Force C was waiting Rafael headed back to Engineering and Isobel took Anastasia up to the Renown's bridge. Just as they arrived Isobel watched as the Vindex moved slowly across the Renown's viewscreen before jumping to warp.

"Captain - I'd like to introduce the Vindex Science Officer who helped us with the mines. This is Ensign Anastasia Bogolyubov - Miss Bogolyubov this is Captain Hutchinson" Isobel said.

"Ma'am," Anastasia said with a nod, assuming a parade stance.

"A pleasure Ensign. Let me introduce you to the crew - that's our tactical officer and security chief Lieutenant Tilston, chief of operations Lieutenant Commander Redmond and on the conn is Ensign Oonias. Would you like to take the science station?" David said.

"It would be an honor, ma'am," Anastasia replied.

David smiled and indicated the vacant science station to Anastasia before returning to his seat and sitting next to Isobel in the Executive Officer's seat. He then watched and waited for the enemy fleet to arrive - with the Renown positioned ahead of the Brandenburg's starboard bow and the Sarek directly across from the Renown. David had been in many battles before - but this one felt like it was going to be the toughest and most demanding yet. The odds were poor but the spirit and determination of the Force C crews was the best David had ever seen.


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