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Sticks and Stones

Posted on Wed Dec 28th, 2016 @ 9:56pm by Major Storr Garlake & Lieutenant Commander Cara O'Reilly MD

Mission: S1E2 - Unity
Location: USS Vindex (Deck 1)- Observation Lounge Hallway
Timeline: Mission Day 16: 1430

After the meeting broke up, Storr finished his conversation with Ensign Wilson and saw the new CMO leaning against the bulkhead, waiting patiently for him. The Marine CO walked over confidently and leaned against the same bulkhead, crossing his arms and smiling.

"Sorry to make you wait, Doc. What can I do for you?

"I was just wondering if you needed a medic or two if your unit gets deployed," Cara said. "As it happens I have a couple spares," she added teasingly. "I also have a couple spare Field Trauma Kits with little extras the regular med-kits don't have." Then she quirked an eyebrow and her mischievous smile turned into a bit of a devious smirk. "Of generosity comes with a price," she added, looking at Storr as a card player holding three queens looks at his opponent.

Garlake nodded lightly as he listened, far more interested in the stray locks of red hair that teasingly brushed her forehead.

"I think that that is a wonderful idea and something that we tried to start with one of your predecessors, so I'm glad you're equally interested...I also know that my men would be grateful for whatever extra supplies you might have and additional medical training your 'spares' could give." he said with a smile. His eyes looking over the trim and attractive doctor, they settled on her emerald-green gaze. "As for the cost, I'm free for dinner tonight if you are."

"And just where do you plan on dining?" Cara asked with a twinkle in her eyes. "The enemy ship galley?" She smiled and winked. "Raincheck on that dinner, Captain. I have a feeling you are going to be too busy to actually have a sit-down dinner tonight. Besides," her smiled turned the gambler's smirk. "I had some a little more substantial in mind. Sort of an I scratch your back you scratch mine kind of payoff."

"Well, I AM a Marine and have a tendency to dine in the halls of my vanquished enemies, " Storr replied, chuckling at her teasing and his return smile was positively electric. I'm looking forward to it and I'll be sure to let Paul know we're coming...tomorrow night," With that, the Marine nodded smartly to Cara and turned, bound for Deck 5 and a discussion with the head chef...

Cara smiled and strolled off in the opposite direction. She had a short list of things she wanted to present to the Marine Captain. Items she wanted procured from the enemy ship or ships the Two Five might board. Items not available through normal Starfleet channels. That would be sufficient payment for the "rental" of two EFTSs. She was actually humming, cheerfully, as she stepped into the turbolift.


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