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Departmental Predation

Posted on Tue Jun 14th, 2016 @ 1:35pm by Ensign Otoha Takahashi RN & Lieutenant Elijah "Eli" Dreznik

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: SciLabs


Rumors had spread rather quickly throughout the ship about the 'dragon nurse'. New crews coming aboard always entailed intake physicals. Said examinations could be lengthy and less than comfortable in diverse ways. Nurse Takahashi was quickly becoming a feared paradox. She spoke softly and patiently offered that serene smile of hers, but she implemented stress tests and tickling scans with merciless rigor. It might not be so bad if the dragon nurse remained confined to her lair of Sickbay, but she didn't. Today, crewmen of SciLabs nervously warned each other that the little woman had arrived to commence a rather careful survey of scientific equipment and instrumentation.

"That woman," thought Eli to himself, "is going to be the death of me." Although it was annoying, Eli had to admit that her unconventional methodology was very effective; that earned her immediate respect from the Skagaran-ish Science Officer. The time was rapidly approaching when he would be the one poked and prodded and put under a magnifying glass. He decided to get it over with. As soon as it seemed that the nurse was finished with Crewman Eiko, Eli approached her. "Okay, let's have it," he said.

The young Asian female folded her hands low and gave him an innocent look, "Have what, Lieutenant?"

"Don't play coy with me, Nurse," said Eli with a little mock irritation. "You've poked and prodded everybody in the room except myself and J7 Yellow. And best of luck getting scans through his exoskeleton by the way." He peered down at the small Asian woman. "I'm just taking my turn in the queue."

Otoha brushed it off, "Ohh! Goodness. Intake physicals? No. I didn't come here to drag you off." She muttered, "This time." She broke into gleeful smile, "This is more of a... friendly departmental visit. Do you have a few moments?"

"Certainly," said Eli, gesturing toward the small meeting room just a meter or so away. He went directly to the replicator and ordered a small bowl of pretzel sticks and a water. "Would you like something?" He asked.

"Actually..." She ever so gently hooked into his arm, intending to guide him outside again, "I'm quite curious about SciLab resources. Both Science and Medical have an impressive footprint on this Sovereign. "However..." She got down to the brass tacks, "During disasters, there could be much better integration between us."

Eli set the pretzels down on the table, taking the nurse's subtle cue to exit. "This ship is classed as an explorer," he said. "Pretty much whatever Science asks for, Science gets. What specifically did you have in mind, Nurse Takahashi?"

The nurse's tone quieted. She surveyed equipment as they strolled, "In a disaster, severe casualties will require massive resources. Having SciLab tricorders available that have medial programs already in their libraries is an example. Scanners with medical computer links predefined is another." She stopped and turned to him, "In other words, prepare useful science equipment to serve as backup or emergency support." She shook her head, "Waiting until disaster is upon us would be too late."

Eli stopped and thought for a moment. What the Nurse was suggesting certainly made a good deal of sense. "Medical tricorder programs are optimized for biological scanning. An adapted form of that program could prove quite useful in other areas...namely, planetary survey operations. As long as we can get clearance from the Captain, I'm certainly on board with that idea," Eli said. He stopped and tapped his finger on a chair he was standing near. "What if we were to take things a step further? The Science facilities are distributed more widely throughout the ship...with a bit of training for my staff, they could serve as emergency triage and treatment centers in the event of a crisis."

Otoha broke into a big smile, "Yes, Sir, indeed." Her next agenda thought surfaced. "It would disrespect Lieutenant Himmel if his Engineering department weren't invited to join in with our cross-training." She stared off, "There are two ditches at the sides of our professional road. One is that we isolate ourselves so into a narrow niche that we cannot help in other areas. The other is that we try so hard to do everything that we cannot master anything." She nodded, meeting eye contact, "Even being specialized experts, all of us can manage basic training in the other fields of damage control, science, and medicine." Faint trace of a mischievous grin flickered, "Permission might not be necessary. My duties include keeping Sickbay equipment maintained. I... just happen to be carrying out that duty on an 'expanded scale'."

"Fair enough. I will have the Computer Science division begin uploading that new operating software to most of our tricorders. Some will need to be held in reserve for nonbiological surveys."

"Very good, Sir! Thank you."

Encouraged by positive results with Lt. Dreznik, Otoha moved on to her next stop, Engineering. She subtly peered inside, looking for the chief. Upon spotting him, she waited for what looked like a good moment to approach. "Lieutenant Himmel?"


Lt. Elijah "Eli" Dreznik
Nurse Otoha Takahashi

USS Vindex
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