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Posted on Mon Jan 2nd, 2017 @ 1:58am by Ensign Anastasia Bogolyubov & Lieutenant JG Annie Wilson

Mission: S1E3 - Operation Adrestia
Location: Annie's quarters
Timeline: Day 17

The battle had been tough, but Starfleet had won, and Annie was glad there was another chance for Starfleet to re take their ships and get back to normal. Trying to do that herself, Annie had invited Anastasia over for dinner, which Annie was preparing before she arrived. Annie was excited to see her again, the last few days had been difficult, and she knew seeing Anastasia was going to cheer her up.

"I expect you to be on your best behavior," Anastasia instructed Prokhvost, who was sticking his head out of Anastasia's carry bag. The kitten looked at Anastasia for a few seconds before disappearing back into the bag. Anastasia stared at where the kitten's head had been just a second ago before turning to Annie's door and signaling her presence.

Annie smiled to herself as the bell went and she left the dinner to simmer so she could greet Anastasia, hoping she had brought Prokhvost along, too.

She opened the door herself and smiled at her partner.

"Hey Anastasia," Annie said. "Come in, make yourself comfortable."

Anastasia nodded, stepped inside and set the bag down. Prokhvost immediately climbed out of the bag.

"I would like to embrace you," Anastasia told Annie.

Annie smiled and walked up to Anastasia, hugging her tightly and resting her head on Anastasia's shoulder. She caressed Anastasia's back gently, while keeping her partner in a firm but comfortable and loving embrace.

"You're so beautiful, and very special to me." Annie said.

Anastasia said nothing, instead breaking the embrace. She took both of Annie's hands with hers and smiled.

"I love that we have shared our feelings with the canar," Anastasia replied. "You know how I feel about you. When we are together alone, I can close my eyes and feel you. I don't worry about what I say or don't say. You are here," Anastasia ended. "I am here." Anastasia placed her hand over Annie's heart before wrapping her arms back around

"You'll always be in my heart, Anastasia, always." Annie said, beaming as she hugged her. The smell of the food wafted around her quarters, and Annie thought to herself, hoping Anastasia liked pasta bolognese. Annie should have asked Anastasia first, but it was too late now.

Anastasia sniffed the air and a smile crept on her face. "I am not sure what you prepared, but it smells vkhusno. Delicious. It makes me think of my grandmother's cooking. My family will be happy to meet you." Anastasia paused, before she added, "While I was in interrogation, I believe I caused Lieutenant Johansson a certain amount of disconcertment."

"Thank you, it's pasta bolognese. I'd love to meet your family, Anastasia, and my family will be happy to meet you, too. What makes you think you caused her disconcertment? I'm sure you didn't." Annie replied, still hugging her.

"Since we have not been physically intimate yet, I thought Lieutenant Johansson might be able to convey practical suggestions," Anastasia began. "I broached the matter after the battle. Lieutenant Johansson displayed some hesitancy in discussing the matter. However, she did eventually engage me in conversation on the subject, though her manner in doing makes me curious if Lieutenant Johansson might have a mild spectrum distorder."

"I'm not sure," Annie said. "But a lot of people can be reserved about intimacy, so that could explain why she seemed, hesitant. Why, is it something you'd like to talk about with me, Anastasia?"

"That is what Lieutenant Johansson suggested," Anastasia replied. "That it is best to discuss these matters with your partner in openness. Perhaps it might be a discussion we can broach after dinner? Does Max eat when you do? I believe that Prokhvost enjoys having his meal being concurrent when I have mine."

"That's fine with me, it's ready now anyway." Annie replied, letting go of her partner and moving back to the food, this being the first time she used the portable hob her parents gave her.

"Max eats when I do, yes, it stops him looking at me when I try to eat my food. If you haven't got food for Prokhvost, I can make something up for him, I'm sure he won't like the dog food formulas I have for Max, but I can find something he will like. " Annie said, stirring the food.

"Ask the replicator to produce Prokhvost meal number fourteen. It is Prokhvost's favorite, but I restrict myself to giving it to him only in circumstances where he needs extra comforting," Anastasia explained, "Such as when he is outside his normal environs."

"No problem." Annie replied, replicating the meals for Max and Prokhvost.

After giving Max and Prokhvost their meals and giving them a fresh bowl of water each, Annie turned the hob off and started to prepare the servings for herself and Anastasia, and then took them over to the table. Annie had replicated some garlic bread to go with it, because she forgot to ask Paul the chef for some earlier in the day.

"Enjoy." Annie said, smiling, and then starting to eat her meal.

"We have not eaten a meal together, so I should explain something about my habits," Anastasia said, taking a slice of garlic bread. "If a meal consists of several elements, my habit is to consume one element in its entirety before proceeding to the next."

Annie finished eating and smiled, if that was the way Anastasia ate, then she was happy with it. In fact, Annie wouldn't have Anastasia any other way.

"That's fine," Annie said. "Although I don't always have side portions, it depends on what I do for dinner. If you prefer fresh food instead of the replicator, I don't mind cooking it myself, it's no bother. "

"If I eat alone, I am indifferent," Anastasia answered. She paused before continuing. "Perhaps we might cook together in the future."

Annie liked the idea of cooking with someone, usually, it was something she did alone, but the offer of cooking meals together was an offer Annie was more than happy to receive and also accept. Before replying, Annie helped herself to some of the garlic bread and ate a piece.

"I'd like that." Annie said. "How's your garlic bread?"

"I like garlic bread," Anastasia answered. "I have heard that garlic is antithetical to the physical aspects of romance, but I don't believe this to be true. Perhaps we could kiss to test my hypothesis?"

Annie giggled, eating another piece. She really wouldn't have Anastasia any other way.

"That garlic isn't very strong Anastasia, but sure, if you want to. I like kissing you anyway." Annie replied.

Anastasia nodded, standing up to move over to Annie, when she stopped. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't be announcing my actions before taking them."

Annie stood up after eating another piece of garlic bread, and held Anastasia around her waist.

"It's fine, don't worry about it." Annie said, kissing Anastasia sweetly on the lips.

Anastasia found herself lost in the moment when she didn't have to think or analyze or decide, but could simply be.

"Is your hypothesis correct?" Annie asked.

Anastasia said nothing, but simply nodded. She reached up with her hand and touched her face, surprised to find tears running down her face.

"Don't cry Anastasia, what's the matter?" Annie replied, concerned Anastasia was upset about something, or maybe their relationship was moving too quickly for her.

"Nothing," shaking her head and smiling through her tears. "Nothing. Can we sit next to each other while we eat?"

"Sure." Annie said, letting Anastasia go and moving her own chair around to the side of the table to be closer to her. Sitting down, she pulled her meal towards her and then picked up a piece of garlic bread, offering to feed it to Anastasia.

Annie smiled. "Open wide, beautiful."

Anastasia giggled, then covered her mouth. "I --- I don't know what that was," she said, blushing.

"I love your laugh Anastasia, it's cute. But the sooner we finish eating this, we can talk about what you mentioned earlier, if you still want to." Annie replied, smiling.

"Or perhaps we could reheat the dinner at a later point?" Anastasia asked.

Annie smiled cutely, and moved the dinner away from the table and out of reach of both Max and Prokhvost, rejoining Anastasia and resting her hands on the table in a way her partner could hold them if she wished to.

"What is it you wish to discuss about intimacy, exactly?" Annie asked.

"I am concerned that I will not be able to separate my need to systematize all parts of my life from the act of physical intimacy itself." Anastasia stopped talking and reached over to take Annie's hand. "I want to hold your hands, but I have to recognize that your hands are available, then consider if I am reading cues correctly that you would be amiable to me holding them. At this moment, I want to ask you to bond with me again using the canar, because it removes the confusion for me, as far as your emotions and thoughts are concerned, but I...I feel that I should be able to properly respond without the use of the canar."

Annie nodded, if it put Anastasia at ease, then it wasn't a problem for Annie to grant her request. She gently caressed Anastasia's hand with her thumb and realised that although Anastasia wanted to be intimate with her, it wasn't going to be an easy thing for her to adjust to.

"Of course we can use it again. If it helps you to use it, I don't mind, I know this isn't easy for you and I will wait however long it takes, because I care about you Anastasia." Annie said.

Anastasia was about to stand up and fetch the canar from her carry bag when she paused and asked, "Perhaps we should move this discussion to your sleeping quarters?"

"Sure." Annie said, "I'll wait in there for you."

Annie went into her bedroom and turned the lights down, making the room as presentable and comfortable as possible. Although it wasn't massively untidy, Annie's bedroom was a little bit disorganised and she didn't think Captain Ainscow would approve of it.

Anastasia joined Annie a minute later, the canar in her hand. Anastasia paused at the entrance of Annie's bedroom, looking around. "I sometimes worry that some of my more obsessive behavior might become upsetting to you in the future," Anastasia confessed. "Such as my desire right now to instill a higher degree of order to your sleeping quarters."

"That won't bother me, Anastasia." Annie said, "I'll tidy my bedroom before you come over again, I promise. With what's happened over the last few days, I've been too tired to do it. A rubbish excuse, I know."

Annie patted the bed next to her.

Anastasia took the proffered seat, a hint of a smile on her lips. "Perhaps sometime in the near future, we might share quarters, and you will have to endure my need for precise organization."

"I'd like that,"Annie replied. "I would suggest my quarters would be more suited because they are larger. Are you ready to use the canar again, Anastasia?"

Anastasia nodded and picked up the canar. As she brought it closer to Annie, the crystal began to glow.

Annie watched and admired the canar's beauty. If it helped Anastasia with their relationship, Annie didn't mind using it. The canar's glow lit up her bedroom, with Annie thinking to herself how cool it looked.

"I'm beginning to feel your thoughts already," Anastasia said, as she held the canar so that Annie could touch it with her. "You have no idea how wonderful it feels to me, to be able to feel your thoughts, your emotions, to let you feel mine." A red flush came to Anastasia's cheeks as she added, "You have some interesting thoughts about my body."

Annie touched the canar, and immediately blushed when Anastasia mentioned Annie's thoughts about her partner's body, although they were only positive.

"I like it too." Annie said. "You have a beautiful body, Anastasia, why wouldn't I have those thoughts?"

"I like yours too," Anastasia said, sending some mildly salacious thoughts to Annie. Anastasia paused, a look of surprise on her face. "I can hear music!" she excitedly told Annie. "Where is that from?"

"Thank you, I noticed that with those thoughts you're sharing with me, although that is an observation, not a complaint." Annie replied, grinning.

Annie smiled, she could hear the song too.

"I like that song," Annie said. "It's my favourite, that's why you can hear it."

"We can go deeper," Anastasia explained. "We are on the surface. I like the surface. But I want to know more of you. Later. For now..."

Anastasia put the canar down, removed her tunic, then straightened out her undershirt. "I want to make love to you with the music in our thoughts."

"Let's do it." Annie said, pulling Anastasia into a passionate kiss with the music still playing. It was her first time, and she knew it was the right time and with the right person.


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