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Reaffirming Authority

Posted on Mon Dec 19th, 2016 @ 8:35pm by Commander Tolan & Lieutenant Kazyah Linn

Mission: S1E2 - Unity
Location: Lieutenant JG Linn's office
Timeline: Mission Day 13; 12:00

The chime at the door announced to Kaz that his guest had arrived, though he wasn't at all surprised. He had invited the Lieutenant to join him, but even if he hadn't, he'd be able to feel the person's presence. Being half betazoid certainly had it's rewards.

"Enter," Kaz stated, tapping a button on his desk that lowered the computer screen back into its slot.

Tolan entered Kaz's office after checking that nobody had seen him enter. The Suliban was happy that at least for now his cover was in tact but he wasn't entirely sure Kaz would keep his status as a Consortium agent a secret for very long - but for now he was happy to go along with it.

"You asked me to join you Lieutenant. What can I do for you today?" Tolan said.

Putting a finger to his lips, Kaz motioned towards a chair in front of the desk. He pressed a few buttons on the desk console and suddenly the room became deathly silent.

"We can talk in complete privacy here," Kaz said in his typical smooth tone. "You received a new set of orders from the Consortiuum. Are you in need of assistance?" he asked, folding his fingers together.

Tolan tilted his head slightly and paused for a moment. He had received orders to deliver Captain Ainscow and the Vindex to The Consortium but he had yet to work out a plan of action - he was more focused on keeping his cover for the time being.

"I think you'd be useful in the grand scheme of things. For now however I believe it is best that we wait until after we arrive at Starbase Unity. I have the prefix codes for the USS Dark Horse that Captain Ainscow is planning to attack however I won't be letting her know that I know. After we are done at Starbase Unity I think we can carry out the orders...I trust that you are aware of them or do I have to enlighten you like I had to the others?" Tolan replied.

Kaz smiled slightly, though a bit sinisterly. "Of course I know your orders. My security clearance on board is much higher than yours. I see everything," he said, meaning every bit of the pun he just said. "The codes for the Dark Horse will be helpful, but I don't think it wise for Ainscow to ever get them from you. With your position, she would question where you got them from and it would raise suspicion. We can't have our cover blown."

"I don't intend on giving her anything. I've done what she's asked me to do but anything else I can do to help her will not be getting done. Ainscow might be our ticket out of here - all we need to do is hand her and this ship over to The Consortium at Deep Space 11 and then we'll be free to go. Of course we will have to be carrying out our task. There's not many of us and there's over 800 of them...but I hope that if I can find out the prefix codes for this vessel as well as the Dark Horse then I can make things a little bit easier" Tolan replied.

"Do you need the codes for this vessel?" Kaz asked, rubbing his chin. "Because with the Consortiuum force waiting for us at Deep Space 11, I don't think they will have any trouble taking this ship."

Tolan nodded. "The force at Deep Space 11 is a lot weaker than the one attacking Starbase Unity. I expect that the defence fleet there as weak as it is will deal damage to our own fleet - and there will be extra reinforcements for Starfleet's attack on Deep Space 11. It may be the best course of action to seize the ship from the inside. From which point I will assume command and confine everyone who is non compliant to their quarters...and Ainscow to the brig"

"Those weren't your orders, Lieutenant," Kaz said, leaning back.

Tolan wasn't very pleased that Kaz had questioned what he had said.

"I think you'll find my orders were to deliver this ship and Ainscow to The Consortium. My orders didn't specify how I do that and neither did my superior officer when I last spoke with him - and as I am the ranking officer of the group aboard this vessel then how we complete our mission is my decision and mine alone. If I can't get hold of the command codes for this vessel and take control then we will go to Plan B and take the vessel to the agreed rendezvous point and hand over Ainscow there. At which point the group is to leave the vessel...and then we're free to do whatever we want once we're dropped off at Deep Space 11" Tolan replied.

Kax nodded. Tolan was right, he was the senior on this mission. He pulled a PADD from the side of his desk and set it down on his desk. "So the codes would make this operation easier?"

"Yes. If we can take control of the ship from a specific point then we can initiate our plan to bring aboard reinforcements and then go from there. If you're planning on acquiring the command codes then it would be best to wait until after the confrontation at Starbase Unity when the crew are likely to be preoccupied with their backs will be turned and we can go in under the radar...although it still won't be that easy" Tolan replied.

"I think you forget about how powerful and connected I am, Tolan" Kaz stated, handing the Suliban the PADD. "The command codes of the Vindex."

Tolan took the PADD and nodded.

"You are resourceful I'll give you that - but you should remember how powerful and connected I am too. Until we receive the go-ahead from my superiors and recruit more people then I trust that you will carry on with your preparations as normal. I will call a meeting to go over the plan a day before we go is there anything else I can do for you?" Tolan replied.

"I have nothing more for you. You may leave my office," Katz stated, bringing up his computer monitor and turning away from the Lieutenant.

Tolan sneered to himself before turning on his heel and leaving - carrying the PADD which Kazyah claimed contained the Vindex's command codes. Tolan knew he had taken a risk getting the other man involved but perhaps it was beginning to bear fruit with Tolan's orders were now seemingly going to be much easier to carry out than he'd initially planned. All the Suliban had to do was work out how to take Kazyah out of the equation after the vessel was under his control.


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