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Posted on Sun Jun 19th, 2016 @ 2:00am by Lieutenant Elijah "Eli" Dreznik & Lieutenant T'Mia
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Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Bridge

Since the Captain had come to see him in the Science Lab, Eli had almost forgotten to report in to the XO; he knew it was a matter of protocol, and mostly a formality. But since the XO was the personnel manager of the ship, it made sense to cultivate a good working relationship with her. The computer had placed her location as on the bridge, so Eli was headed there now.

Eli was certainly enjoying the wide diversity of the Vindex crew so far. Although he came from a small rural colony, he had always been fascinated by other cultures. So far he had counted eleven different species , which was six more than he had seen on his previous assignments. The mostly-Human Starfleet crews tended to gravitate toward those with similar appearances and environmental needs, which was understandable. But they were also missing out on some fascinating nonhumanoid perspectives.

The lift stopped at the bridge, and Eli exited. The XO was seated in her chair, appearing very focused--and strikingly beautiful, even by North Star standards. He stepped down into the command area and approached from the XO's left.

"Sir?" He asked politely. "Eli Dreznik, CSO. I was wondering if I could take a few moments of your time. Just to report in and introduce myself."

"You may dispense with the formality of sir," the Vulcan spoke as he kept her eyes on the data PADD that she was working on. "I have never appreciated the need to address females with a male pronoun," she added as she eventually looked up and gestured to the Captain's command chair. "Welcome to the bridge," she spoke in her usual dulcet tone.

"Thank'am," said Eli as he took the offered seat. It was not his first time in the Center Seat; on the Monaco he had taken the Bridge on multiple occasions and had been in Command during Gamma shift three days per week. "To be honest I found that particular bit of protocol a bit strange myself. My native colony never developed a standing military or fleet so I had to take my cues from the military histories I learned at the Federation School."

"There are many rituals and protocols in Starfleet that are quite perplexing. I do my best to dispel them whenever possible," the Vulcan confided quietly. If anyone knew her past well enough, they would understand her reluctance to accept such pomp and circumstance. "Is there anything I can help you with?"

"I do have, personal project I work on in my spare time," said Eli. "I may on occasion ask to monitor several lower-frequency subspace bands, which would require unimpeded access to the comm array. Because I monitor them manually, with an earpiece."

"I would require information about this project if I am to authorize such use of ship equipment,"the Vulcan countered.

Eli passed one of the pocket-sized PADDs toward the XO. "Which is why I have prepared an official brief for the project I call Burning Bush. It is, in a nutshell, chasing various subspace signal variants in the search for my people's original home region. My research has led me here, one of the reasons for me requesting this assignment."

T'Mia glanced over the initial preface on the PADD and was quietly impressed with what she saw. "Fascinating..." Was all she could muster for a few more seconds until she gave the man a single nod. "Consider your request granted. A noble feat worthy of some extra sensor time."

"Thank you," said Eli with an appreciative nod. "I have a personal stake in this project, so it is of particular significance." His face reddened. "Not that I would show my own project favoritism over the Captain's or Science Directorate priorities. It was not my intent to imply such."

"Nor did I believe you would," the Vulcan countered with as much sincerity in her voice as she could muster.

"Do you have any questions you need to ask me, ma'am?" Eli said, readjusting himself in the chair. "Otherwise, I will resume my duties."

"As of now, no. No questions Lieutenant. Feel free to resume your duties," the Vulcan ordered with a single nod.

"Thank you, ma'am." Eli stood and headed for the turbolift car.


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