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Operation Adrestia

Posted on Tue Jan 10th, 2017 @ 5:53am by Lieutenant Commander Soren Himmel & Captain Claudia Ainscow & Commander Akiva ben-Avram & Major Storr Garlake & Lieutenant Kazyah Linn & Lieutenant No Name & Commander Tolan

Mission: S1E3 - Operation Adrestia
Location: Strategic Operations Centre
Timeline: Mission Day 17; 09:00

Claudia waited patiently along with Tolan to start the briefing of their next assignment. She had defied Cara's orders to take it easy for a few days but this was important and needed her attention. The Strategic Operations centre was little more than a wall-mounted console and some chairs from the canteen at the moment - but Claudia thought that when it was ready it would be a vital asset to the crew of the Vindex in their future assignments.

"I hope everyone got the message Commander...we need to get this briefing done and then get to work. We have 48 hours to carry out this mission...and we still need to load up the Valkyrie-class fighters before we leave" Claudia said.

Tolan had recently began to have second thoughts about being a part of The Consortium. He knew it was better to be with them than against them but being on the Vindex - and his recent promotion - made the Suliban realize that he had a career and that wasn't worth throwing away. He had considered coming clean to Captain Ainscow but Tolan knew how that would end - with him in the brig.

Tolan smirked. "I made sure of it Captain. The fighters are being loaded as we speak but we've had to move two of the Danubes over to the Renown to accommodate them - they'll rendezvous with us to drop them back once we've finished our assignment. I instructed the shuttlebay manager to retain the Sheaf because it's more suitable for Marine operations than the other two"

"I'm glad to hear it. Thank you Commander - have Commander Trevett and her staff come aboard yet?" Claudia replied.

Tolan nodded. "I believe they're in the process of coming on board as we speak Captain"

Cat showed up with a PADD in her hand wondering why she had been called to a meeting when she knew her department head was going to be there and other department heads, but she decided to see what the Captain had to say. She gave a nod to the others present and went to take a seat.

Akiva was surprised that they had been given yet another mission so soon after the pounding they had taken in order to secure their victory at Starbase Unity. He was already seated and at the ready, PADD in hand.

"Good morning both. How are you?" Claudia asked.

"Captain," Cat said with a small smile and a nod of her head. She wasn't used to being in the presence of captains and especially not ones that started off with a good morning. "Good morning. It's looking to be a good day. How are you?"

"Honestly, I have been better," Akiva said bluntly. "I am glad you are on the mend, though, Captain."

As per usual, Kaz entered the room in utter silence. He did not regard anyone nor did he speak. He found his seat and slipped into it, staring at the PADD in his hands.

Storr entered the new-ish SOC and looked around, a cup of hot South African Rooibos tea in a white mug emblazoned with the Starfleet Marine Corp logo in his left hand. It was no 2/5 TOC, but it would suffice, he assumed with a smile. The table (as everything else in the room) was smaller, the chairs a collection of hodge-podge seating from who-knows-where in the ship. The MCO was only somewhat surprised that they had been called in so quickly after their actions at Starbase Unity; consolidating a victory was never something that Starfleet was good at and he hoped that Captain Ainscow and the Vindex would reverse that trend. He seated himself next to the XO with a nod to him and then the Captain.

Himmel arrived with coffee and about 5 padds in hand. Repairs and maintenance needed some catch up. He sat down and smiled to the others present.

Deryn arrived last of all - although her excuse that she got lost was a genuine one she hoped Captain Ainscow would believe. Her group of six Peregrines was all that was spare in the run-up to the attack on Deep Space 11. It was just as well because the Vindex's main shuttlebay was now full.

"Sorry I'm late" Deryn said.

She then sheepishly made her way to the nearest available seat.

Once everyone was settled in the under construction Strategic Operations Centre Claudia decided to open the meeting before letting Tolan get on with the briefing in detail.

"Good morning everyone - thank you for coming. Before I go any further the contents of this briefing are classified and must remain between the people in this room until I say otherwise. To give the briefing I will allow Mr. Tolan to take to the stage" Claudia said.

As Claudia sat down Tolan took his position and activated the screen behind him. He'd not had long but he'd managed to put a briefing together with the screen - although with Kazyah being blind he knew he would be doing more talking than he would usually.

"Good morning all. This mission has been given to us specifically by Commodore Cameron because she knows we're the best ship available for the job. Our orders are to carry out an assault on Gavara IV and retake it from The Consortium - failure to do so is not an option because in order for Starfleet to retake Deep Space 11 then we have to retake Gavara IV first. Before I continue with the more important details of the mission does anyone have any questions?" Tolan said.

"While failure isn't an option, it is a possible outcome," Kaz said, "It would be foolish not to have a contingency plan in place for that outcome."

"We do have one of those. It is drastic but it effective - we take out the military installation on the planet from orbit. It's not ideal but if it's the only way to retake the planet then that's what we do" Tolan replied.

Deryn spoke. "We can do that with the Peregrines. As long as we can keep the Valkyries off our backs - or better still - take as many out as we can before they take off"

Claudia was surprised. She wasn't told in the initial briefing of taking the Vindex into the planet's atmosphere and blowing up a military base with the Vindex's weapons. If it had to be done then fine - but it wasn't the point. She wanted to know everything before agreeing to go along with something.

"You didn't mention that to me before Commander" Claudia replied.

Tolan responded. "I apologize Captain. Anyway - continuing on as Commander Trevett said there is a wing of Valkyrie-class fighters on the surface which we will need to try and keep on the ground. There are around 200 marines in the surface and potentially a detachment of Starfleet security to enforce a city-wide curfew. There is also the fact the city is powered by a nuclear fission power station..."

Before Tolan could continue Claudia spoke.

"I think we should find a way into that power station and take it offline. The hospital will have back up power generators so in theory we could take it out and leave the city without power - so they won't be able to use any of their sensor or communication arrays and we can in effect cut off the enemy in orbit and on the planet" Claudia suggested.

"I'm sure the Lieutenant Commander meant no harm," Kaz simply stated, looking directly at Tolan. "Taking it offline may not be good enough, though. We should destroy it instead."

Claudia nodded. "I think you're right Lieutenant - although an explosion like that could cause more problems than we're there to solve. I'll have Miss Zuzan work on a plan to take it out and containing the explosion to a small an area as possible"

"I think that's wise too. Anyway - carrying on I think it would be wise to do some recon before the mission itself - but using the two remaining runabouts rather than the Vindex itself. Is there any way of disguising the two runabouts to prevent them from being detected?" Tolan said.

Soren closed his eyes a moment to think, he took a brief sip of his coffee, "Yeah, we should be able to disguise them enough to avoid detection. At worst they will appear as a small disturbance but not anything worth investigating."

Captain Garlake tried to take everything in for a few moments before setting his mug on the table with a *clank* and rubbing his eyes. "I'm sorry, but perhaps I'm missing something. Is the primary objective to liberate, occupy, neutralize, or destroy this installation? Being a Marine, my two jobs in life are to kill people and break things but if there are security and a curfew, that speaks to non-combatants while the power provided by the fission reactor would be vital to pacification...its destruction would be a disaster for everyone there. If we want to win the war after the war, we need to be thinking with more than our phasers."

"I believe the total destruction of the command installation was the contingency which Lieutenant Linn spoke of," Akiva put in. "Ideally we would neutralize their defenses by any means necessary with minimal loss of life and infrastructure, but in the end we accomplish our objective." He set his jaw. "No matter what."

"Understood, Commander, and I don't necessarily disagree," Storr said, looking first to Akiva and then Kaz, "however it seems that all of our efforts have been discussing a contingency rather than the primary mission effort. I'm assuming that the Marines will be lead on this so I'll be sure to interface with Intelligence, Flight Operations, and Security for support."

"Unfortunately it appears that our primary plan may not be formalized until we have better intel," Akiva said. "We need to develop a few options and let our reports from the ground inform our decision. Then we can adopt or adapt whichever plan proves most promising. Unless Captain Ainscow has other orders, of course."

All eyes fell to Claudia as she began to speak, but her words seemed to catch in her throat. She teetered to and fro in her chair for a moment, her eyes glazing over. A pallor came over her face, turning it gray save for a faint blue tint to her lips. And then she collapsed onto the floor beside the table.

The pit in Akiva's stomach turned to lead at the sight. He jumped out of his chair and rushed to Claudia's side. Aside from basic First Aid, Akiva knew next to nothing about medicine. He panicked for a moment as he did not immediately find a pulse when feeling for one. Relief washed over him when his a weak pulse thrummed against his fingers.
That was when he realized her chest wasn't moving.

"I don't think she's breathing!" Akiva wiped his hands over his face, forced himself to breathe, then looked up at the rest of the room. "You all have your tentative orders. Dismissed!"

=/\="Ben-Avram to Transporter Room 1," he said with a tap to his comm badge." Two to beam directly to Sickbay!"=/\=

Storr stayed seated as the medical emergency unfolded, even managing to blow some steam off of his mug and take a long sip of his tea. While he did have more than a modicum of medical training, it was combat related and the XO seemed to have a handle on the situation. Besides, everyone glomming over the Captain would have made the situation worse and she (and Akiva) needed their space.

After Ainscow and Ben-Avram teleported away, it seemed that they had taken also beamed everyone's attention with them. The MCO thought about the Chain of Command for a few moments and moved to dismiss the meeting formally when he noticed an extra half-pip on Himmel's collar. *Since when did he get a promotion? Haven't we been here the same amount of time? What's a guy 'gotta do to...frack it* the Afrikan thought, leaning back into his seat and gesturing to the German engineer in (mostly) suppressed annoyance. "Your show to rap up, boss."

Himmel was on his feet, surprised by the immediate and bizarre events. He was almost frozen for a second and noticed the Marine's stair. He looked and nodded to him in acknowledgement, "Proceed with your orders everyone. Contact me with shipboard operation. I or Commander Ben-avram will update you with the Captains condition. Dismissed."

Tolan watched as everyone left the meeting room. He was concerned about the welfare of Claudia but he knew Cara would ensure she was taken care of correctly. The Suliban then decided to hand a secret assignment out before heading off to his office to arranging the finer details of his side of the operation - one he had carefully chosen his partner for.

"Miss Ghatto - do you have a moment please?" Tolan called.

The collapse of the Captain and everything else had caused Cat to be momentarily paralyzed even after she had been beamed out and it took her a moment to look up at the person who had addressed her. "Yes, Sir?" she asked.

Once the last people had left the room Tolan looked at the young woman and smiled. He knew he couldn't give this assignment to Kazyah because he knew if the pair of them went to Gavara IV together only one of them would come back alive.

"I've been ordered by my superiors to choose a partner for this assignment that is someone I trust - which is you. I've been told that The Consortium have developed a detailed design for a land vehicle which they want to take a closer look at. However as it's stored securely in their main computer in their headquarters I also need a cryptologist to help us break into it and steal those plans along with their military deployments. Are you up for that Lieutenant?" Tolan replied.

What do I know about field work and why does this person trust me? Cat wondered. For that matter, why didn't Linn have a say in what I'm about to be assigned to do?. "I am, but due to recent conflicts, I feel that Lieutenant Linn has to be told before the mission."

"Don't worry - I'll deal with Lieutenant Linn. I've also managed to secure a number of items that will benefit us during this mission and also your department in the future. They're listed on this PADD - they weren't easy to obtain either but they're currently stored in a secure location also listed on this PADD. Lieutenant Linn will be sent a copy of it as part of his briefing packet" Tolan said.

Cat looked at the empty hands of the Suliban and back up at him. "What PADD are you talking about?"

Tolan chuckled. "Oh yes - my apologies"

The Suliban turned around to the table behind him and after checking it was the right one he passed Catalina the PADD. He'd had a very early start and he was already feeling tired. Tolan was looking forward to getting an earlier night to accommodate the very early start the next morning.

"We'll be leaving the ship as soon as we get into our staging position - expected to be in the early hours of tomorrow morning. We'll be taking the runabout Horsa because we'll be needing the buggy to get from where I've selected as our landing site" Tolan replied.

Cat took the PADD and began to look it over while he talked. Finally, she looked up at him. "And after Lieutenant Linn becomes aware of my assignment."

Tolan nodded. "I'll tell him about it - if you can read up on Gavara IV before then that'd be great. He'll be on a different assignment anyway but I can't see him objecting. In the meantime if you have any other questions don't hesitate to come and find me"

"You'd be surprised," Cat muttered as she came to her feet. "I'll read up on it and be ready when we're in position."

Tolan smiled. "Thank you Lieutenant. I'll see you tomorrow morning"

"Yes, sir," Cat said before she took the PADD and headed out.


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