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An Inside Job

Posted on Sun Jan 1st, 2017 @ 4:25am by Commander Akiva ben-Avram & Lieutenant JG Amber Zuzan

Mission: S1E2 - Unity
Location: Captain Ainscow's ready room
Timeline: Mission Day 15; 20:00

Amber had placed Elsa and Anastasia in separate confinement and ordered the on-duty brig officer to keep an extra close eye on them until she had completed her work. Carrying a PADD in her hand she made her way up to the bridge as quickly as she could. Things went well but the final count of injuries and fatalities had not been completed yet and Amber was dreading it.

Once she got to the bridge she made her way over to the ready room where she presumed she would find Akiva waiting for her. Amber didn't like arresting her own colleagues but in this case she felt that one or both of them were guilty of telling The Consortium where the minefield was. Even though they won it still didn't matter to Amber and she wanted to make sure whoever did it paid the price for their treachery.

Amber pressed the chime and waited for permission to enter.


Instead of sitting at the captain's desk, Akiva sat in a chair near the window. He was leaning forward, elbows on his knees and fingers pressed together in a fine point.
"Have a seat, Lieutenant." He indicated the open chair beside him without looking up. "I suppose this is the part where I'm supposed to ask you what in hinnom is going on." He scratched his neck before looking up at Amber. "So, out with it. What have you got?"

Amber walked over to Akiva and handed him the PADD before speaking. It gave her no great pleasure to do what she had done but it was necessary for the security of the crew and the Vindex as a whole.

"Someone told The Consortium about the minefield. Not only did the Renown confirm that but I have the transmission that was sent from this vessel shortly before it was deployed. As they worked on the project and Johansson has links to The Consortium then to me it's obvious it was her and or Bogolyubov who are the culprits" Amber replied.

"I still don't follow," Akiva said. "Johansson brought the Cukela to its knees. Bogolyubov provided intercepted intel regarding her traitorous brother which positioned us for that battle. Unless every decision the two of them made to this point has been subterfuge for weakening Unity's defensive measures, then it appears rather circumstantial."

Akiva assessed the data on the PADD. Elsa and Anastasia had both indeed worked together on the Renown. They were the common factor in Task Force C's deployment of mines. He finished reading and returned to the PADD to Amber.

"If either one of them did it, they didn't work alone. Keep an eye out for other culprits." He squeezed his chin in thought. "Also, I think we ought to have a work-up of anyone -- and I mean everyone -- else who could've acquired even partial data regarding the minefield, and eliminate the possibilities," he ordered. "Two halves still make a whole, and I won't have any stones left unturned."

Amber nodded. "I have to agree Commander. The transmission came from this ship and the only ones who knew about the mines were in the briefing room. Taking out yourself, the Captain and Second Officer that leaves Lieutenant Tolan, Lieutenant Morgan, Lieutenant O'Reilly, Captain Garlake, Ensign Wilson who could have helped them. I'm going to send the transmission I recovered down to Intelligence in the morning to see if they can decode exactly which terminal it came from and then we can hopefully track who it was from there."

"Very good." Akiva gave an approving nod. "And we may need to rule out any security breaches as well. Review where we need to tighten up in adherence to protocol."

Amber nodded. "Absolutely. If there's nothing else to address Commander I'll get right on it. The sooner we get on top of this the better - I don't want whoever it is using this time we're at Starbase Unity as an opportunity to escape and get away with their crimes. If there's nothing else I'll be on my way"

"Indeed." Akiva rubbed his forehead and sighed. "Update me at every step of your investigation."

"Will do Commander" Amber replied.

With that Amber made her way out to start the investigation.


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