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Something's, burning

Posted on Mon Jan 9th, 2017 @ 8:58pm by Ensign Anastasia Bogolyubov & Lieutenant JG Annie Wilson

Mission: S1E3 - Operation Adrestia
Location: Anastasia's quarters
Timeline: Mission Day 17 -- 1900

It had been a disaster.

Anastasia had a near eidetic memory, so recalling how her grandmother had cooked various meals had not been a problem. And now that she was in an established relationship with Annie --- a romantic relationship, no less --- Anastasia had concluded that she should do something to demonstrate her support and pride in Annie's recent promotion. Since Annie had made a dinner for her, Anastasia thought it the proper thing to reciprocate, as a celebratory event for Annie's promotion.

So Anastasia had garnered ingredients from the ship's chef, as well as the general ship's stores and her own provisions. Her next step was to use a heat various cooking vessels with magnetic induction to prepare a traditional Russian meal for her lover.

Instead, Anastasia's culinary attempt had set of her quarters' fire suppression devices, and she had spent fifteen minutes talking to a warrant officer in Operations assuring him that there was imminent catastrophe about to consume the ship. So at the hour that she had instructed Annie to arrive at her quarters, Anastasia stood in the center of her quarters which, for the first time since she arrived on the Vindex, were in total disarray.

Anastasia's kitten Prokhvost thought the room's "new decor" was an incredible adventure, and was pouncing everywhere. Anastasia herself stood motionless, a hopeless forlorn look on her face, her casual clothes covered with various food items and bearing the smell of smoke, as she had no idea of where to start cleaning first.

Following her promotion, Annie was excited to go and visit her partner for dinner, which Anastasia promised she would cook. She made her way there after having a shower and putting a t shirt, shorts and tights on, Annie thought dresses were for more special occasions. Annie could smell something had burned, presumably food, from the other end of the corridor, and rushed to Anastasia's quarters to find that's where the source had originated. Seeing the mess that had been made, Annie knew Anastasia had tried to cook for her, and although she would normally find this sort of thing funny, she didn't this time.

"Hey, beautiful." Annie said.

Anastasia looked at Annie, a somber look on her face. "I tried to cook you dinner. I didn't succeed." With the last pronouncement, Anastasia lowered her gaze to the floor.

"It's okay, at least you tried." Annie said, placing her hand on Anastasia's shoulder. "After we've cleaned up, do you want to have another go, with me helping you?"

Anastasia nodded sadly before stepping forward and wrapping her arms around Annie, holding her tightly.

Annie held Anastasia tight, grateful that her girlfriend had gone to the effort of making her a meal, and only happy to help her clean up and start again.

"You tried really hard to cook a meal for us, I'm really grateful. I'll show you what to do this time, and then you can do it by yourself next time. Does that sound like a plan, Anastasia?" Annie said, reassuringly.

Anastasia nodded as she released Annie. "I can fix you something to drink while I begin cleaning. This was supposed to be a celebratory moment for you."

"It's okay, I've got you to share it with, that's all that matters. Come on, let's get this cleaned up and then we can get started." Annie said, locating a cloth and a scrubber to start cleaning up the mess.

Annie knew she was starting to fall in love with Anastasia, something she never thought she would do with anyone, but the woman Annie now shared her life with was perfect to her in every single way. She knew the four of them would make a perfect family when they were ready to move in together.

Anastasia produced a pair of gloves before she joined Annie. As she began cleaning, she told Annie, "I have considered resigning my commission."

"What, why do you want to do that? You're a brilliant officer, why would you want to give all that up? If you do, would you stay on the ship?" Annie replied, shocked that Anastasia, one of the most talented young officers on board the Vindex, was even considering resigning her commission.

"I want to stay with you," Anastasia said simply as continued her cleaning. Anastasia paused, studying the scrubber in her hand, before continuing. "I am a mathematical savant. My skills can be utilized just as easily if I were a civilian specialist on the ship as if I were a commissioned officer. Perhaps more so. I know I hold my commission solely because of my intellect, and not from those attributes that are associated with a Starfleet Officer. Attributes that you possess," Anastasia observed. "I do not wish to make you uncomfortable, but I do envision us becoming a permanent couple. And you are a capable, aspiring officer. If I were a civilian specialist, it would be easier for me to be transferred with you."

Annie stopped cleaning for a moment, taking it all in. It was hard for her to accept Anastasia was thinking about such a thing, when her skills had been called on more than once in the past couple of weeks. Annie knew they could move in together whether they were both Starfleet officers or not, but whatever Anastasia wanted, Annie would support her partner whatever she decided.

"Anastasia," Annie said. "I'm not going to tell you what to do, but I think this is something you need to think about properly. You have your commission because you are a talented, clever and you think in more than one dimension, which isn't something I've seen from many people. We can always be a permanent couple if we are still Starfleet officers, there are couples here who are one or two ranks apart, that doesn't matter. Please just promise me you will think about this properly, Anastasia, but I will support whatever you decide."

Annie then continued to clean the area, thinking about what they could make for dinner. Annie was hungry, and she hoped whatever it was wouldn't take long to prepare and cook.

Anastasia had gotten on her hands and knees to scrub the base of one of the walls when she looked up at Annie. "You're hungry. I can feel you," Anastasia explained. "I could get cleaned up and we could get something in the Officer's Mess from Chef Paul. Besides," Anastasia said, looking at the partially cleaned room, "I believe we both realize this will have to be cleaned to my arbitrary standards," Anastasia said with a hint of humor on her lips. "So I can return once we're finished with dinner to complete the task. And then perhaps I can come to your quarters for dessert?"

Feeling a little rebellious, Annie had another idea.

"Or...we could just go to my quarters now, order something, and then it will be ready in a...little while." Annie replied, grinning, and then reaching over for Anastasia's hand.

Anastasia took Annie's hand, the smile on her face growing broader. "May I assume that during this 'little while' we will address my disheveled appearance?"

"Maybe." Annie said, winking. She then led Anastasia out of her quarters and towards her own, giggling uncontrollably. Anastasia had brought Annie out of her shell in a way Annie never thought she would, just three weeks ago, Annie thought she would never settle into life on the Vindex. Now, she loved it.

As for Anastasia, she was leaving her quarters with it still in disarray, and walking out into the passageway with stains on her clothing and smudges on her face and hands. Normally she would have remained in her quarters until both conditions were rectified to her satisfaction. She would have been unable to do otherwise. Except Annie was making a lot of things possible that Anastasia never thought would be. So without a second thought or worry, Anastasia followed Annie.


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