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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Posted on Thu Jan 5th, 2017 @ 5:31am by Major Storr Garlake

Mission: S1E3 - Operation Adrestia
Location: USS Vindex (Deck 10)- Cargo Bay 2
Timeline: Mission Day 18: 0220

"Frak," Grindle muttered, spitting into the corner and taking a drag of his synthrette before letting it out, the bluish smoke wafting towards the ceiling before disappearing into the darkness above him. Nothing ever happened in cargo bays and the fact that his shift had him watching this one at this time was an insult. He was sure that PO2 Viska had illicitly swapped shifts with him so that the loser could take the day shift and sleep in.

"Loser...DenIb Qatlh," he said, the horrible epithet said in even more horrible Klingon.

Spitting again, he sighed; nothing ever happened in these bays and this one had been quiet since the crates had come aboard several days ago after the marines had beamed it back from the Consortium freighter. Nearly a week of watching motionless vid feeds of boxes and now Viska punts his shift and makes them put a warm body in here? "Frak him," Grindle said silently to himself before taking in the last breath of smoke out of his synthrette and flicking the stub into the cavernous bay. "I need a drink."

A light in the darkness
A bright red ember against the blackness
Flowing blood
Movement to the flame
No life
Larger warmth farther

A skittering sound woke up Petty Officer Third Class Grindle, Loadmaster's Mate, causing the PADD he was playing a game on before falling asleep clatter to the floor. The cargo bay was quite dark as power was continuing to be drawn from non-essential systems and the only sources of light were from the now-overturned PADD and a single light bar above the door arch. The Capellan squinted his eyes to see into the inky blackness but saw nothing, though the sound seemed to be...getting closer.

"What in blazes..." he said, standing as he seemed to notice movement ahead of him but was unsure if it was just his eyes playing tricks.

Suddenly, a black shape leaped into view and pain pierced his side, the weight of the thing and a warm, fuzzy feeling causing him to tumble to the ground, a scream seeming to emanate from somewhere several kilometers away...

PO2 Viska checked off the last block of his pre-shift checklist as Cargo Bay 2's door opened, though the sight was nothing like the Indian was expecting. What appeared to be Grindle was swarmed by chitinous black...creatures, a little less than a meter long. Viska ran over and kicked many of them away, though one remained attached with what looked like a tube inserted into the man's neck.

"Holy frak!" Viska said, pulling the final creature off and causing it to scuttle into the darkness to join its fellows. Grindle groaned and gurgled at the separation. The Indian immediately reached for his commbadge.

=/\= Viska to sic...=/\= his transmission was cut short by Grindle swatting away the PO2's hand. "What are you doing?!" Viska asked incredulously.

"I...I don't want them to know I was smoking or drinking on duty," Grindle said, winced at nearly every other word. The Indian loadmaster's eyes flitted between Grindle and the pack of synthrettes and Andorian ale discarded by the cargo box immediately next to the entrance.

"You've GOT to be kidding me. You were just snacked on by some...creatures and you want me to ignore that? No way!"

"I'm not! You know that I was busted down to PO3 last month and if it's one more incident, I'm done for. I know that you think I hate your guts but you've got to help me out here."

Viska thought long and hard. Grindle was right, on several counts, and the only reason that he hadn't been busted as well was because he had lied about drinking with Grindle in an empty runabout. The Capellan hadn't said a word out of loyalty, though they both knew that it was a death-knell for their friendship.

"Alright, alright, let's just get you out of here and report these things before they decide we're both breakfast." With that, Viska helped Grindle to his feet and the two hastily departed the cargo bay...


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