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2474 Alpha

Posted on Sat Jan 14th, 2017 @ 5:33pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Commander Akiva ben-Avram & Lieutenant Commander Soren Himmel
Edited on on Sat Jan 14th, 2017 @ 8:22pm

Mission: S1E3 - Operation Adrestia
Location: Chief Engineer's Office
Timeline: Mission Day 18; 13:00

Claudia felt much more refreshed that afternoon and proceeded to Soren's office to avoid him having to cross over half of the ship to get to and from what was going to be a five or ten minute meeting. She had instructed Akiva and Soren to be there for around 13:00 so she could head up to the Strategic Operations Centre to make a final plan of action to retake Gavara IV from The Consortium.

Waiting outside Soren's office she waited for Akiva to arrive.

"Good afternoon, Captain," Akiva said as he strode through Engineering. "You're looking well this afternoon." He suppressed a boyish grin--it was not so long ago that he would have refrained from such a personal compliment. Claudia had shown herself to be a respectable commanding officer and a true friend, and that combination was enough for him to break through his reserved melancholy disposition. Besides, she had a mild scare the day before with injuries sustained from battle, and he was relieved to see her up and around again.

Claudia smiled. "Thank you Commander. I feel a lot better...I've learned that skipping breakfast and rushing around right after brain surgery isn't such a good I'll try not to do that again. How are you this afternoon?"

"I am happy," Akiva said, his tone understating the glow on his face.

"Good. Hopefully Commander Himmel will be here shortly so we can get this show on the road before we get cracking with the main operation. I chose this location because it's less likely we'll be spied on than somewhere more obvious - such as my ready room or the observation lounge" Claudia replied.

"I suppose better safe than sorry," Akiva agreed. "To be honest, I'm a little ashamed that we haven't secured our ship yet. Sleeping with one eye open is getting old." He exhaled. "At least this operation will position Starfleet to eliminate the Consortium threat once and for all."

Himmel rushed down the ladder from a tube into engineering and then ran into Ainscow and ben-Avram, "I apologize, please come on in. Sorry for the messy space you're about to enter."

Once they were inside Claudia didn't waste any time announcing the reason for the meeting.

Claudia spoke. "Alright gentlemen. I've recently been informed by Commodore Cameron that the Vindex's registration has been changed to NCC-2474-A. Due to the ongoing situation with The Consortium the change is to stay between Commodore Cameron and the three of us only until the threat has ended - however I'm also proposing with the change of the ship's registration we also change the Vindex's command codes. Any objections gentlemen?"

"None whatsoever," Akiva said. "It's to be expected, anyway." He cocked his head in thought. "Did the Commodore happen to say why the registration was changed?"

Himmel was perplexed, "Is this a permanent or temporary change?"

"It's a permanent change to follow on from the last Vindex. I have to admit I'm just as surprised as you are Mr Himmel but I'm not one to argue with tradition. It will be repainted on the hull once we get to a starbase to repair the hull damage" Claudia replied.

"Tradition can be a good thing," Akiva said. "Especially when it bolsters security."

Claudia nodded. "Absolutely. The original NCC-2474 was in service from 2248 until 2386 - mind you that did include a couple of extensive rebuilds and a spell as a training ship for the Starfleet Engineering branch. It's in a museum in orbit of Denobula so it's still around - mind you I doubt it'll fly again because the warp core was removed when it was moved to the museum"

"At least it's decommissioned - I don't know if the galaxy is big enough for two operational Vindex vessels." Akiva grinned with amusement at his own quip.

Claudia giggled. She then produced an encrypted PADD and unlocked it with her thumbprint and held it out to show Akiva and Soren the contents - the new command codes she had devised. They would require some input from the two officers present and also their approval before Claudia could instruct the computer to overwrite the existing codes with the new ones.

"These are my part of the new codes - you will both be required to insert one code each as well and then we'll link the PADD up to a secure terminal and get our friend the computer to overwrite the existing ones. Whenever you're both ready gentlemen please type in a code of your choice" Claudia said.

Akiva nodded and took the PADD with both hands. He turned aside and held it close to his chest, inputting his code with swift keystrokes. When he returned it to the desk, he shot a look to both Claudia and Soren that was nearly conspiratorial.

Himmel then reached for the PADD and inputted his code. When he finished he returned the PADD to Ainscow, "If we're getting a new paint job, I imagine we won't be able to keep it a secret for long."

"Hopefully just long enough," Akiva quipped.

Claudia smiled. "Thank you gentlemen. We're booked in for hull repairs at Deep Space 9 but that's a couple of months away yet because it's not as urgent as other ships in the area - by that time I think it's safe to assume The Consortium threat will have been eliminated so we won't need to keep it a secret then. The best thing is official Starfleet database records won't list it the ship as NCC-2474-A until after the end of hostilities"

Claudia then placed the PADD next to the console on Soren's desk and ensured it was encrypted before continuing. Once the two were confirmed to be linked Claudia instructed the computer to overwrite the existing codes that were set when the ship was constructed.

"Computer - overwrite the existing command codes with those on the PADD linked to this terminal. Authorisation Ainscow-1-4-Pi-Nu" Claudia said.

"Confirmed - Ainscow, Captain Claudia M. - Commanding Officer. Authorisation for the other two codes is required before the existing codes can be overwritten"

Soren confirmed his command codes.

"Confirmed - Himmel, Lieutenant Commander Soren W. - Chief Engineering Officer. Authorisation for the remaining code is required before the existing codes can be overwritten"

"Computer, replace command codes with updated ones. Authorization ben-Avram Echo-6-Delta-1."

"Confirmed - ben-Avram, Lieutenant Commander Akiva - Executive Officer. Command codes have been overwritten"

Claudia then disconnected the secure PADD from the terminal and held it in her right hand.

Claudia smiled. "Thank you for that gentlemen. I promise that should be the last of secret meetings in random locations"

Akiva looked around. "This location has certainly seen better days," he said with a grin at Soren.

Soren looked around with a smile, "Yeah, I was going to clean when the Captain mentioned the location, but didn't get around to it. It's hard to keep up with when you're not in here much." He chuckled afterwards as they exited the engineer's office.


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