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Overdoing It

Posted on Mon Jan 9th, 2017 @ 1:08am by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Commander Akiva ben-Avram & Lieutenant Commander Cara O'Reilly MD

Mission: S1E3 - Operation Adrestia
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Mission Day 17; 09:15

Claudia had come around from passing out at the briefing but she felt awful again. She found herself being held by Akiva and a little bit light headed - perhaps skipping breakfast wasn't such a good idea after all after having neurosurgery the previous day. Claudia did intend to stick to the orders to stay off duty for two days but Operation Adrestia needed her presence on the bridge and not in her quarters.

Cara looked up from the charting counter at the nurses' station when the doors of Sickbay opened. Seeing Akiva half carrying the Captain in she jumped up and dashed over to them. "What the hell happened?" she asked, slipping her arm around the Captain on the opposite side of Akiva. She led them into the nearest cubicle.

Not entirely sure how Cara would react Claudia chose to adopt a policy of honesty - at least that might reduce the chance of her being relieved of duty and confined to her quarters for longer than the rest of the day.

"I must have fainted in the briefing...did I?" Claudia admitted.

"I'm no doctor, but I think you suffered a mild seizure," Akiva said with uncertainty. "Or whatever it's called when your brain gets choked off." He helped her to a biobed and stepped away, allowing Dr. O'Reilly and her staff to do their work. "At least your color has returned. You were pale for a moment, and I thought you'd stopped breathing altogether."
He looked to Cara, wondering if she needed more information and if he'd observed enough to provide it.

"That's something I suppose. I did kind of forget to have breakfast this morning...with all the meetings and things to arrange. I really should have let my Yeoman arrange it all instead of me rushing so soon after an operation so I had time to eat some breakfast...I apologize Doctor...I know I should have rested up but this really needed my attention and I couldn't sit back and not do anything" Claudia said.

One of the nurses came into the cubicle and Cara said, "get her hooked up to the monitors and call Neuro. I want a full neuro scan and complete blood panel."

"Yes, Doctor," the nurse said as she activated the biobed's monitors and tapped her comlink. "Neuro to Sickbay, STAT," she said and began arranging blood vials in preparation of extracting Claudia's blood.

To Claudia, Cara pointed her finger and said, sternly, "you should have let Akiva handle things. It's what he is here for. You put your health at risk which puts the entire crew at risk." She straightened up and put her hands on her hips. "In accordance to Protocol Regulation 121-A...I am hereby relieving you of duty until you have been thoroughly cleared by my staff," she said, completely serious. She turned and looked at Akiva to make sure he understood that he was now in charge.

Claudia knew that was going to happen. She didn't argue because she knew it was stupid - she knew the Vindex needed her but she wasn't any good to her crew or the vessel if she kept ending up in sickbay.

"I have no arguments Doctor - just as long as I'm in my own bed tonight and not one of these wretched things again. Commander - speak with Tolan know what" Claudia replied.

The nurse began extracting the required amount of blood then left with the vials.

"Not this time," Cara said, shaking her head. "I want you where we can keep an eye on you. I'm going to admit you to our Intermediate Care ward. They actually have real beds there and feed you three times a day. And before you try and have no say in this."

At that moment, Dr. Chen walked into the cubicle and frowned at Claudia. "What's this? I didn't expect to see you back here," he said, taking the neuro-scanner from the nurse and holding it over Claudia's head...just above the area of her previous injury. "Any loss of consciousness?" he asked.

"I won't argue with that Cara - I'm happy with that if it makes me better again. Yes Dr. Chen - I passed out during a briefing but I came around just as I arrived here" Claudia replied.

"Well the hematoma hasn't returned," Chen said and checked the monitors. He looked at Cara and asked, " did I over hear something about admission?"

Cara nodded. "Yes. I haven't gotten the results of her blood work back but I suspect they will show that her blood sugar and iron are low and I don't like the looks of her low blood pressure. She needs rest and to get her body's immunity back up."

"I agree," Chen nodded. He turned and looked at Claudia. "Once you get settled in a room upstairs I will do another CT Scan just as a precaution."

Claudia smiled. "That's fine with me. I know I can be a pain sometimes...I really should ask my Yeoman to do a bit more organizing meetings for me so I can have time to eat breakfast in the morning...I feel alright but I'll stay here to make sure things are properly alright before I step out of here again."

Chen turned and nodded, smiling, at Cara. "Looks like you have a willing patient," he said...a hint of teasing in his voice. "I'll leave you to it."

"Thanks Chen," Cara said.

Chen walked out of the cubicle as the nurse returned with the results of Claudia's blood work. She handed the PADD to Cara.

"Get our patient checked in upstairs in a private room," Cara instructed the nurse as she reviewed the blood work. "As I expected," she said, more to herself than anyone in particular. To the nurse she said, "and as soon as she is settled, get her a full breakfast. I want her on glucagen q2hrs, an iron bolus then oral iron/mag q3hrs. Order another CBC at 1600 and again at 2030. And put in a standing order for 5mg Ambizine qhs if she has trouble sleeping."

"Yes, Doctor," the nurse said, jotting down all of the orders.

Cara waggled a finger at Claudia. "You...behave. You give my nurses any trouble and you'll answer to me," she said, sternly but then she winked. She turned to leave and ran into a hovering Akiva. "Don't you have a ship to command or something?" she said, teasingly.

"I suppose that now I do," Akiva said, trying to keep up with everything Cara had rattled off. The details went over his head, but the overall gist seemed positive.

Claudia chuckled. "I'll behave - I promise. I've got something I need to be doing tomorrow morning so I won't want to risk being stuck here any longer than I need to be - not that I'm complaining of course. If there's any updates Commander please let me know as soon as possible...preferably in person."

"Understood," Akiva said.

"You'll be doing it from a hospital bed," Cara said. "You're not getting out of here, probably, until tomorrow night. Depending on how your blood work looks. I'll look in on you before I go home tonight."

"It looks like you'll be indisposed this evening," Akiva said, attempting to hide his disappointment. "Maybe the doctor will let you sneak out for awhile under her own supervision."

"I will bring her down to your unveiling party in a hover chair," Cara said. "But only for the unveiling. Then right back upstairs to bed."

Claudia wasn't going to argue with that - she nodded and smiled - hoping this spell in sickbay would be the last for a while.


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