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Breaking Bread

Posted on Tue Jun 14th, 2016 @ 10:33pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Paul Foster & Lieutenant T'Mia & Major Storr Garlake

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: USS Vindex - Officer's Mess
Timeline: Mission Day 1 - 1840


Storr stopped after only entering two feet into his room, grimacing as he tossed his duffel onto the twin-sized bed with a satisfying bounce. Was this some sort of joke? He, being a former enlisted man, always enjoyed a good prank on the CO but this was could a 6'2'', 225 man sleep in such a small bed? While there was at the back of his mind hope for more than just himself occupying it, the more immediate concern was getting a good nights sleep with his legs hanging over the edge. Garlake backed up a step to look at the nameplate on the bulkhead beside the door and it did indeed read "Marine CO". With a quick grab and an attempted wiggle showing that it hadn't been tampered with (unless engineering was in on the gag as well) the Afrikaner sighed shook his head and stifled a chuckle before turning on his heels. There was no use in unpacking if he was going to move rooms and as much of the storage he was going to use was incorporated into the bed unit itself, he'd rather not waste the time in doing it twice.

"Eish [what?!]!" The words leaped from his lips as a crunch emanated from under his boot. Lifting his right foot, the now-shattered nameplate littered the carpeting in front of his room. Storr emitted a low growl and a couple Afrikaans epithets before looking both ways down the corridor, the immensity of the Sovereign-class vessel weighing on him as much as it had when he first saw the Vindex from the runabout from Unity Station. He had served most all his career in smaller locations and had grown accustomed to the more...enveloping feeling that they gave, not to mention the greater ease of defense. Training his eyes right, there was barely any perceptible curvature to the bulkheads themselves, belying the enormity of his new home. This was going to take some getting used to.

As Storr finished his navel gazing, the attention to his midsection caused it to roar to life.

"Computer, deck listing and location of the officer's mess" he asked after (purposefully) lightly pressing the comm panel display just outside his doorway, not wanting a repeat of the nameplate fiasco.

"Deck two, turbolift shaft 4, blue race lights," the pleasant female computerized voice replied as faint, pulsating blue lights illuminated on the right-side bulkhead to his left. Storr brushed the metal pieces against the bulkhead with his boot and moved off to his port. It was time to eat.

Even before he even entered, Storr could see through the half-paned doorway that he was going to enjoy serving on the Vindex. A man and Bolian were standing behind the serving counter, the former with small dishes and the latter behind two massive bowls of what Garlake guessed was soup. The doors opened to his presence and the smell wafting in did not disappoint in the least. The large Marine made a beeline for the counter and stuck out his hand in greeting.

"I'm Storr," he said with a wide smile, enveloping the balding chef's hand in his and shaking firmly, "If the smell is any indication, I think that this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship".

Paul chuckled and shook back before placing two rounds of shepherd's pie on a tray and passing it to Garlake. "Paul. And if your size is any indication, I think you're right" Storr guffawed at the comment and nodded.

"Guilty as charged! If you add some gravy on top and a Scottish egg on the side, we can seal the deal."

Paul smiled and nodded, turning back towards his kitchen implements. "It'll take a couple minutes as I'm sure you'd guess they aren't something I keep on-hand...though I might now. Spend much time in England on Earth?"

"I did my time at Sandhurst and I'll be back for some fish and chips. Now, if you could make Bunny Chow or Boerewors, then we're really talking"

"I love Camberley...visited several times on my way in and out of London coming from my hometown in Yorkshire. South African? Can't say I've had much experience with the food there but everyone I know that's gone down can't get enough of the braai".

"The castles there are great, though don't even get me started on barbeque! If I didn't have a full plate right now, I could eat you out of stock of that stuff."

A muffled "Let's get moving" was heard behind Storr and he took a quick look over his shoulder to see that a Lieutenant and two ensigns were waiting not-so-patiently behind him.

"Flou [weak] Fleeters," he said slightly above a mumble before turning back to the chef.

"Pleasure, Paul. Look forward to getting to know you more in the future".

"Likewise," the older gentleman replied.

Turning towards the observation bay windows and seating, the Marine Captain noticed two very attractive women with Lieutenant and Commander pips sitting at a table on the far side of the room. Tray in hand, he began to make his way towards the two, a convenient third empty seat at the table.

"Good evening, ladies," Storr said with a wide smile and nod to both the Captain and XO, "Marine Captain Storr Garlake...and might I add, your personnel file pictures do neither of you justice."

"It may have escaped your attention Captain, but I am Vulcan. Flattery will get you nowhere and is therefore illogical," T'Mia spoke curtly as she lifted a spoon of plomeek broth to her lips and sipped it. Dipping it back into the bowl, the woman glanced at the commander of the vessel and then at the Marine, "however, welcome to the Vindex."

Storr smiled at T'Mia and nodded snappily despite her brief (the uninitiated would say uncivil) reply. She had a stunning and sharp beauty that only Vulcans possess and she carried it well...she, in fact, was one of the most feminine and elegant that he had had the pleasure to meet in his career.

"Thank you, Lieutenant, and the pleasure is all mine," he replied with his continued smile. "Flattery corrupts both the giver and receiver...I speak only the truth."

T'Mia simply countered with a single phrase, typical of her people. "Indeed."

Claudia blushed and took it as a compliment. She assumed that the man in a Marine uniform flattering her and T'Mia was their new Marine Commanding Officer Captain Garlake. She lowered the spoon from her Shepherd's Pie and placed it on the plate before looking at him and smiling. Today Claudia had decided to dine with T'Mia in the Officer's Mess rather than use the Captain's Mess which she thought isolated herself from the rest of the crew - besides - herself and T'Mia had a lot to discuss.

"You're really too kind Captain - although I'll warn you now that I'm not as young as people think I look...I guess I should take it as a compliment, though. Please - take a seat" Claudia said.

"Thank you, Captain, and it was absolutely meant as such. Besides, age only compliments your beauty, much like fine Saurian Brandy." Captain Garlake answered, his smile and gaze setting on Commander Ainscow before placing his nearly overflowing tray onto the shared table.

"Are there any arrangements I can help you with to accommodate the needs of your marines?" T'Mia quizzed as she completed her broth and pushed the bowl away.

Storr thought about T'Mia's request for a few moments as he enjoyed the first bite of the shepherd's pie, his eyes closed and head tilted back slightly. "Mmm...that's amazing."

"Thanks. Here's that Scottish egg...Scorr, right?" Paul said as he approached the group and placed the small plate between the other two in front of the Marine.

"It's Storr, but I'll respond to most everything but don't call me late-for-dinner!" he replied with a chuckle before turning back to the XO.

"At the moment, negative. I just arrived and will be reviewing the muster and inventory after I finish here and will be sure to let you know what my Marines need." Shifting his eyes to the Captain and then back to T'Mia, he continued. "What expectations do you have of the Two-Five?"

Claudia smiled. "As long as you're ready to step into action when the going gets tough in any sticky situations then I'm more than happy. I thought out here having Marines would be beneficial to boosting the on-board security and giving any away teams some extra fire power"

She resumed eating her portion of Shepherds Pie - having already eaten her helping of Bolian tomato soup before Storr introduced himself. Claudia had skipped lunch so that was her excuse for having a slightly larger than usual evening meal.

"Whilst Starfleet has never been seen as the military arm of the Federation, these are again worrying times for our peoples. Your presence here will help us mount an efficient response to any situation that may arise," T'Mia spoke as she pushed the remains of her meal aside. Unlike the Captain, the XO had not skipped her lunch and only had a small appetite anyway.

Storr nodded in response. "Understood, Ma'am. Ma'am" he said, looking first to the XO and then the Captain. "I'll be sure to let you know if I need anything and will start engaging with security to begin running through various drills. If you have any problems on the Vindex, it won't be because of my Marines, I assure you.

"I'm sure there won't be any issues Captain" Claudia replied with a smile.

T'Mia remained silent and watched the interaction between the two officers at her table. Fascinating.

As he stood, he smiled and nodded to T'Mia and Ainscow. "Then again, a reason to see either of you would not be a disappointment. Ladies". With that, he turned and left the mess, belly full and two marks off his inprocessing checklist.

Claudia giggled. "Aren't you a charmer? I look forward to working with you..."

"A somewhat... Interesting individual Captain. I hope he puts as much effort into his duties as he does charming individuals," T'Mia told with a raised eyebrow as she watched the man leave.

Claudia nodded. "I'm sure he will Lieutenant"

Claudia had been impressed by Storr's pleasant attitude and the fact he had complimented both her and T'Mia - she had absolutely no doubts he was more than capable of commanding the Vindex's Marine detachment and co-operating with Lieutenant Tora of Tactical and Security as and when necessary. It had been an interesting first day for the Vindex's Commanding Officer and tomorrow she hoped to receive news of the first assignment the ship's crew would be undertaking. Somehow Claudia didn't think it was going to be an easy one.



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