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Posted on Mon Jan 9th, 2017 @ 3:11am by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Commander Tolan

Mission: S1E3 - Operation Adrestia
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Mission Day 17; 18:00

Tolan had decided it was time to come clean to Captain Ainscow and inform her of his situation on her ship. At the very least if he was open and honest with her then Claudia might be able to offer him some protection if the need ever arose - although he knew he could fall back on his superiors if it ever got to that stage. For sure being a part of The Consortium was a thrill - but he knew it wasn't for their benefit and it was solely for Starfleet's benefit. After confirming where Claudia was the Suliban made his way upstairs to the private rooms and pressed the bell on the room Claudia was in.

Claudia was lying on her bed and had just finished her evening meal when she head the chime.

"Come in" Claudia said.

Tolan entered and stood in front of Claudia's bed - hoping it was a good time and that she wasn't in a bad mood. On the face of it Claudia seemed in high spirits and she looked a lot better than she was earlier. Tolan smiled at the woman.

"How are you feeling Captain?" Tolan asked.

Claudia smiled. "Better thanks. Yourself?"

"I'm alright - thank you. There's something I have to tell you that is of the highest importance and confidentiality. Are you likely to be interrupted in the next few minutes?" Tolan replied.

Claudia was surprised but then again Tolan had always been full of surprises. He was the first Suliban officer she'd ever served with and Tolan had also warned Force C of the impending attack on Starbase Unity - and not only that but he'd managed to track a freighter which the Vindex could board and take supplies from to relieve the pressure on the Vindex's rapidly dwindling supplies.

"No - I'm not expecting anyone to check in on me until at least 18:30. Go on" Claudia replied.

Tolan took a moment to compose himself before speaking.

"I totally understand if after this you want me to leave the ship. However under orders of Starfleet Command I have been requested to infiltrate The Consortium to obtain information and relay it back to my superiors. I have proof of these orders and their authenticity from Commodore Cameron and also Rear Admiral Joyce - the latter is who I was reporting to beforehand but as communication is cut off I'm reporting to the former. If you don't believe me then I can speak to the Commodore and ask her to reproduce the orders I received from Rear Admiral Joyce - believe me Captain - I'm not doing it to put your ship at risk. I'm doing it because I need to find the group of Consortium agents on board - I don't know who I'm dealing with right now but I suspect whatever they do it will be soon - perhaps within the next seven days. I hate to say this but we have to let whatever they do happen and then I will bring them down before it's too late - you have my word on that Captain. I apologise for hiding it for so long but I felt that if I earned your trust a bit more then I would be able to feel more confident in telling you. If there's anything I can do to make up for my deceit - then please don't hesitate to tell me" Tolan said.

Claudia listened. She was deeply shocked by the revelation but instead of being angry she knew Tolan was to be trusted and that there was no way he would drag Commodore Scarlet Cameron or Rear Admiral John Joyce into a lie. Claudia felt Tolan was being sincere and what he was doing was for the greater good - he had been honest in his admission and honesty was what Claudia appreciated.

Claudia replied. "Thank you for telling me Commander. You have my word what is said between us in this room will stay between us - and as for your deceit then I don't think that is what you were doing for the sake of malice. You had to do what you did because of your orders - but you really should have told me before now. You're an officer on my ship and you've helped us and Starfleet no end so as much as I appreciate the offer you don't really need to repay me. If you could reproduce the orders I'd appreciate it - not because I don't believe you - but because I just need to read it myself so I know exactly what I'm dealing with"

Tolan was extremely relieved.

"Thank you Captain. I am extremely grateful for your understanding and I will ensure that those orders are reproduced for you as soon as you're out of here and have the use of a secure console. But I do insist on returning the favour - in fact I think I owe you more than one - but if I have to wait to repay your understanding then so be it. If I could have told you sooner then I would have - but I promise I won't bring it up again or dwell on it. I will keep you informed of anything and if I need to do anything that may affect the ship in any way then I will make sure I run it past you first" Tolan responded.

Claudia smiled. "Alright - there is one thing. See if you can send Miss Fuentes down later - I'd like to see how she's getting on with organising and filling in all my paperwork in my absence. I know it's small but I'd appreciate it. There may be one other thing too..."

"I can certainly send the Yeoman down for you later on. However I'm not sure about the second thing...go on" Tolan said.

Claudia replied. "My daughter is due to be joining the Vindex at Deep Space 9 after the wormhole has opened - however if you can arrange for her and my sister to be put aboard the first ship through the wormhole and have it rendezvous with us at Gavara IV then I'd consider myself in your debt"

"I'll do my best Captain - that's a promise. I'll keep you informed of how I get on - however for now I'd like to thank you once again and I'll let you get some rest" Tolan replied.

Claudia nodded. "Thank you Commander. I'll see you tomorrow"

Tolan smiled and then left Claudia in peace - happy to have that weight off his chest. His first task was to request Rebecca went to visit Claudia later on that evening and then he would see about arranging transport for Grace and Heidi to Gavara IV as well as getting a copy of his orders from Commodore Cameron. Tolan had grown to be very fond of Captain Ainscow and he would always consider himself to be in her debt.


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