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Posted on Wed Jan 11th, 2017 @ 8:45pm by Commander Tolan

Mission: S1E3 - Operation Adrestia
Location: Gavara IV
Timeline: Mission Day 18: 05:00

Tolan had managed to flee from the base undetected and made his way across the city to the nuclear fission power station that powered Gavara Colony. He'd managed to keep a low profile - although with it being 05:00 he didn't expect to run into very many people along the way. He knew where his destination was but Tolan's priority was working out how to actually get inside without being detected or arousing any suspicion. The Suliban decided he would hide near to the facility's entrance and hopefully catch one of the employees at the power station on their way into work. With the sun due to rise very soon he guessed a shift changeover wouldn't be too far away - a few hours at the most. He decided to decrease suspicion when he was inside the plant he would hide his bag in some shrubbery.

After a long and boring wait Tolan's patience was finally rewarded. A solitary worker from the plant had taken a walk away from the perimeter - and after the Suliban confirmed nobody was watching he stealthily approached the man before grabbing him around the arms with the stun gloves. These had an immediate effect and after a few minutes Tolan was wearing the man's overalls, hard hat and safety glasses. With the stun gloves in the pockets of the overalls and the man's pass attached to the overalls (back to front so the non matching ID photograph was hidden from view) Tolan proceeded up to the facility entrance.

The guard on duty looked up at Tolan with an expression of curiosity on his face.

"I don't recognise you - who are you?" the man said.

Tolan looked. "I'm Professor Nolat. I'm here from the Regulus III Science Academy to study the facility on behalf of my class - although my visit was somewhat delayed"

"Where's your ID?" the guard countered.

Tolan smiled and pretended to turn the stolen identification badge and when the man's back turned to call for back up - not convinced "Professor Nolat" was who he said he was - Tolan quickly donned his stun gloves and stunned the guard.

Once he was inside the power station Tolan found a suitable hiding place to upload the map of the facility. It wasn't the largest of its kind Tolan knew of but it wasn't going to be any easier to navigate around it. After setting a course to the room he needed to go to Tolan linked the PADD (which he hid inside the overalls) to his wrist watch and proceeded to the main control room. Destroying the plant was the easy option but it was also going to render Gavara IV uninhabitable and cause tens of thousands of casualties.

Surprisingly Tolan didn't bump into anybody on his way to the control room - although a few people did take a second look at him but they carried on with their business instead of attempting to converse with him. A quick check of his wrist watch revealed he was a couple of left turns away from the control room - his goal was seemingly in sight - until he was stopped by one of the workers from the plant asking him for the time.

"Excuse me Mr... but do you know what time it is?" the man asked.

Tolan smiled. "Nolat - of the Regulus III Science Academy. Of course - it's 06:30 hours"

"Thank you Mr Nolat...tell me...what is it that brought you to the facility? I don't recall you being listed as an employee here so I'm assuming you're studying the facility?" the man replied.

Tolan nodded. "Yes. I'm studying the facility as part of my thesis on nuclear fission reactors - I've got a few more facilities to visit once the wormhole reopens and then I hope to publish my completed thesis in October or November. My main field is warp reactors but I thought like doing something a bit different - even if nuclear technology has been used on what I presume is your home world for hundreds of years"

"I look forward to it Mr Nolat - thank you" the man said.

Tolan smiled and nodded as he watched the man disappear - that was certainly a close call. Not wanting to risk the next person to speak to him to be a guard or someone more suspicious of the unfamiliar face Tolan pressed on and after checking nobody was watching he pressed the pass onto console at the side of the door to gain entry.

After a pause the red light above the pass scanner changed to green and the door opened. Tolan entered and found two engineers were monitoring the main console. Quickly checking the name on the "borrowed" pass Tolan decided to distract them by informing them they were wanted elsewhere and he was sent to monitor the control room in their absence.

"Excuse me gentlemen - Mr Lee asked me to send you to his office for a moment. I'll keep an eye on things here while you're gone" Tolan said.

The two engineers looked at each other and shrugged before making their way out of the room towards Lee's office - not knowing he was actually unconscious outside the facility after being stunned by Tolan. Once the two men had left Tolan sat at the console and after giving himself access using Lee's identification pass he began to work his way through a method of disabling the plant without causing any damage or casualties.

"Let me see..." Tolan whispered to himself.

He knew he didn't have long before the two men would return and raise the alarm - so whatever was to be done would need to be done quickly. Tolan browsed through the computer until he found something that may work - maintenance mode for the nuclear reactor which would shut it down for up to six hours. After selecting it Tolan was pleased to read in the pre-confirmation warning that once the downtime was scheduled it could not be cancelled until after the maintenance cycle was completed. That was good news to Tolan.

"I think we'll go with this...commencement at 16:00 hours this afternoon...and by the time it comes back online Gavara Colony will be ours again" Tolan said to himself.

Once the cycle was confirmed he waited in the control room for the two men to return. A few minutes later they did - and to his relief they didn't seem hostile at all and looked at Tolan before the taller of the two men spoke.

"He wasn't there - are you sure he said in his office?" the man asked.

Tolan nodded. "I'm certain. He must have gone for a walk or to use the facilities - I'll ask him to come to you if I see him again before the end of my shift"

"Thanks buddy" the man replied.

Tolan waited for the men to sit back down at their consoles before making his way out. He was mindful it was a fair trek to the landing pads where he hoped to steal a shuttle - so he decided to try and "borrow" one of the land vehicles from the parking area near to the entrance he used to gain access. His passage through the station went without incident - and after making his way through decon the Suliban headed out of the exit and over to the parking area. Just as he made his way to an unguarded buggy he was approached again - dashing any hopes Tolan had of getting out and back to the Vindex without any further interruptions. The sun was now well on its way up - although that didn't matter so much now Tolan had managed to activate the maintenance mode.

"Hey - have you seen Mr Lee? He's not answering his calls" the man asked.

Tolan shrugged. "I can't say I have. I think he went home early because his overalls were hanging up in decon when I left - I can give him a message if you like?"

"It's cool - thanks anyway" the man replied.

After the man had disappeared Tolan climbed into the two-seat buggy and proceeded towards the exit. When the automatic barrier lifted he noticed the stunned guard was still out for the count - so stopping to collect his bag wouldn't look too suspicious at least. After briefly stopping to retrieve his bag from its hiding place and verifying all of its contents were still there Tolan set a course for the landing pad on the other side of the city. The city map was displaced on the console of the buggy so navigation wasn't an issue - he just hoped nobody enquired to the power plant's director about the existence of Professor Nolat and his visit to the plant for his thesis.

After an uneventful drive Tolan pulled up at the gates of the landing area which were protected by two armed guards wearing Starfleet operations yellow uniform - confirming the rumours of additional reinforcements from Deep Space 11.

"Can I help you?" an Andorian guard asked.

Tolan nodded. "Yes. I was hoping you could direct me to a shuttle I recently had delivered - unfortunately the pilot neglected to tell me which landing pad it was on but I know the time it arrived so that should narrow it down a little. It arrived on stardate 65611.9 from the Raey system. I'm headed for the Finnea system as part of my research for my upcoming thesis on the different cultures in the Gamma Quadrant"

"Sure - I'll have a check on the computer for you and give you directions" the guard replied.

A few minutes later the guard returned and climbed into the buggy. After directing Tolan to the car parking area the Andorian led the way to the shuttle that Tolan had selected out of the landing logs he obtained from the Starfleet Intelligence database. Rather pleasingly it appeared to be a Ferengi shuttle - so at least speed was in abundance.

"This is the one. Have you filled out a flight plan?" the man asked.

Tolan smiled. "Ah I forgot to do that - if you could organise the paperwork for me I'll do it before I leave"

The Andorian chuckled and a few minutes later returned with the documentation. Tolan filled it in with his destination as Finnea before the guard took it away again. Climbing aboard the shuttle he tossed his bag into the cockpit and took the flight control seat before conducting his pre-flight checks.

"I'd better not scratch the paintwork" Tolan said.

Within a few minutes the shuttle was well on its way back to the Vindex. It had been an eventful away mission but one that he hoped was worth it in the end. Once he landed the "borrowed" shuttle in the hangar he made a note in the ship's computer to remind him to return it before they left Gavara IV and then headed up to his quarters to sleep.


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