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Former Colleagues Reunite

Posted on Fri Jan 27th, 2017 @ 10:18pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Lieutenant Commander Martha Cusack & Lieutenant Megan Atkinson
Edited on on Fri Jan 27th, 2017 @ 10:18pm

Mission: S1E3.5 - Interlude
Location: Observation Lounge
Timeline: Mission Day 28; 08:00

Claudia was delighted with the arrival of the Endurance. It meant that some new personnel had arrived as well as her daughter Grace and sister Heidi.

She was also pleased to see her friend Graham Holmes was now in command of the Endurance. His short time as Executive Officer - taking over from Claudia after she departed - meant he was an ideal candidate to take over from Captain Grundy's replacement. Claudia and Graham agreed to have a catch-up dinner later that day.

Claudia had specifically requested the services of the multi-role Lieutenant Atkinson however she was surprised to find Lieutenant Cusack's name appear in her inbox as a transfer request. Happy that both of them had accepted a move to the Vindex she summoned the two women up to the Observation Lounge.

=/\="Ainscow to Atkinson and Cusack. Please report to the Observation Lounge at your nearest convenience"=/\= Claudia said.

Megan was the first to arrive. She'd just finished her breakfast and was about to report to her department head - instead however the call from Claudia meant those plans would have to wait. Upon entering the Observation Lounge she gave Claudia a huge smile and after reaching her Megan offered her an embrace.

Claudia smiled and accepted the embrace from Megan.

"Welcome aboard Megan. Great to have you here" Claudia said.

Megan smiled. "It's great to be here"

Martha arrived a few minutes later. Deciding to keep her fondness of Claudia to herself for now Martha simply walked up to Claudia and offered a handshake.

"Thank you for having me Captain. It's appreciated" Martha said.

Claudia smiled. "It's great to have you here. It's like an Endurance reunion - can I get either of you anything before we start? Please feel free to take a seat while you're waiting"

Megan nodded. "A coffee please - milk instead of cream"

"Tea for me please Captain" Martha replied.

Claudia smiled and replicated the desired drinks and took them over to Megan and Martha respectively before getting herself a cup of tea and sitting down. It felt great to be bolstering the Vindex's staff with people she was already familiar with and knew exactly what to expect from them in the future.

"So...I trust your journey here was comfortable?" Claudia asked.

Megan smiled. "Of course it was. We had to wait until we were allowed through the wormhole...gave me some time to do some packing and train up my replacement"

"Well...I guess you could say the return leg was a lot more leisurely - the ride through the wormhole wasn't so comfortable. At least I'm here now which is something" Martha commented.

Claudia nodded. "Good. Now the reason I've brought you here is to bring you up to speed on our current situation. Tactical - all is good on that front for the moment - although I'll send you a file to bring you up to speed. I know you're both aware of The Consortium and that they're still active on this vessel - so don't trust anyone"

Martha sipped her tea before responding.

"I think I get the gist of the situation. I'll do some reading up and catch up with the department as soon as we're done here" Martha replied.

Claudia smiled before continuing. Megan was due to work in Operations but with the return of Lieutenant Kaz from her secondment Claudia had decided to make use of Megan's natural talent - fixing warp engines and replacing broken power relays.

"Now...Megan...before we go on our Chief of Operations has returned from her secondment - so instead I'd like to offer you the Assistant Chief Engineer position. Are you interested in that role at all?" Claudia asked.

Megan grinned. "You bet I am. I'll take it"

Claudia took a sip of her own tea before continuing. Pleasingly the Vindex wasn't due to go anywhere for a little while - so they'd be able to carry out the repairs they were able to in orbit of Gavara IV whilst away teams focused on helping the population. It was going to be a much needed rest for the Vindex crew after a very hectic few weeks.

"Excellent. Commander Himmel is aware of your arrival so I'd like you to report in with him when you're ready - he's also the Second Officer so you can trust him. I also thought you'd both like to know that our very own Mr Paul Foster runs the kitchen here - so you'll be able to enjoy his cooking every day. He's very popular with the crew so far" Claudia commented.

Martha was delighted. She got on very well with Paul and having a familiar face such as his around on the Vindex would help her with the settling in process.

"That's great to hear Captain. I look forward to catching up with him" Martha replied.

Megan grinned. "I second that - I can't wait to try his chocolate gateaux again. I was so disappointed when he left but he didn't say it was because you called in a favour until the day he left. Do you advertise how good the chef is in your recruitment adverts Captain?"

Claudia giggled. Megan's sense of humour never failed to amuse her and that in particular was no exception.

"Oh Megan have I missed your sense of humour - and for the record - I don't think I'd be allowed to advertise how good Paul's cooking is even if he makes the best dishes found anywhere in the Fourth Fleet. He's assisted by a lovely Boliaavehn called Bovek - he'll always put a smile on your face in the morning...or evening. So - do either of you have any questions so far?" Claudia replied.

Martha nodded. "What exactly are we doing on the surface? I heard there were some casualties and damage but I didn't hear how heavy they were or the extent of the damage"

"We're basically helping get things back to normal. The landing pads were damaged in the attack so they're one of the priorities - as are the communication arrays. Other than that the casualties on our side were relatively light thankfully - I think there were no more than five or six fatalities on our side - sad of course but it could have been worse" Claudia replied.

Martha nodded again. There was something she felt Claudia needed to know and she trusted Megan with the subject so the Vindex's new Tactical Officer decided it was the right time to mention int.

"Captain...there's something you should know. Recently I took an LOA to seek counselling and help with my mental health problems. I was diagnosed as having Asperger syndrome" Martha said.

Claudia smiled. She'd always liked Martha and her diagnosis didn't change a single thing. If anything Claudia admired her even more for being open about it.

"I'm proud of you for telling me that Martha - and please be assured if you ever feel you need time out just tell me or the XO. We're here to help you if you need it" Claudia replied.

Martha responded. "Thank you Captain. I appreciate it"

"I've got one too - how much repair work is needed? I know the Vindex has been thrown around a bit lately but from the outside it looks in pretty good shape if I'm honest" Megan said.

Claudia smiled. "I'm not entirely sure but I think it's power relays on various decks and some of the tactical systems are still giving us a bit of bother. Hopefully Martha and yourself can work your magic and get things back up to 100% again. The hull is in decent shape but there's a few areas where the armour has melted down to the main hull so we'll need that replacing when we get into space dock. Sadly that's not for another couple of months but I'm sure we'll manage"

"I'll get on it once I've reported into Commander Himmel" Megan replied.

Claudia, Megan and Martha continued their reunion for another half an hour before they all went their separate ways. It had been an enjoyable catch up for all three women and Claudia was looking forward to serving with them again - but this time under her command.


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