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Mission: S1E3.5 - Interlude
Location: Science Lab
Timeline: MD 19 2330

The last few days had been more than eventful, but for Saalkan who spent each day holed up in a lab, it was business as usual. He had gambled in aiding the Vindex with the cloaking device, and that had backfired. Another demotion on his record, along with restricted access to the computer database. Captain Ainscow seemed to have an arbitrary understanding of the chain of command. She could violate it, but not him. Not even for similar motivations. Such pettiness.


Saalkan used a pair of forceps to remove a black speck from the magnesium electrode at his work station to his microscope, then set it to auto-scan.

No matter. Saalkan had access to what he needed as he continued his work. His personal research files were still classified. The cloaking device schematics were lost to him, but they could be restored. His contacts in the Vulcan Science Academy would see to that.


The scan was complete. Saalkan broke away from his reverie and looked down into the microscope. Negative.

Saalkan notated the failure in his terminal, then moved on to the next variable. The project which had put him back into the good graces of his SO and the XO involved stimulating the growth of silicate polymers through single molecule-sized nanobot generators. And what did the first officer do with this marvel of scientific engineering? Did he apply it as self-repairing ablative armor? Did he utilize it for shoring up reduced supplies? No. He used it to cover an android.


Another possibility. Saalkan removed the newly formed black speck as he had dozens of times. Perhaps hundreds. The microscope began its scan once again. Saalkan postulated that if silicon cells could be replicated through molecular motors according to a self-designing pattern, then it should be even easier with carbon. Particularly the complex carbon chains which comprised biological flesh, from intramuscular protein to the calcium dense skeletal structure to the fibrous neurons that controlled them.


Another failure. Saalkan noted the isotope carbon chain, the latest in his series of tests attempting to find a viable carbon isotope that these molecular motors could self-generate with minimal catalytic process. The magnesium electrode would suffice for a standard static charge that could be generated if there were no other available.


Saalkan's thoughts were paused again as yet another chain of complex carbons molecules were generated on the magnesium electrode. He patiently handled the black speck with his forceps and placed it under the microscope. It would only be a matter of time before he found one that would work, he was sure of it. And, once he did, athanasia would be at hand. No more illness. No fear of death. Just sempiternal existence.


Could it be? Saalkan looked for himself through the microscope lens. He digitally dialed it in to the molecular level and beheld his complex carbon chain was self-generating. The molecular motors were free and independent of any external power source.

"By the stars..." He had found it!

Saalkan noted the proper isotope chain he had discovered was most effective with the least amount of electrical catalyst to initialize it. He locked down his PADD and deactivated his work station. He knew that any onlooker at that moment would see him as smug, but he considered that acceptable. With what he had just accomplished--possibly the turn-key discovery to his life's work--it would only be logical.


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