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Dinner, Take 2

Posted on Mon Jan 23rd, 2017 @ 1:23am by Ensign Anastasia Bogolyubov & Lieutenant JG Annie Wilson

Mission: S1E3.5 - Interlude
Location: Anastasia's quarters
Timeline: MD19 -- 1900

Annie made her way to her partner's quarters after another long day, hoping this time they would be able to eat and talk about their days, instead of cleaning the mess from a failed attempt at cooking. Outside, she pressed the bell and waited to be allowed in.

"Enter," Anastasia said, as she looked over the ingredients on her preparation table. She had gown to Chef Paul to get "real" ingredients for the dinner. Anastasia understood that there was a certain level of entropy that existed in nonreplicated items so that there was a (theoretically) discernible difference in tastes, though she herself could not detect them. She knew others could taste the difference, though. Like Annie, for example (a fact Anastasia had verified in their mental bonding).

So in front of Annie were the ingredients for a meal with Chicken Paillard: chicken breasts, garlic, lemon, fennel, butter, olives...

Plus a bottle of chardonnay. Real chardonnay, not a synthehol replica.

It was, Chef Paul assured her, the perfect ingredients for a romantic dinner.

Hoping that his analysis was correct, Anastasia turned and used one of the phrases she had learned in her research of traditional "housewives" of Earth's emerging technological era. "How was your day, dear?"

"It was fine thank you, beautiful." Annie replied. "How was yours?"

Annie looked at the ingredients after washing her hands thoroughly, then starting by preparing the chicken breasts for cooking, going a little slower than she normally would when preparing her own food, to show Anastasia how it was done.

Anastasia followed Annie's preparations attentively as she answered. "My counseling session with Counselor Maera went well. In addition, the work that I did on Commander ben Avram's project has provided new insights into the p vs np problem. Granted, a rough solution has existed for p vs np has existed since 2243, otherwise Richard Daystrom's foray into the creation of multitronic computer technology would not have gotten off the proverbial launching pad. However, when considering a problem that is both verifiable in nondeterministic polynomial time and..." Anastasia paused, her brow furrowing. "I'm rambling, aren't I? The guide said that I should avoid rambling."

"It's alright," Annie replied. "I wouldn't have you any other way. I'm glad your counseling session went well, if you would like me to attend a session with you, I will."

Annie placed the chicken to one side and started to prepare the next part of the dish, leaving some of the preparation for Anastasia.

"Okay, now, you try it." Annie said, standing and ready to step in if Anastasia asked her too.

"But there is nothing wrong with you. Perfection, like infinity, is a theoretical construct that does not exist in reality," Anastasia said, as she began repeating the preparations Annie had shown her. "However, I could describe a number as approaching infinity. Similarly, I would describe you as approaching perfection."

"You're sweet, Anastasia, but I want to come to support you. I'm your partner, and I want to be there for you always. If that means being in your counseling sessions, then I'll do that." Annie said, watching Anastasia prepare the seasoning.

Annie smiled. "You're doing well, beautiful."

"I do not wish to be your partner," Anastasia replied, her attention focused on dicing ingredients. "I wish to be your wife. I wish to be wed to you in a ceremony by the Captain, and I would like another wedding once we return to the Alpha Quadrant. One where both our families will be in attendance. I would like to discuss with you the possibility of me bearing our children, and the number we will have." Anastasia stopped dicing and turned her full attention to Annie. "I am aware that we have not known each other long, and there is a logical procession to the courting ritual, but you have been in my thoughts, and I in yours, and I do not see the necessity in waiting for the sake of protocol."

Annie was surprised by Anastasia's response, but it was a pleasant surprise, and it was a wish she shared. She placed her left hand on top of Anastasia's and gently caressed it with her thumb, giving her partner the warmest smile she could.

"I would love to marry you, and have a family with you, beautiful. I would love nothing more," Annie said. "I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and our family."

Anastasia nodded thoughtfully. "I am still divided on how my career should proceed. I am primarily a mathematician, and I can continue being a mathematician either as a Starfleet officer or as a civilian specialist. If I resigned my commission, it would allow me to pursue my academic career and focus on our mutual domestic arrangement, including raising our children. However, I believe my actions on the bridge during the battle with Alwanir demonstrated that I can be an effective Starfleet officer. Remaining a Starfleet officer, however, runs contrary to a guide I discovered in the archives. Did I tell you of the historical document I found in ship's library? It dates from the middle of the twentieth century and purports to be a guideline for an individual wishing to be a good wife, which I do."

"I feel you should do what is right for you Anastasia, but I will support whatever you decided. You did a great job on the bridge in the battle, so I think for what it's worth beautiful, you should retain it and see how it goes. We can always figure out arrangements like childcare nearer to the time, we don't have to plan it too far in advance. You will be a good wife to me anyway, you won't have to try. Come here." Annie said, opening her arms for a cuddle.

Anastasia happily entered her shorter partner's arms, squeezing her tightly. "We will not have to worry about toxoplasmosis with Prokhvost, however, inasmuch as we are in a sterile environment on the Vindex."

"I'm sure he'll be fine," Annie said, reassuringly. "But, one thing I'm thinking of right now is, I wonder who'll ask the question first?"

Annie knew it was early into their relationship, but, it felt right to her and she loved Anastasia very much, and she wanted to marry her more than anything else she'd wanted before.

"It requires a ring and a romantic location, does it not?" Anastasia asked.

"It depends, most people do choose a romantic location, but it isn't something you really have to do, just a ring is suitable. I'm not going to rush you into it, I guess one will just have to surprise the other." Annie said, releasing Anastasia from their cuddle and continuing with the preparation, showing Anastasia how it all blended together in stages.

Anastasia nodded with each step of the recipe, before noting, "I had not planned for this eventuality, me being with anybody in a romantic relationship. I do not know what to expect." Anastasia was silent for a few seconds before adding, "I think I like that."

"I like it too, Anastasia." Annie said, smiling. "Relationships to me are great because they're not always the same every day, and we will never know what we will go through together, but I'm so happy it's you I will be sharing my first ever relationship with, and in the future, getting married and having a family."

"The Good Wife's guide says I should be happy to see you," Anastasia responded. "I am always happy to see you. I am also supposed to look fresh and wear a ribbon in my hair, as well as touch up my makeup. I did research and I believe I have an outfit. May I go change for you?"

Annie giggled, but it was with Anastasia, rather than at her. "If you wish, beautiful. I'll keep cooking this, it won't take too long. But, just so you know, I think you're beautiful no matter what you wear. I love you, Anastasia."

"I love you too," Anastasia replied, a bright smile on her face as she disappeared into her sleeping quarters.

Annie beamed cutely, and then carried on with the food preparation.

A few minutes later Anastasia returned wearing a translucent apron that was bare in the back, with a white ribbon loosely binding her hair behind her back. She tugged on various parts of the outfit, including the underpants. "I did a search on an outfit that would entail all aspects of domesticity, and thus epitomize the good wife. This was one of the outfits the computer suggested. It does not, however, seem to be an appropriate uniform for housework. The underpants, for example, are a poor fit, and seem designed to emphasize the muscular tone of my hamstrings and gluteus muscles."

"You're beautiful," Annie said, looking at her partner. "You're going to make a perfect wife, Anastasia. We'll just have to decide what name we use, but we can choose that later."

Annie carried on with preparing the food, putting it in on the hot plate she let Anastasia borrow for the occasion. It wouldn't take long, which Annie was pleased with.

"When we get married, what sort of things would you like there?" Annie asked, helping herself to some of the left over wine.

Anastasia gave her outfit a couple of more tugs, a frown on her face, before looking up. "I would like candles," she said simply. "Simple white gowns and candles. And snow. What do you want, Annie?"

Annie smiled, thinking about herself and Anastasia in white gowns surrounded with candles and snow, it sounded perfect, even if Annie hadn't even thought of marriage until Anastasia mentioned it a few minutes ago.

"As long as you're there, I'm happy with anything." Annie replied, continuing to smile at her partner.

"I felt safe on the bridge with you," Anastasia said, moving around so that she was looking over Annie's shoulder. "I believe everyone did. Even having been in your thoughts, your ability to intuit what needs to be done when you are at flight control is phenomenal."

Annie loved how Anastasia complimented her, it made her feel special and loved, it felt like they were two pieces of a jigsaw which fitted together perfectly.

"I'm glad, beautiful." Annie replied, "I see it as doing what I'm asked to do, but thank you. In return, you are a very talented and intelligent person who is cleverer than anyone I have ever met, and you're the most beautiful too."

A blush came to Anastasia's cheeks as she ducked her head. The Russian woman leaned down, kissing the shorter woman's shoulder. "I know that you will forgive me and understand me, when I don't understand myself. I know you will protect me, even from myself. My favorite place in the world is my ear over your heart, my eyes closed, with your thoughts intertwined with mine." Anastasia kissed Annie's shoulder once more before sniffing. "Is supper ready?"

"Aww, that's so beautiful." Annie replied, feeling even happier than before. Checking the food, she determined it was nearly ready, so she prepared the plates and serving utensils.

"Nearly, Anastasia." Annie said, "When we're eating it, we can talk a bit more about future arrangements, if you're ready to talk about them."

"Very much so," Anastasia answered, watching as Annie added the final touches to the dish.

Annie turned the hot plate off and then delicately placed equal portions on each plate, then taking them over to the table to eat their supper together.

"I hope you enjoy your supper as much as I enjoy spending time with you, my beautiful Anastasia." Annie said, smiling cutely at her partner, and then starting to eat her supper.

"I am happy to be your beautiful Anastasia, and that I am sharing myself only with you," Anastasia answered as she begin delicately eating from her own plate. Anastasia paused before asking, "What if I were to retain my commission until such time as you make second officer? Then I can focus on pure mathematical research."

Annie smiled, it was good to hear Anastasia would retain her commission, but Annie knew the role of Second Officer would be a very long way into the future for her. It was something, at least.

"Well," Annie said. "That position will take me a long time to achieve, but, if that's what you want to do, then I support your decision. For what I think it's worth, I think you'd make a wonderful teacher."

"I think you will have the opportunity to be a command level officer sooner than you think," Anastasia replied in her typical earnest fashion. "As for myself, I have my family and my mathematics. And you. I believe I will focus on you and our family, both the potential immediate and the actual extended, and the study of mathematics, rather than its instruction. Also, I will endeavor to gain those skills that the Good Wife's guide has enumerated, for the benefit of our marriage. At the very least," Anastasia added, a slight smile on her face, "I will endeavor to raise my cooking skills to a degree that preparation of a meal does not reduce our shared quarters to a disaster area."

Annie smiled, it was a show of faith from her partner which meant so much to her, it almost made her feel like crying tears of joy.

"I'll try my best, beautiful, but I will be waiting a few years to get to higher command level I think. " Annie said, pausing to take a mouthful of chicken, and carrying on. "You will be a perfect wife as you are, I love you for who you are, and when we get married, I know you're going to be as great as you are now. Our living quarters can be as messy or tidy as you want, because, as long as you're sharing them with me, I'm comfortable with whatever you are. One thing however, have you thought of any names for our children in the future, Anastasia?"

Anastasia's face grew blank for a moment, a quizzical look on her face, but it was quickly replaced by a radiant smile. "Snegurka. The Snow Maiden. The granddaughter of Grandfather Frost," she explained. "I dressed as her for New Year's celebrations. The next time we use the Canar together, I'll make sure that you get to see those memories."

Annie had never heard that name before, but it sounded unique, and it would make her stand out. Annie had a suggestion of her own, her great grandmother's name.

"That's unusual," Annie said, pausing to eat again, then carrying on. "I like the name Isobel, it was my great grandmother's name. I was named after my grandmother, who was Grand Nana Isobel's daughter."

"Isobel Anastasiayich Wilson," mused Anastasia. "Snegurka Isobel Natasha Bogolyubov-Wilson." Anastasia eye's began moving back ad forth rapidly, a smile growing on her face. "There are number of possibilities. Perhaps multiple children might be the answer?"

Annie always thought one child wouldn't be where she stopped, two sounded perfect, and she enthusiastically nodded to her partner's suggestion of having multiple children.

"I'd love to, those names are lovely. Maybe we should start things rolling if you are ready, and have a chat with Dr O'Reilly?" Annie suggested.

Anastasia nodded, then began giggling. "If we get married after I am impregnated, rather than before, perhaps we should arrange for one of the senior officers to escort you to the wedding with a blunderbuss continuously pointed at you. That is a custom that originated in seventeenth century North America," Anastasia added with a smile, "Though I would suggest that the blunderbuss is nonoperational, for the sake of safety."

"Oh, a shotgun wedding, you are creative. I'm not sure there are any people on board who own one, but, if we decide on that we could sort something out, I guess. What do you want though, would you like to get impregnated or get married first?" Annie said, and then continued eating her meal.

Anastasia's smile never disappeared as she considered the possibilities. "I believe it would be best to make an appointment with Dr. O'Reilly, since we are in agreement with everything but a timeline. And perhaps, after dinner, we might discuss this with the use of Canar?" Anastasia asked hopefully.

"I can't wait, beautiful." Annie replied, smiling. "We'll make an appointment with her tomorrow, and see where that takes us. Hopefully, we'll be able to start planning things about our future family really, really soon."

Anastasia felt a warm radiate through her body as she smiled in agreement. She had always thought her life was as full as it could be for someone like her. She had her parents, her grandmother, her brother Roman, her brother Nikolai (who, though supportive, was a little bit distant) and her mathematics. But now she had Annie and, through Annie, a whole new world of possibilities.

With part pf her mind already creating a list of possible baby names for Annie's and her consideration, the rest of Anastasia's focus turned to her dinner and her future spouse and co-parent.


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