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Two Sisters Meet

Posted on Mon Jan 23rd, 2017 @ 12:58am by Biynah & Captain Claudia Ainscow & Grace Ainscow
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Mission: S1E3.5 - Interlude
Location: Arboretum
Timeline: MD 27, 13:00

Claudia had thought about how to introduce Grace to Biynah - the synthetic humanoid who was technically Grace's sister. Now it was permanent and Grace had spent some time to get used to her new surroundings Claudia decided it was time to introduce Grace to Biynah - so she decided to ask her daughter about it first before arranging it.

"Do you remember me talking to you about a 'sister' you have Grace?" Claudia asked.

Grace smiled. "Yes mum. What about her?"

"Would you like to meet her?" Claudia replied.

Grace nodded. "I'd love to. Where is she?"

"Well I arranged for her to meet us in the arboretum - so I presume she's there. Are you sure you're ready or do you want a bit more time? There's no rush at all Grace" Claudia said.

Grace smiled and nodded. She couldn't wait to meet Biynah.

"Let's go. I can't wait to meet her" Grace replied.

Claudia smiled and after allowing Grace to climb onto her back for a piggyback Claudia made sure Grace was secure before heading down to the arranged meeting point. Claudia had yet to tell Grace about her relationship with Rebecca - but it was next on the list that Claudia planned to go through one step at a time. A move such as this was big enough for her daughter so Claudia wanted to give Grace time to adjust to things properly at her own pace.

They arrived in the arboretum shortly afterwards and Claudia walked up to Biynah with Grace still on her back.

"Hello Biynah. How are you today?" Claudia asked.

Biynah slowly looked away from the butterfly perched on her hand as not to scare it away. "I am well, Mother," she said with a smile. "I hope you are, too." She looked to Grace and fixed her with a studious stare. "You must be Grace," she said with finality. "We're sisters, which means we have one or more of the same parent. I've never had a sister before. Have you?"

Grace smiled and looked at Biynah. She was every bit as different and interesting to her as her mother had described - but Grace felt they would get along alright.

"I am. I haven't had a sister before - you are the first sister I've had - but you're taller than me and I'm older than you. Do you grow?" Grace asked.

Biynah shot her a sidelong look. "I infer you mean my body. No, my skeletal structure is as it will always be, although I may be able to alter the pattern of my cellular regeneration, and therefore my appearance, at some point." She scrunched her nose. "Presently my firmware has hardcoded my present appearance to my molecular motors, so I'll look like a child until I can bring down the necessary firewalls in my neural net."
She slowly pivoted her arm toward Grace to present the butterfly on her hand. "Have you seen one before? The Danaus plexippus is native to Earth."

Claudia let Grace get down from her back so she could get a better look at Biynah. She decided to stand back a little and let Grace and Biynah talk without her being in the way.

"I have. I used to see them in my grandparents' garden in the summer - they're beautiful. At least here I'll be able to see them all the time" Grace replied.

"Grandparents," Biynah said pensively. "I have not experienced one of those. If we are sisters because we share a mother, does that mean your grandfather is mine also?"

Grace smiled. "Yeah I guess it does make them yours too. I have four grandparents and four aunties - one is my mum's sister and the others are my dad's sisters. I don't have a dad though...he died before I was born. I just know he and my mum weren't together when they planned to have me though - they were just friends"

"Not planned?" Biynah startled with surprise and scared the Monarch butterfly away. "How does one make a child without planning?" She thought for an instant and answered her own question. "Law of Unintended Consequences: you were the unforeseen outcome of a purposeful action. I suppose... that is what makes you unique." Biynah's inquisitive look broke into a beaming smile with the statement of her conclusion. "I am unique because I am the only one of my kind. Duplication would reduce my uniqueness by exponential factors. Your arbitrary development makes you one of a kind, even if you were to be duplicated." Biynah spread her arms apart toward Grace. "That makes me feel happy to be your sister.

Grace walked up to Biynah and embraced her gently.

"Erm...I'm not exactly sure...I think it was just my mum wanted to have a baby but didn't want a partner...or something like that...maybe. I'm happy to be your sister too" Grace replied.

Biynah looked to Claudia. "Mother, when Lieutenant Zuzan first brought me here, she said you are proud of me. I did not understand that feeling or condition. But when I see Grace, I feel happiness from the knowledge that her individual development from random chance is connected to me through the social bond of family. Is that how it feels to be proud?"

"Of course I'm proud of you. Being proud of someone is generally because of something they have achieved - such as I'm proud of Grace because of how hard her life has been so far but she's still always got a smile on her face and I'm proud of you because you've learned so much already. It's a difficult thing to describe sometimes but I suppose what you've just told me could be described as being proud" Claudia replied.

"Father said proud people are ra' bada and not to be trusted," Biynah said quizzically. "I suppose that means pride can make you do anything. Like love." She looked back at Grace. "If I am proud of you, then it follows that I love you as well." Biynah smiled as everything came clear to her. "Grace, tell me something about you which I do not know."

Grace shrugged. "Well - I was born on a starship just like you were. It was also the same type...or wasn't it mum?"

"It was Grace. It was the same ship you came here on" Claudia replied.

"That is a wonderful coincidence," Biynah said, "considering that my parents did not copulate in the course of my design." Her pleasant disposition was casual enough to discuss the weather. "At least Father did not mention it at my activation. Perhaps I should ask him when I return to our quarters."

Claudia smiled. "They often say a child looks like his or her mother or father - you don't look like either of us Biynah - but that isn't a bad thing. It makes you more unique though - Grace looks very much like her father"

"Everyone thinks I look like you though mum" Grace replied.

Claudia giggled. "I know they do - I know you have the same hair as me and the same surname - but otherwise you look exactly like your father does"

"Father intentionally diversified my appearance," Biynah said. "He never explained why. Thank you, Mother, for giving me several questions to ask Father."

"You're welcome. If there's know...girl questions...then you can always ask me. I am your mother after all" Claudia replied.

Biynah grinned and looked back to Grace. "Did you know our quarters are side by side?" Biynah asked with a grin.

Grace smiled. "I didn't but I do now. That's so cool - I'll get to see you every day. Mum - can Biynah come around for dinner some nights? I'd love to show her my books and toys...and maybe make a cake in Uncle Paul's kitchen too? Please?"

"Sure - I don't think Uncle Paul will mind either. Biynah doesn't eat the same sort of food as we do but it isn't too hard to make something similar that she can eat. It'll be just like our own little family when she comes around for dinner - although this family is a little different - as in Biynah's father and I never have been together and...well...yeah. How does that sound to you Biynah?" Claudia asked.

"That sounds accurate," Biynah said, nodding in the affirmative to Claudia's statement. "Will you and Father come together in the future?"

Claudia smiled. "I'm sorry Biynah but there's a few reasons why that won't happen - as much as I like your father very much there's a couple of reasons why that can't happen. The one I can share is that we're the two most senior officers on this ship and that would cause a conflict of interest. The other reason...that's not a discussion for here or now...but when I feel the time is right I will tell you"

"Tell me what mum?" Grace asked.

Claudia looked at her daughter and kept smiling.

"I'll tell you later. I promise" Claudia replied.

"All learning takes time," Biynah said glumly. "Father says some knowledge must be preceded by other knowledge. That's why my directive is to learn all I can." She grinned back at Grace. "What's your directive, Grace?"

Grace wasn't really sure how to answer - but she knew Biynah wasn't properly human and was still learning so she tried her best to give Biynah an answer she could understand.

"I just want to learn and work really hard so I can be like my mum and command my own starship" Grace replied.

Claudia smiled. "You'd make a wonderful Commanding Officer sweetheart. Maybe one day you can - I don't doubt your dedication and commitment to achieve that dream in the slightest. Come here you two - mum wants a cuddle with her two favourite girls"

Claudia opened her arms and almost immediately Grace hugged her mother tightly - so happy that finally she would be able to see her mum all the time and not just whenever Claudia could get leave to come and visit her.

Biynah followed Grace's example and snuggled her head next to Claudia's. She wrapped an arm around Claudia and another around Grace. "Hugs are even better with more people," Biynah whispered.

"Hugs are the best" Grace said.

Claudia felt so happy. She'd never been happier before in her life - she had Grace living with her and she also had Biynah now too. Claudia also had Rebecca too - and she hoped that Grace would accept Rebecca as a second mother figure after living with her Auntie Heidi and grandparents for so long.

"They are - especially when they're with my two favourite girls in the entire universe. I love you both so much and I'm never going anywhere - I promise" Claudia said.

"I love you too," Biynah replied. "I'm not squishing you, am I?"

Grace smiled. "You're not squishing me Biynah - even if I am the smallest one here"

"Me neither - even if you are stronger than we are. What do you say we go and grab a quick lunch before we head our separate ways? I'm sure Paul could knock something together for us in the Captain's mess" Claudia suggested.

Grace nodded. "I'd like that. Would you Biynah?"

"I've already had a silicon supplement. Can I come even if I eat nothing?" Biynah bore a stumped expression.

Claudia smiled. "Of course you can. Come on - let's go and see what Paul can cook for Grace and I"

"Yay!" Grace exclaimed.

With that the trio headed out of the arboretum and towards the Captain's Mess to continue their conversation there. Claudia couldn't contain how happy she was right now - she had Grace with her and she got on extremely well with Biynah. She couldn't fault anything about the introduction at all and knew the sisterly relationship between Grace and Biynah would only get stronger.


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