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Mission Accomplished

Posted on Tue Jan 17th, 2017 @ 2:09am by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Lieutenant No Name

Mission: S1E3 - Operation Adrestia
Location: Captain Ainscow's ready room
Timeline: Mission Day 18; 14:00

Once Catalina had returned all the items she had borrowed for the mission to Intelligence, she made an inquiry of the computer to locate Captain Ainscow. She transferred the information that they had gotten on the mission to a PADD before she headed out to where the Captain was located and pressed the chime on the door.

Claudia looked up from her desk and at the door to summon her guest. She was now used to having unexpected guests drop by for a visit and as per usual Claudia wondered who it was this time.

"Enter!" Claudia called.

Cat took a deep breath and entered the Captain's ready room and came to attention. "Lieutenant Catalina Ghatto, Assistant Chief of Intelligence," she said. "I have the information that was desired in regards to the mission." Yes, she had gone over several heads, but she felt that Lieutenant Linn would have sandbagged her and then dismissed her without another word. She held the PADD out that she carried and set it on the Captain's desk.

Claudia looked at Catalina and sat back down. She smiled at the young Lieutenant and accepted the PADD before speaking.

"Welcome Lieutenant. I appreciate you bringing this to me - it's clear from what I've heard that your skills have certainly added to the department and the ship as a whole. Can I get you anything to drink at all?" Claudia replied.

"No, thank you Captain," Cat said. "I also can't take all the credit. Lieutenant Commander Tolan and Lieutenant Wilson were also on the mission and provided valuable support to the mission."

Claudia sat back down and spent a minute or so going through the contents of the PADD.

Claudia smiled. "Ah yes. Well it appears you've done exceedingly well with the amount of information you've managed to extract from the enemy database...I'll be sure to pass this on to Captain Garlake as soon as we're finished here. The one thing that interests me though is this vehicle design - does Starfleet Intel have any other information on it - such as if any prototypes ever got built?"

"Negative, Captain," Cat said with a slight shake of her head. "As far as this particular prototype is concerned, it's never been in the Starfleet database. If it was a concept in Research and Development, it wasn't made official or entered as an item that they considered."

Claudia analysed it for a few moments before looking back up at the young officer.

"Interesting. What do you think to building one ourselves? I think we would have the space and materials to do so once we can get back through the wormhole and re-open the supply lines. I'm sure Commander Himmel and Captain Garlake would be more than happy to help out where possible if it was something that interested you" Claudia replied.

Cat tilted her head to the right a bit and considered what the Captain was asking. While it wasn't something that Intelligence did, still when a Captain asked for thoughts on the matter, one had to say something. "I think it would be a valuable resource for away missions, Captain," she said.

Claudia nodded. "I agree. The buggy is good but even that has its limitations - something with tracks would be able to go anywhere and by the looks of this it has better defences. And because you found the plans I think it will be a nice project for you to lead - I know it's not your area - but having you involved can add to the design from a different perspective and give it some sort of orientation towards Intelligence operations"

"Project lead, Captain?" Cat asked. The woman was right; it wasn't her area at all. "All I could do would be to offer input for anti-surveillance and counter-surveillance packages and sensors for it."

Claudia smiled at the young officer.

"Absolutely. I feel that it would give you some experience outside of your area - plus it will give you a leg up over everyone else when it comes to testing it. After all sometimes it's a good thing to operate outside your area of expertise" Claudia replied.

"You could say that my position as Assistant Chief of Intelligence is a new area of expertise for me," Cat said. "I'm only four years out of the Academy and fresh off a tour of the Renown as an Encryption Specialist, Captain. Not that I'm turning down the offer, but why me?"

Claudia smiled. "Why you as the deputy? Because I feel your skills add to the department and you deserved the opportunity to prove yourself at a higher level. There is currently an acting department head on the Vindex who is 23 - she might be feisty and sassy at times but she's a good officer. I think everyone deserves their opportunity to prove themselves if they've earned it - no matter how old they are. Why you to lead the project? Because you found it and I think you deserve the chance to lead a project"

"Thank you, Captain," Cat said as she absorbed what she was being told. "I certainly try my best, but I've learned that a good support team is what makes everything go smoothly. How will a team view me in regards to this project?"

"You're welcome. The team will view you as the project leader so even though your rank is lower than Commander Himmel and Captain Garlake ultimately it is your decision on what direction you take it in. I'll also assign Lieutenant Snowdon to help you and and to also give her something to do and keep her mind occupied - if you want to arrange a briefing with myself, Miss Snowdon, Mr Himmel and Mr Garlake for tomorrow we can iron things out in more detail" Claudia replied.

"Lieutenant Linn may raise an objection to my being put in charge of the operation," Cat said. "It would seem the Lieutenant Zuzan inadvertently brought me false information that ruined an operation of his that I wasn't aware of, Captain."

Claudia blinked and her facial expression changed to one of confusion in an instant. As far as she was aware Lieutenant Zuzan's investigation had been dealt with and closed - and the true culprit was still being investigated.

"I thought that investigation was dealt with and Miss Tobin was cleared of the charges? As for objections it's ultimately my decision who leads it Lieutenant. I'll look into the investigation personally once we're done with these bastards on Gavara IV - thank you for bringing it to my attention" Claudia replied.

"I wasn't aware of that, Captain," Cat said and wondered how much was being withheld from her. "In fact, the Chief of Intelligence hasn't seen fit to tell me anything, as in his words, I might be Consortium."

Claudia shrugged. "I think it's obvious there's clearly been a lot of confusion and mistrust lately - something that needs to be and will be put right once this has blown over. In light of the current situation my advice to you would be to put that at the back of your mind and do your job - if it's still the same after The Consortium have been dealt with then I will have a conversation with him about it. I did say that a lot of information shared in briefings is to be kept amongst the senior staff only but that does include deputies in the event the department head is unable to carry out their duties"

"Well, I haven't been included in anything," Cat said a bit hotly before she reigned herself in. "I'm sure that he was just following what he believed was a strict interpretation of the rules, Captain. Which leaves me in the dark."

Claudia looked at the Lieutenant and thought for a moment - something had set alarm bells ringing but she wasn't sure whether how to proceed from there. Instead she decided to get on with things as normal and conduct her own investigation into the increasingly intriguing yet concerning matter.

"Well I'll deal with him and ensure that you are kept in the loop in future - after this operation has been completed and we've weeded out The Consortium agents on this ship. For now please work on the project that I have assigned to you" Claudia replied.

"Understood, Captain," Cat said with a nod. "Is there anything else you wish me to do?"

Claudia shook her head as she reactivated her console to begin her own investigation into the situation. One that she planned to do alone and come to her own conclusions about before pointing fingers.

"Not at the moment Lieutenant. If I need you I'll ask Miss Fuentes to arrange an appointment for you" Claudia said.

"Thank you, Captain," Cat stood, taking that as a dismissal and got up to head out.


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