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Fever Break

Posted on Sat Jan 21st, 2017 @ 3:21am by Lieutenant Commander Cara O'Reilly MD

Mission: S1E3.5 - Interlude
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Mission Day 22

Saalkan slinked down the corridor to the reserve medical room for the last time. It had been a very long 14 days--perhaps even longer than it should have--but in the end he had not suffered any effects from denying Pon Farr. The best part was the Doctor had not informed anyone else about their little secret. Once this last treatment was finished, he would be a free man.

"Good morning, Doctor," Saalkan said to Cara. "As much as I appreciate your assistance and discretion, I look forward to not seeing you every day." He sat down on the biobed and rolled up his sleeves, just as he had every morning for the past two weeks. "Thank you."

Cara had already set up a meditative audio selection of subtle flutes with the sound of a babbling brook in the back ground and she activated it. "Doesn't mean you and I have to be strangers," she said as she set up the infuser. "Lights dim to 35%," she said, once the infuser was in place and the cocktail was being delivered.

Saalkan eyed her warily from his supine position. "I am typically not one for social calls, Doctor, but I would not be opposed to that." He closed his eyes to steel his mind, forcing his emotions to submit to the serenity of Cara's audio composition. "Once again, I must compliment you on your treatment," Saalkan said from beneath heavy eyelids. "Such as it is, you saved me from... unfortunate alternative methods."

"I am glad I was able to help," Cara said as she sat down in a chair in the corner and picked up one of the PADDs she had placed on the stool next to the chair. In the dim light...while Saalkan dozed she got some charting done.

===30 minutes later===

Cara glanced up at the infuser and saw that the last of the cocktail was making its way through the tube. She got up and walked over to the dozing Vulcan and gently tapped his shoulder. "Saalkan? We're finished," she said, softly.

The Vulcan stirred in his return to conscious wakefulness. "Excellent." He breathed deeply and exhaled with something close to exuberance. He sat up and looked to Cara. "I have already thanked you, Doctor, so I will not waste time repeating my gratitude. There was one other thing I would ask of you. Could you spare either an anabolic protoplaser or dermal regenerator for my research? I may be on the verge of a breakthrough, and either device would be indispensable to that end."

Cara held up her finger and disappeared around the make shift partition she had set up around the hover gurney so...just in case anyone happened into the unused lab...they wouldn't see Saalkan. She went into the corridor and access an emergency storage panel where extra medical instruments were kept for emergency situations when a med kit of Field Trauma Kit wasn't available. She removed a dermal regenerator and made a mental note to replace it at some point in the near future then she returned to the lab. Rounding the partition she held out the instrument. "Ask and ye shall receive," she said, lightheartedly.

When Cara returned with the dermal regenerator in hand, Saalkan looked upon it with the reverence one might reserve for a sacred relic. He accepted it graciously with both hands, examining it from every angle in carefully with slow, deliberate turns. "You have no idea what this may allow me to do," he said, adding a flare of uncharacteristic anger to the words, "particularly in light of present hindrances." His face regained its taciturn composure along with his neutral voice. "One day, though, you will," Saalkan said, his voice full of promise. "On that day you will look upon the rocks of the eternal shore, Doctor, and you shall see me standing there."

With no more ceremony to stand on, the Vulcan turned to leave.

Not really knowing what he meant by his prediction, Cara simply shook her head and smiled as she watched Saalkan leave the lab. 'The rocks of the eternal shore," she mumbled to herself as she began to erase any sign that anything out of the ordinary had been taking place in the unused lab. "Poetic,' she added and followed it with, "lights out,' as she walked out the door herself.


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