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Helping The Survivors

Posted on Mon Jan 23rd, 2017 @ 6:39pm by Commander Akiva ben-Avram & Captain Claudia Ainscow & Lieutenant Commander Cara O'Reilly MD & Lieutenant JG Amber Zuzan

Mission: S1E3 - Operation Adrestia
Location: Main Shuttlebay
Timeline: Mission Day 18; 17:00

When Claudia, Akiva and Amber arrived in the main shuttlebay a fair few of the Alwanir's escape pods had been transported aboard. Some of the survivors had began to emerge - some were uninjured whilst others were walking wounded and a few were a bit more serious. Almost immediately Claudia tapped her commbadge to call for medical assistance.

=/\="Ainscow to O'Reilly. We need medical teams down in the main shuttlebay immediately"=/\= Claudia said.

Cara tapped her combadge and replied, "on their way, Captain," then looked around the Main Suite for Tookl. Once she spotted him she waved and pointed to the companel. "Send two to the main shuttlebay," then she went back to her current patient.

Tookl nodded and took three long strides to the commpanel in the nurses' station. "Teams 8 and 9 to main shuttlebay," he said.

"Team 8 responding," came one reply.

Since Team 9 was stationed right outside of the shuttle bay their reply was, "team 9 on scene."

"A Security team or two may be appropriate as well," Akiva said in a cautionary tone.

Amber nodded. "With your permission Captain?"

"Of course. Send two down just in case" Claudia replied.

=/\="Zuzan to Security. Send two teams down to the main shuttlebay as quickly as you can please"=/\= Amber said.


"We'll hang back until the security gets here - there's 319 people here and they could easily overrun us with a depleted compliment. Once the pods are empty I'll get Snowdon to beam them down to the surface for component recycling" Claudia said.

"What's the end game here, Captain?" Akiva furled his brow as he scanned his eyes back and forth across the growing multitude. "How are we going to manage all these people? Maybe Gavara will have a secure facility big enough to confine them for their... judicial processing." His tone conveyed anything but pity.

Claudia smiled. "We'll send them down to the command base once we receive confirmation it's in our control. For now we will escort them in groups to the nearest cargo bays and confine them there under armed guard until we can transfer them to the command base so we can ascertain their allegiance. I feel it may be wise to get a personnel list from the Alwanir so we can put some names to faces"

Claudia then stood on a crate to give her some height and a better view of the shuttlebay before calling out.

"Alright - which one of you is in charge here?" Claudia called.

Initially there was silence and no one seemed to want to step forward and represent the survivors of the Alwanir. Just as she stopped speaking the two security teams requested by Amber arrived - rather heavily armed as well.

Akiva's tension eased somewhat with the arrival of Security. He uncrossed his arms and tried to assume a more neutral stance.

The first EFTS team of two walked through the shuttlebay door and joined the group.

A blonde-haired Lieutenant Commander with an Operations division uniform stepped forward and approached Claudia. She was taller than Claudia - around five feet and seven inches tall - and somehow the woman looked rather relieved.

"I am. I was Chief Operations Officer and Second Officer until they relieved me and put me in my quarters for being a 'traitor' to the cause. Who are you and where are we?" Madison responded.

Claudia smiled and stood off the crate she was using to shout over the shuttlebay and faced the woman. She must have been about mid twenties or so - so if Claudia's guess of her age was correct then she was doing very well rank wise that was for sure.

"I'm Captain Claudia Ainscow. You are on the USS Vindex - this is my first officer Lieutenant Commander Akiva ben-Avram and my acting Security Chief Lieutenant Amber Zuzan. You are safe here - we were sent to retake Gavara IV from The Consortium. I've told you my name now you can tell me yours" Claudia said.

The second EFTS team of two arrived and joined their other team, ready to assist anyway they could.

Madison felt at last their prayers had been answered - freedom from their Consortium aligned former colleagues who had mostly perished with the destruction of the Alwanir.

"Lieutenant Commander Madison Elwood - a pleasure to meet you all. How many of us did you rescue from the escape pods? I know the traitor of a Captain ordered all of us to be thrown into escape pods so him and his cronies could go down with the ship to avoid punishment" Madison said.

Claudia nodded. "Well Madison - we managed to save 319 people - I'm not sure how that adds up to your headcount of Starfleet personnel but we managed to beam aboard all of the pods that weren't destroyed in the explosion of the Alwanir. You will forgive us however if we keep you confined to a secure location until we can verify things - I'm not saying I don't believe you - but we've taken a risk beaming aboard over 300 people"

Madison shrugged. She knew that was likely anyway - at least on the face of it Claudia and her crew appeared to be friendly and at least most of her allies were safe.

"There were 451 of us in quarters - so it appears that 132 didn't make it out in time or their pods were destroyed in the explosion. Still - thank you for rescuing us. We could use some more medical help though - some people were badly hurt in the attack" Madison replied.

Claudia smiled. "It's on its way. Don't worry Commander"

Amber decided that the situation was safe enough for the Vindex crew present and ordered the security teams to lower their weapons and help out with assessing those who needed medical attention.

The Team 9 leader pressed his comlink earwig and said, "Team 9...we need two additional teams down here." Being the first team on scene, 9 took point and its team leader began setting up a triage area.

The other three EFTSs split up and helped the escapees out of the pods, sending them to the triage area to be examined.

Akiva was not fully convinced and maintained a look of skepticism. Nonetheless he nodded at the appropriate times when Claudia was speaking in a show of solidarity.

"Is there anything you can provide -- news, intelligence, anything -- as a show of good faith?" Akiva asked Madison when Claudia had finished. He tried to scan the crowd much as he possible for adverse reactions to his question, but his vantage point was limited. "Any details might help save lives down below."

Madison looked around before looking at the man who had spoken to her. She didn't know very much - but what she did know would hopefully be of use to the Vindex and her crew.

"I know very little other than the Marine Detachment on the Alwanir was sent down to the surface of Gavara IV last week to reinforce the marines already based there. If I heard right before I was locked in my quarters there's between 250 and 300 people on the surface to go up against whatever's thrown at them. How many have you sent down to the surface Captain?" Madison replied.

Claudia sighed. "150 Marines and just over 50 volunteers from Security and other departments who had the relevant training. I think the final number of our landing force was 208 if I remember what Tolan told me correctly"

"Hopefully Deryn's wing can make up the difference," Akiva whispered in a hush tone to Claudia. He turned to Madison.
"Thank you, Commander," he said with a conciliatory nod. "We'll try to keep your people comfortable during this process."

Two more EFTS teams arrived and began treating those that had been green tagged and stabilizing those with yellow tags. Those needing immediate transport were being beamed directly to surgery or the Urgent Care Suite of Sickbay.

Madison nodded. "I'll inform everyone of the plan - I appreciate it has to be done. If you can though I'd appreciate it if you could conduct a proper head count and let me know who made it"

"I'll see right to it. Miss Zuzan - conduct that with Miss Snowdon. Mr ben-Avram I'd like you to assist with that" Claudia said.

"We'll make all available haste," Akiva said with a nod. "And I'll get Snowdon down here on the double."


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