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Trying To Help

Posted on Thu Jan 26th, 2017 @ 7:09pm by Petty Officer 3rd Class Rebecca Ainscow

Mission: S1E3.5 - Interlude
Location: D15 Bar
Timeline: Mission Day 19; 19:00

The doors to the Vindex's lounge opened quickly, allowing Laena to pass through. The black dress she wore clung to her body, showing off her figure in a way that many men and women found appealing. She usually hated the attention her body received, bringing back the haunts of her past, but today she felt she needed it. A little attention never hurt anyone.

The room was mostly empty, a pleasant surprise as she pulled up a stool at the bar. A few seats away, on her left, sat a single woman who was sipping a drink, but Laena barely even noticed. "Suieljin, on the rocks," she asked, flipping back her straight black hair that was flowing on her bare shoulder.

Rebecca was stood close to the woman who had just entered and realized almost immediately she was - briefly - her love rival for Claudia's affections. She tried not to attract the attention of the other woman out of fear of a confrontation - not something she wanted to cause - and apart from that Becky didn't even know about Laena and what had happened until Claudia actually told her. She ordered a bottle of beer and then began to drink it slowly.

The bartender's movement cause Laena's eyes to flicker to the woman seated near her. As they landed on the Petty Officer's face, realization set in and suddenly Laena wanted to be anywhere but there. She slid out of her seat and walked to the other side of the lounge, taking a seat near the large windows and pulling her legs underneath her. She leaned against the window, her eyes gazing out at the stars beyond.

Rebecca noticed the young woman had moved - wondering why this was the case she thought for a moment or two about whether it was wise to approach her and ask what the problem was - even if it was obvious. Instead the Yeoman went over to a table near to Laena's and hoped that again she would attract her attention. Something didn't feel right and Becky wanted to try and make some amends - even if the whole situation was unknown to her until her partner had explained it over breakfast the other morning.

But Laena didn't move, didn't even look up at the woman in acknowledgement. If Laena knew she was there, she didn't do anything to bring attention to the fact.

Becky decided after a while enough was enough and she was going to at least try and prove her innocence in all of this. She wasn't blaming Claudia entirely but she needed Laena to know that in truth Becky knew absolutely nothing about it.

"Mind if I join you?" Becky asked.

Laena took a deep breath, but she did not turn towards the woman. After a few moments of them sitting in silence, she spoke, "Of course," she simply stated, taking a sip of her amber-colored liquid.

Becky sat down and placed her bottle of beer on the table gently. This wasn't an ideal situation but she wanted to at least try and resolve things and make things right. Claudia may have chosen Rebecca but the Yeoman wasn't going to take that as an end to the situation.

"I can tell you're pretty low about something and I probably know what that is. I know you won't want to talk about it but I just want you to know that I genuinely had no idea what was going on. If I knew you were on the scene then I wouldn't have done what I did - and I'm sorry - I know you won't want to forgive me and I understand that totally. If I were you I'd be telling me to shut up right now but...yeah" Becky said.

Laena's head slowly turned and her eyes met the other woman's. She just sat there for a few minutes, their eyes connected. She wanted to hate this woman. She wanted to curl up into a ball and cry. She wanted to scream and rip this woman's hair out. But she couldn't. She physically had nothing left within her. She simply shrugged, "I can't hate you," she said quietly, the tears burning behind her eyes. But she willed them to stay put, refusing to allow herself to break down in front of this woman.

"You should...but...I know I made a mistake and I hurt you. If I knew what impact my desire to try and make the Captain feel better then I wouldn't have done it. You're a sweet woman and I really think you will find that special person who's going to make you feel so special. If I was available then...I would myself...but you can do better than me. I don't want you to be upset for something that isn't your fault. Don't blame Claudia either - blame me - it was my stupidity that started this anyway" Rebecca replied.

"Excuse me?" Laena's eyes squinted with disbelief. "You should have stopped after 'I hurt you'," she stated, setting her glass down. "Do you honestly think that you telling me if you weren't with my girlfriend you'd be with me is going to actually make me feel better?" Laena shook her head, "Forget it. Thank you for your apology. But please, stop trying to make me feel better. You're actually making it worse."

"OK fine - but with respect Claudia wasn't your girlfriend - unless that's something else she isn't telling me...but I'll leave that out of it because that isn't the point right now. But the thing that bothers me more is how the hell did you know I was with her anyway? Not that I'm excusing what I did but it does worry me a little" Rebecca replied.

"I was going by her quarters when I saw you leaving that morning," Laena said, her voice getting quiet. "You definitely didn't look like you were there for work, and my untrusting nature caused me to check the Computer logs." Laena looked down, "No, she technically wasn't my girlfriend. But I honestly thought we were heading that direction."

Rebecca knew there was no arguing with being caught leaving Claudia's quarters the morning after they slept together.

"I'm not going to argue with you seeing me leave her quarters. However even after this I still think for what it's worth you're a kind hearted person with a lot of love to give - and whoever you give it to is going to be a very lucky person. Yeah...I'll be honest in saying I do have a lot of feelings for her...but I can't change what happened and again I'm really sorry you got caught up in it. I get why you're so distrusting though - maybe I should take a leaf out of your book and be the same" Rebecca replied.

"You don't know anything about me," Laena said, a bit accusingly. She came off more harsh than she meant to, but there was no way to take that back.

Rebecca nodded. "Maybe I don't know that much about you - but I do know there isn't a single bad bone inside your body. I'd offer to be your friend - but I think I know the answer to that would be no. For what it's worth though...I want to try and help repair the damage I've done to you"

"I've told you, you didn't do anything wrong." Laena stood, tipping back her drink until it was empty. "There's nothing to repair." And with that, the mint-green woman walked away.

Rebecca sighed and simply stayed in her seat. She didn't know what to do but at least Laena had evidently decided Becky hadn't done anything wrong - so she decided to take that on boarded and leave it at that. There was nothing else that could be done now - Rebecca felt guilty of course but she couldn't help how she felt.


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