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Night Life

Posted on Fri Jan 27th, 2017 @ 2:13am by Lieutenant No Name & Petty Officer 3rd Class Rebecca Ainscow

Mission: S1E3.5 - Interlude
Location: D15 Bar
Timeline: Mission Day 24; 20:00

Rebecca had asked Catalina by a message if she wanted to meet up for a drink. It had been a couple of weeks or so since their last rather eventful evening and Becky felt she wanted to make it up to her friend for the way she acted. The Yeoman had dressed in her new blue dungarees with a lemon yellow t-shirt underneath. Stood by the bar Rebecca waited and hoped her friend would show up sooner rather than later.

When Cat got the message, she was elated that she had something more to do than bury herself in non-essential tasks. As yet, the Chief of Intel didn't trust her and she had busied herself with learning all the new toys that came with her disposal. Now she had some free time and decided to make the best of it.

She dressed in a pair of black pants and shoes, then added a black tank top that showed off her smooth stomach with words "My Eyes Are Up Here" in white across her chests. She checked herself once more, then headed out to the bar where Rebecca said she'd be.

When she entered, she looked around before spotting her friend and headed over to her. "Hey Beck," she said with a smile. "Thanks for the invite. How goes?"

Hearing that all too familiar voice Rebecca turned to see it was her friend. She hadn't seen Cat for a while but it didn't feel like that - perhaps a good sign for their friendship in the future.

"Oh hey Cat - I'm glad you could make it. I feel much better...thanks to you. Before I order our drinks though - how are you? And if you don't mind me're looking pretty damned hot tonight" Rebecca replied.

"Think so?" Cat asked as she spun around with a grin. "I wasn't too sure, but thanks. I've been good, if bored since the last away mission. I have a project to do, but everyone's been pretty busy and I wanted things to get settled a bit before I launched into it. How about you?"

Becky smiled. "If I say you're hot then you are. I'm glad you've managed to find something to do - I've been bored off my ass since we got assigned to orbit this planet until they decide to send us on our way. I'm know...trying to keep myself occupied"

"You're looking pretty hot, too," Cat said as she looked the other woman up and down. "Almost like you're on the prowl." She looked at the bartender and ordered a Cardassian Sunrise before she looked back at her. "Life as a Yeoman isn't all it's cracked up to be?"

Becky grinned. "Me on the prowl? Being a Yeoman can have it's advantages as well as it's disadvantages of having so much boring paperwork to do"

Rebecca ordered a beer and after it was given to her in a tall frosted glass she eyed one of the free tables nearest to the corner of D15 - private enough for her to talk about just how Catalina had helped her that night a couple of weeks ago.

"Want to sit down over there? I won't drag you to a wasn't a popular suggestion last time" Becky suggested.

Cat took her drink and headed over with her. "So what's up?" she asked as she settled down after making sure she had a view of the door.

Rebecca replied. "You know what you said the last time we went out about relationships? If you promise not to tell anyone then maybe I'll tell you...otherwise I might just have to keep it a secret and let you find out the more boring way"

" found someone?" Cat asked as she took a sip of her potent beverage. "You mean like dragging you down to Intel and testing out the new Brain Sucker 9000 alpha that we got in?"

"Yeah...I found someone alright. She's really special and really hot too - I know it's early days but I think it'll work out if we carry on going as we are. I can't thank you enough me a kick up the ass. So I'm sorry but you won't get to test the Brain Sucker 9000 today" Becky replied.

"She, huh?" Cat asked, wondering if she should have made a play when she had the chance. If I had a chance she mentally corrected herself. The Yeoman had been cagey at the time, so the odds were good that the relationship had been in the early stages. "That's great news, Becky," she said. "I'm glad that you have someone to go home to at night."

Rebecca took a sip from her glass of beer and savoured the ice cold beverage. She promised herself not to get into the state she did last time she went out for a drink with Cat and it was a promise Becky intended to keep.

Becky smiled. "Thanks Cat. Now we've just got to find you someone...that's if you want to go down that road. I didn't plan on it but...I'm glad it's happened"

"Don't worry about me," Cat said with a smile. "Us Intel types are here today and gone later. No one really trusts us enough to dedicate. So tell me about yours?"

"Mine? Well...she's funny and she makes me feel like a princess. I'd love to say who but I think she'd probably slap me into next week...but ...if you let me arrange you a date then I might be prepared to tell you. I just want to repay you for how much you helped me Cat - you're a great friend" Rebecca responded.

Cat took another sip of her Cardassian Sunrise before she blinked in surprise. "She's funny and makes you feel like a princess...but would slap you into next week if you said who it was?" She asked with an arched eyebrow. "That sounds like a oxymoron. I wouldn't say I helped that much if you're in a relationship like that. If that's the kind of people you meet, I don't think I need hooked up."

Rebecca smiled. "I think it's more that she doesn't want me 'outing' her yet...I don't think she'd actually slap me but I think she'd be pretty annoyed about it. Maybe my choice of phrase wasn't as good as it could have been"

Rebecca took a sip of her beer and thought for a moment before deciding she'd offer to set Catalina up with someone Becky knew could be a good match for her friend. Becky thought that Catalina deserved the same happiness as Claudia gave her.

"There is someone I have in mind for you who's quite...feisty...and I think you two would get on really well. I should totally organise a blind date for you both" Rebecca giggled.

Cat eyed her for a moment and bordered between saying one thing and another, but decided to go for the high ground instead of a low blow. "I'm okay," she said. "Honestly. I wasn't lying about people not trusting us Intel types. Even my own Chief doesn't trust me and if I can't get the trust of my own department head, who would trust me?"

Becky smiled. "Who wouldn't? Don't listen to what your department head says - why don't you let someone trust you and prove him wrong and show you can be trusted? I trust you...otherwise I wouldn't have told you know. If you really don't want to it's fine - but you should at least think about it before just dismissing it straight away"

Rebecca wasn't going to force her friend into it if Cat really didn't want to go on a date - but Becky felt the person she had in mind would see past her job and see Cat for who she was.

"See? That's just it," Cat said as she down half her drink. "You haven't told me about 'you know'," she air quoted with her fingers. "Even you don't trust me even though you say that I helped you." She shrugged. "It's no big deal, Beckaroo. I'm used to it."

"Alright...promise me you won't tell anyone - girlfriend is Captain Ainscow. Now I've told you about it...are you going to go with your side of the deal?" Rebecca replied.

Cat opened and closed her mouth a few times as various chapters of the Officer's Handbook flipped through her mind. "The Captain Ainscow?" she asked sotto voice.

Rebecca nodded and started blushing. She was head over heels in love with Claudia and the mere mention of her name was enough to send her heart racing.

"Absolutely...the Captain Ainscow...I'd be lying if I said I didn't love her too" Becky replied.

"Well, congrats to you," Cat said as she took another drink. "I won't say a word....and as to my side of the deal...I never agreed to anything if you recall." She smirked and leaned back in her chair.

"Thank you...but...I'm afraid you're tied to the deal already because I've already told the lucky person who you're taking out for dinner tomorrow and they're looking forward to it. Don't be late!" Becky giggled.

"You what?" Cat asked in disbelief. "You told someone that I was taking them out to dinner?"

After Catalina finished Becky giggled. She hadn't really - it wasn't the best thing to do - but she just wanted to see what Catalina said to it.

"I haven't...but...for what it's worth I think you should give it a try. I really want you to share the same happiness that I share special woman...even if it takes a while for you to find that person" Rebecca replied.

Cat breathed a sigh of relief. "At least tell me something about this person that you have in mind," she said. "I'm really not a fan of blind dates."

"Well...she's really feisty and I think she's really hot. She's in the Operations department and...from what Claudia told me...she isn't in the XO's good books right now. I think you could probably guess who it is from all that. If not then I might give you another clue...if you get us the next round of drinks" Rebecca replied.

"I'm not exactly part of the in crowd on the ship," Cat responded. "But I'll pick up the next round of drinks because I like you." She signaled to the bartender for two more drinks for them.

Becky smiled. "Alright...what do you think to Lieutenant Snowdon? Based on what time I've spent with her she's fun to be around and if it doesn't work out like that...then at least you'd have another friend than Beckaroo here"

"Snowden...Snowden," Cat mused as she tried to remember who was who in Operations. "Short, cute brunette?" She guessed after a moment.

"That's the one. She's told me a lot about herself...but I don't want to spoil the fun for you if you're interested. Nealey said she felt a bit lonely and I think you two would get along great - and I know that she recently moved into the empty quarters next to yours...not that I'm trying to imply anything" Rebecca replied.

"Now it sounds like you've been working on setting since up since the last time we talked," Cat said with a laugh. "You haven't, have you?"

Rebecca smiled. "That's for me to know and you to find out. If you give me the word this Yeoman here will do all the organising and get you set up with a does that sound? You even said you think she's cute and from what Nealey told me when I mentioned you in conversation she thinks similar of you"

"Are you serious?" Cat giggled as she reached for her new drink. "Are you sure that you're not really Intel and posing as someone called Cupid?"

"Very serious Cat - she said 'Lieutenant Ghatto? She's so cute' - ask her yourself if you don't believe me" Rebecca replied.

"I'm going to get you," Cat said as she took a drink. "Mark my words."

Becky took a long sip of her beer as Cat spoke. Just as she felt herself start to giggle she stopped so she didn't spill her drink everywhere and make a fool of herself.

Rebecca giggled. "I'm waiting. If it works out you'll thank me though"

"Just you wait," Cat said and shook a finger at Becky. "A pair of edible underwear is going to show up at the Captain's quarters with your name attached to them."

Becky went bright red almost immediately.

"Maybe I'll just have to ask the mailman to let me go through the Captain's post...although I think she'd probably like them if they came from me. Maybe I'll send some to Nealey's quarters with your name on them" Rebecca replied.

"Be my guest," Cat said with an impish grin. "As for you going through the Captain's post...I'm Intel. I can get anywhere on this ship and deliver it right to her bed."

"I've got something in mind. You just see'll be pleasantly surprised how creative I can be when I put my mind to you may just regret giving me the go-ahead to send something to Nealey from you. I'm sure she'd like it too" Rebecca giggled.

"That would be to my advantage, wouldn't it?" Cat asked as she took a sip of her second drink. "I mean, how do I lose out when I don't have to spend a single credit, yet get credit for something?"

Becky grinned. "That depends what it is...but it'll be worth it if you two do actually go on a date. I've got a few spare credits available so I think I can spare just to see how creative I can be and totally embarrass you as much as that edible underwear is going to embarrass me"

"Here's the thing about," Cat pointed out. "I don't get embarrassed. They broke me of that at the Academy and now I'm a free being."

Becky finished another sip of her beer and smirked cutely.

"We'll see. You should get thinking about where you're going to take her...she really likes Italian food and she absolutely loves chocolate gateaux. I'm sure they'd impress her" Rebecca replied.

Cat started to giggle despite herself and had to set the glass down before it spilled. Then she burst out into laughter which started to get the attention of others. When she saw them looking, she laughed even harder and snorted as she held her sides.

Becky smirked. "I'm serious. But...I could always hook her up with someone else...if you're going to pretend you're not interested in her. I could set up a dating agency at this rate"

Cat held up a hand and tried to get her breath. "," she managed. "It's just....that I'm....Italian."

Giggling cutely she took a long sip of her beer before replying. This evening was turning out to be just what she needed - although Becky was probably expecting Claudia to ask her to visit at some point.

"Oh...I didn't know that. I guess that means she'll like you even more in that case. What do you think to 'Beckaroo's Dating Agency'?" Becky replied.

"I like it," Cat said as she finally took a deep breath and a drink. "I'm sorry that you thought I was laughing at you, but I pictured myself as a buffet for a moment."

Becky smiled. "It's alright. I think you two will get along great though - if you want me to I can arrange it for you and let you two sort out the finer details. I'm guessing Claudia will want another date night soon too so I'll have to think about what to do as it's my turn to decide next time..."

Cat leaned over and whispered in her ear. "Have you come to your quarters while you're wearing the edible undies," she said with a giggle.

Becky grinned and nodded. She liked that idea a lot and she decided on the spot that she was going to go ahead with it.

"You bet I'm going're so kinky. I could learn one or two things from you" Rebecca replied.

"You don't know the half of it," Cat said. "I have more layers than an onion and more moves than an Orion slave girl dancing in a cage."

Rebecca smiled. "Maybe you'll have to give me a few tips. After all - I did tell you about Nealey and how much she loves Italian food and chocolate gateaux. What do you say we have one more? I imagine Claudia will want to see me at some point tonight and you've got a date to plan"

"Did you know that the neck on a woman is a very exciting erogenous zone?" Cat asked her with a sly grin. "The nape and back of the neck are among the top ten erogenous zones on the body. Of course, that leads to the ears, which are super sensitive to touch, probably due to a large number of nerve endings."

"Now I'll have to try that one out and report back - I like the sound of that. Before I disappear...when was the last time you went on a date? I'd like to reply but to be honest I'd never been on one until I got with Claudia..." Becky replied.

"A real date or a hookup?" Cat asked as she signalled the bartender for another round. "If you're talking about a real date, I'd say about a year."

Becky smiled. "Whatever you see this thing with Nealey as whenever it happens then I hope it goes well. I thought I sucked on my first date but...apparently I didn't"

Rebecca finished the rest of her beer and placed the empty glass back on the table. Before leaving however she had one small request to ask her friend.

" you promise to tell me how it goes?" Rebecca asked.

"I will," Cat said as she finished her drink. "But only because you're going out of your way to set it up."

Becky smiled. "Good. Beckaroo aims to please - you're a good friend and I want to help you as much as you've helped me. Same time here next week?"

"Will do, Beckaroo," Cat said as she stood up and smiled.

"Awesome. I'll see you later - good luck Cat - not that you'll need it though" Rebecca said.

With her goodbyes said Rebecca disappeared out of D15 and towards Claudia's quarters - hoping she was ready for her arrival. It had been a great evening out and Rebecca looked forward to many more nights out with her friend.


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