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A Double Celebration

Posted on Sun Jan 29th, 2017 @ 1:40pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Major Storr Garlake & Commander Tolan
Edited on on Mon Jan 30th, 2017 @ 12:13am

Mission: S1E3.5 - Interlude
Location: Observation Lounge
Timeline: Mission Day 25; 10:00

Claudia was pleased when she received confirmation of two promotions she had requested - one for Storr Garlake and the other for Tolan. Tolan had recently been assigned to Claudia's command on a permanent basis and he would be working solely as a Mission Advisor now Lieutenant Kaz was back from her secondment and on the mend. After placing two boxes onto the table in front of her Claudia tapped her commbadge to summon the two lucky recipients.

=/\="Ainscow to Garlake and Tolan - please join me in the observation lounge at your nearest convenience"=/\= Claudia said.

Tolan was in his office filing some paperwork - and as keen as he was to get it finished he was glad that Claudia had requested his presence so he would be able to get a change of scene for a short while. Locking his terminal the Suliban headed out of his office and towards the turbolift before replying.

=/\="On my way Captain"=/\= Tolan replied.

Storr almost missed the high-pitched chirp from his comm badge, as he usually had the sonic shower on its hardest and hottest setting. Shutting it off momentarily, he involuntarily shivered from the immediate cool air that swept into the small bathing area. Wrapping a towel around himself, the MCO reached out to activate the device.

=/\= Copy, ma'am.=/\= he simply replied. Jumping back in, he quickly finished his shower and donned a clean uniform, though not before running his hands through his hair and a comb through his neatly-trimmed beard. It was nearing the not-so-neat threshold, however, and the marine made a note to trim it the next morning. Leaving his quarters, he wondered what exactly it was the Captain needed the two of them for.

The doors to the observation lounge swept open and Storr's imposing figure strode in with a smile that was met by Captain Ainscow.

"Reporting as ordered, ma'am" he stated with a nod, coming to parade rest before his commanding officer.

Tolan arrived into the room next and after greeting both occupants of the room he stood next to Storr.

"Here as requested Captain" Tolan said.

Claudia smiled. "Thank you for coming so promptly. I'll try and keep this as brief as possible - but first I'd like to go on record and say how grateful I am to you both for the hard work you put in on Gavara IV. Starfleet Command were very impressed with how swiftly you carried out your work and have seen fit to reward you accordingly - we go"

Claudia reached for the first box on the table and opened it. Removing the rank insignia from inside it she reached for Storr's collar and removed his Captain rank insignia and replaced it with the Major rank insignia. She then stood back and smiled with her hand extended.

"I am hereby promoting you to the rank of Major. Congratulations - you deserve it" Claudia said.

Captain, now Major, Garlake was taken aback. He had been a Captain not yet a Star-year now and promotion was not even something he had on his radar. The Captain must have been very persuasive with the SFMC brass to have made this happen.

"Thank you, ma'am...I'll be sure to perform at the level you expect of my new rank." the MCO said after shaking his CO's hand and saluting smartly.

Claudia then reached for the second box and retrieved the solid pip inside it before removing the hollow pip from Tolan's collar and fixing the solid one on instead. After standing back and smiling at her friend she extended her hand once again.

"I hereby promote you to the rank of full Commander - and I also accept your request to remain here on a permanent basis. Congratulations Commander" Claudia said.

Tolan shook Claudia's hand firmly and nodded once to confirm his agreement with the later part of her statement. He was delighted to stay aboard the Vindex.

"Thank you Captain. It's an honour to be here and I hope I am for a long time to come" Tolan replied.

As the two started to leave, Storr hesitated for a moment, allowing Tolan to exit before him. Turning back, he addressed Claudia with less enthusiasm than before.

"Captain, do you have a minute?"

"I'll leave you both to it - thank you Captain. I'll catch up with you later on - congratulations Major" Tolan said.

Tolan then departed.

Claudia nodded. "Of course I do"

"I...well...sorry, I don't mean to stammer but this wasn't a conversation I anticipated having with you." the barrel-chested marine took a deep breath before letting it out and continuing. "In accordance with the Starfleet Officer's Handbook, paragraph, I am required to inform you, my supervisor and commanding officer, that I am pursuing a relationship with a junior ranking officer." After he had gotten the more formal portion out of the way, he relaxed fractionally. "She's not enlisted, so you don't need to worry about fraternization-thank goodness-and she's not in my chain of command so there are no worries about undue command influence or perceptions of favoritism."

Claudia smiled. "I've been guilty of that before in the past and I may end up being guilty of it in the not too distant future if the right one comes along. I've got no problems with that sort of thing on my ship - I hope it works out for you both. By the way - do you mind me asking who it is? I promise I won't tell anyone"

Storr grinned impishly "Oh, I suppose I do owe you a's Counselor Maera."

"I like your tastes Major Garlake - Miss Maera is a lovely young woman. As I said before - I hope it works out for you both. I genuinely don't see the issues in relationships between a senior and junior officer - just as long as they're happy" Claudia replied.

"Thank you, ma'am. Unless there's anything else?" Seeing her reaction in the negative, Storr nodded and executed a crisp about-face, exiting the room in which he had come.

Claudia smiled. "That's all I can think of Major. Thank you for coming"


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