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Who's In Charge Around Here?

Posted on Wed Feb 1st, 2017 @ 3:59am by Lieutenant Commander Soren Himmel & Lieutenant Megan Atkinson

Mission: S1E3.5 - Interlude
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: Mission Day 28; 09:00

Megan was happy with her decision to transfer to the Vindex. She was initially scheduled to work in Operations but her role had been filled - so she was more than happy to take up a senior role in Engineering instead. After making her way down to Main Engineering she looked around for Soren - hoping he was around so she could introduce herself. After finding who Megan presumed to be the Chief Engineering Officer she walked up to him and smiled.

"Commander Himmel? Lieutenant Atkinson - your new deputy" Megan said.

Himmel was a little preoccupied when he heard a young ladies voice. He turned around and saw the young Lieutenant. oh that's right, the assistant, "Lieutenant Atkinson, glad to have you down here with us. Come with me." At that moment Soren began to walk through engineering, giving here the guided tour.

"I've got to say it's great to be back in the engine room again. I started off in Engineering and ended up in Ops for a while...and pardon me for saying this - but you do look familiar. Anyway I'm waffling on a little - lead the way Commander" Megan replied.

Himmel moved forward and turned back, "Familiar? Starfleet sometimes is a small world." He then showed her a door, "here's the jefferie's tube access." Then they were moving again.

" is. But am I right in thinking you were in the Academy between '83 and '85? I'm sure you were my instructor on more than one occasion" Megan replied.

Soren abruptly stopped and turned to the new engineer, "Yeah, I was there." Am I getting that old "I'm glad to have a former student as my got to then. Was I able to teach you anything?"

"You sure were Commander. I managed to pass top of my class and it's taken me a while - a few years - but I've learned the ins and outs of the computer system on these Sovereign-class starships. I guess I could double up as Computer Systems Specialist if you're short in that area" Megan replied.

Himmel chuckled, "We're always short of people out here. We could use some extra help, computer systems would be great." With that he began to walk again, "Well, engineering is not much different from any other starship. I'll show you where you can throw your stuff down." He rounded the corner near the pool table and made it to the Chief Engineer's office, "This is essentially where my stuff goes. I don't use it too often, mostly for my coffee and meetings kept in confidence. You're welcome to set up your desk how you please." He walked into the engineering office, "here it is."

Megan followed Soren around to the office he indicated was for her use. She always liked to add her own mark to her office and this one wasn't going to be any different. She already had an idea of what she was going to do with it. As soon as Megan arrived in the office she couldn't help but grin.

"I get my own office? I think I'm liking it here already. Talking of the computer systems when was the last time it had a diagnostic check? I wouldn't mind doing that myself if it's overdue" Megan replied.

Himmel grabbed one of his PADDs that was laying around, "I think the last computer diagnostic was before we left dock. Yep, it's been a little while. You are more than welcomed to do so if you wish."

Soren tossed the PADD among his stacks, "Also, be sure to acquaint yourself with the other engineers. Senior Chief Glenn Hawk is our Senior NCO down here. A good engineer, he'd be helpful with your computer diagnostic."

"I'll get right on it once I've spoken to Mr Hawk. I guess it's an advantage I came from another Sovereign-class so I don't have any catching up or learning to do. If there's nothing else Commander I'll be on my way and let you get back to your job. A pleasure to meet you - again" Megan replied.

Megan offered her hand out for a shake.

Soren stared for a moment at her hand, "Outstanding, Lieutenant. It's pleasure to see a former student in action." He shook her hand, "Don't work too hard."

"Likewise. I'll let you know when I've done that diagnostic" Megan said.

Following that Megan headed off to find Glenn and get on with her task.


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