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Tanks For the Project

Posted on Wed Feb 1st, 2017 @ 10:06pm by Lieutenant No Name & Lieutenant Commander Soren Himmel & Major Storr Garlake

Mission: S1E3.5 - Interlude
Location: USS Vindex (Deck 23)- Main Engineering
Timeline: Mission Day 28: 1130

Captain...Major Garlake entered Main Engineering, trying to take the whole scene in without looking too impressed. While he understood systems, teams, coordination and the like, the technical side of the ship and keeping everything running was somewhat a mystery to him and he was always quite impressed when seeing it operate at peak efficiency.

"Can I help you, Major?" came the soft, charming voice of a Lieutenant behind Storr. Turning to face the smiling brunette, Garlake returned the smile and nodded in the affirmative.

"Just looking for your boss. Where can I find him in this ant colony?"

Megan giggled. "He's on the second level diagnosing some isolinear relays, I believe."

The MCO thanked the assistant chief engineer and made his way to the upper deck to find Himmel, all the while thinking how best to disable or destroy everything he saw. It was a quirk that had followed the marine all the way from Boot when that ancient truism "Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet." had been drilled into their brains. He chuckled as he saw the chief engineer kneeling next to an access panel, the man all too exposed to a litany of unarmed assaults. Pushing the thoughts aside, he clicked his heels together in greeting the German.

"Goedemorgen, Commander," the MCO said in Dutch, the closest that he could get to the engineer's native tongue. "What's on your mind?" he then asked the CEO in English, seeing a slender brunette with the black rank of Intel approaching over the man's shoulder. While he had nothing to fear, he instinctually took a more defensive stance; Storr disliked the cloak-and-dagger ways compared to the sheer force that marines generally applied. It wasn't saying that C&D wasn't necessary, just that people who never told you about what they did made a lot of people nervous and he was one of them. "Lieutenant,"

A quick check with the computer revealed that both Commander Himmel and Captain Garlake were in Engineering and this pleased Cat. She retrieved the PADD with the specifications for the Ripsaw EVA ground vehicle that she had gotten from Gavara IV and checked her uniform. Spotless, but she knew that was likely to change soon.

Cat left a notice for Lieutenant Linn that she'd be in Engineering assisting with a project, secured her office and headed for the nearest turbolift. A short ride later, she exited and headed into main Engineering and began to look around for the two men that she sought. It wasn't hard to spot the green uniform in the sea of gold and she approached the tall, rugged looking Marine Commanding Officer.

"Excuse me," she said as she neared him. "Are you Captain Garlake?"

Storr smiled. "Formerly. Just got promoted to Major...seems the personnel system hasn't caught up yet. Probably the only time I've had a leg-up on Intel," he replied with a smile while extending his hand.

Major? Stupid computer Cat mentally muttered as she took the offered hand and gave a firm shake. "Lieutenant JG Catalina Ghatto, Sir," she said by way of introduction. "I was actually looking for you and Commander Himmel."

"Well, you've found us both. Now, do you have any idea why we're all here or do we need to wait for the good engineer to brief us?"

"I know exactly why I was looking for both of you," she said with a grin. "Unlike your rank." She gave a slight cough at the minor embarrassment. "And I would prefer to brief you both at the same time."

While this very friendly conversation was going on Himmel made a loud grunt enough to catch their attention. He placed down his tool before finally getting up. He was tired and almost looked upset. When he was on his feet and looked up towards the two officers a smile grew across his face, "Sorry for my lack of response. I was just wrapping up a small repair on the EPS conduit. Wouldn't want one of those to burst," he let out a light chuckle, and wiped his forehead to remove the beads of sweat, "Guten Tag, Major, Lieutenant. Would it be best to go somewhere out of ear shot?"

"Commander," Cat said with a pleasant nod. "Yes, that would be appreciated. Captain Ainscow has put me in control of a project and said that it would be best if I came to both of you about it."

"Fair enough...lead the way, then," Storr answered, all the more curious as to the nature of this project.

Soren invited them to step into the Chief Engineer's office. They went over to his hardly lived in office, still in shambles and disarray. Himmel couldn't help but think, I didn't know I'd be hosting so many people in here, probably should think about cleaning up the place. "I apologize for the mess. If you'd like a seat just clear off one of those chairs," He walked over to his coffee maker, "Anyone want some brew? She's still hot."

The MCO shook his head in the negative before clearing a seat of at least half a dozen PADDs before sitting.

"No, thank you," Cat said as she moved the items off of one of the chairs and looked for a place to set it. Finally, she put it back on the chair and opted to stand and activated the PADD she had. "While on Gavara IV, we had a chance to get into the computer system and discovered a track-based ground vehicle which the Captain has found merit on. It's tentatively called the Ripsaw EV Tank."

She swiped the screen of the PADD and brought up the specifics and some images of it.

Ripsaw E3 Tank

Crew: 3 (1 Pilot, 1 co-pilot, 1 gunner)

Weight 9,000 lbs
Height 70 in
Armor Ablative

1 Type IV mounted phaser cannon
1 360 Degree Burst Fire Micro Torpedo Launcher
Payload: 100 micro torpedoes

Engine Anti-matter

Payload capacity 2,000 lbs.
Suspension 16 in. Travel (Treaded)
Ground clearance 24 in
Speed 95 Mph

Full sensor package


Storr stroked his chin thoughtfully for a few moments. Tracked vehicles were a mixed bag, tactically, though the specifications for this particular one seemed nearly...well, incredible.

"Impressive, to say the least, though there are a few things that make me concerned. Chief, what do you think?"

Himmel took a sip of coffee and nodded his head in agreement, "Very nice indeed. You're not showing us just to add it to the equipment list. What's the story?"

"Actually, the Captain wanted me to head the project to make this a reality," Cat said. "Of course, I defer to both of you in regards to your rank and experience. I merely have a few ideas about it."

Garlake thought for a few moments before taking the PADD from Cat and began making some annotations on and around the design. Leaning over shoulder-to-shoulder with the Chief Engineer, he pointed to a few places on the Ripsaw's chassis and tracks.

"A few modifications here and here for tactical purposes but I have to ask, Soren, what capabilities do we have to do this? Personnel? Fabrication? Storage? Tools? I know that I'm here for the run-and-gun expertise but I want to make sure that my recommendations are in the realm of the possible given what we have."

Soren looked over it, "I don't think we'll have a problem with replicating and fabricating. I know I'm short on personnel at the moment. This is entirely feasible though. The engine may present some difficulties. As far as storage goes, I know I need to go through and get rid of things. As it stands now, we could probably produce 3 or 4 and have plenty of space. Will you be able to provide the armaments?"

"That isn't my domain," Cat said. "I'll be working on the sensor suite for it. Perhaps we should call in whoever is in charge of Tactical for the armaments?"

Storr nodded. Three to four of these devils would provide an incredible tactical advantage in a multitude of situations. The marine was already envisioning a combined arms movement and contact strategy before a cough from Himmel brought him back to reality.

Smiling, Major Garlake looked to both Cat and Soren. "So when do we start?"


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