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Cake And Ice Cream

Posted on Wed Feb 1st, 2017 @ 4:00am by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Petty Officer 3rd Class Rebecca Ainscow & Grace Ainscow

Mission: S1E3.5 - Interlude
Location: Captain Ainscow's quarters
Timeline: Mission Day 27; 18:30

Claudia and Grace had spent the majority of the day together and they had both thoroughly enjoyed it - although now came the time Claudia had decided it was time to tell Grace about her relationship with Rebecca and that she would have two mothers. After they'd eaten their dinner Claudia decided now was a good a time as any. She sat herself down on the sofa and patted the vacant seat next to her.

"Grace sweetheart - could you come and sit down with me please? I need to talk to you about something important" Claudia said.

Grace smiled and nodded. She sat down in the place her mother hand indicated and looked up at Claudia.

"What is it mum?" Grace asked.

Claudia smiled. "Well it's very difficult for me to say it but you do need and deserve to know. know that most children have a mum and a dad?"

"Of course mum. I know my dad isn't alive so I've only got a mum" Grace replied.

Claudia sighed - it wasn't quite the response she was expecting but that was in a positive way. Now she'd started the conversation Claudia knew she had to finish it. Taking a moment to think about how to say it Claudia then continued explaining the situation to her daughter.

"Well...not exactly Grace...but I'm going to try and say this in a easy way. It's different in the sense that I'm only attracted to other women and I've recently entered a relationship with another woman - so you have two mums. I wish I could have told you sooner sweetheart...but it's been hard to find the right time and way to say it" Claudia said.

Grace understood every word her mother said and smiled. She reached over and wrapped both of her arms around Claudia tightly - Grace was proud of her mother for being able to find the courage to admit who she was to her.

"That's alright mum. If you're happy then I'm happy having two mums instead of a mum and a dad" Grace replied.

Claudia welled up. "Thank you sweetheart...that means so much to me"

Claudia felt a tear roll down her cheek as she embraced Grace tightly - it meant the world to her that Grace was accepting of the fact Claudia was in a relationship with another woman and she was excited about having two mothers. She wasn't sure if it was too soon for Grace to meet Rebecca but after thinking about it for a few moments as she continued to hug her daughter Claudia decided to ask her.

"Would you like to meet her?" Claudia asked.

Grace smiled and nodded almost immediately. She couldn't wait to meet her stepmother already - and she'd only known about her for a few moments.

"I'd love to mum. What's her name?" Grace replied.

Claudia smiled. "Her name is Rebecca - she likes being called Becky though. Are you sure you want to meet her?"

"I am" Grace said.

Claudia tapped her commbadge and asked Rebecca if she wanted to come and meet Grace. A few minutes later after receiving a positive answer from her girlfriend Claudia went to the door after the chime sounded to let Rebecca in.

"Hey Becky" Claudia said.

Rebecca smiled. "Hey gorgeous woman"

After sharing a brief embrace Claudia led Rebecca into the lounge where Grace was sat waiting patiently. Once they were in there Claudia decided she would lead the introductions so she could act as the familiar face between the two.

"Grace - this is Becky. Becky - this is Grace" Claudia said.

Grace smiled. "Hello Becky"

Becky loved the fact Grace wanted to meet her so soon after arriving on the ship. Although she was only 21 the young Californian Yeoman knew that she was more than ready to commit to a relationship and being a stepmother.

"Hello Grace. How are you?" Becky replied.

Grace responded. "I'm fine thank you. How are you?"

"I'm fine too - thank you. Can I sit down next to you?" Becky asked.

Grace nodded and smiled - moving up slightly so Rebecca could sit on the sofa. Once Becky was sat down Claudia also sat down and joined her daughter and girlfriend on the sofa and beamed at them both.

"Who wants a drink?" Claudia asked.

Becky smiled. "I'll go and get them babe. What do you both want?"

"Strawberry milkshake for me please" Grace asked.

Claudia giggled. "I knew you'd ask for one of those! I'll have one too please"

Becky smiled. She went over to the replicator and ordered three strawberry milkshakes before taking them over to the table - placing them in front of each of their recipients and then sitting back down.

"How did you meet my mum Becky?" Grace asked.

Becky had some of her milkshake before replying.

"I'm her Yeoman - so basically I'm her secretary and I do most of her paperwork and I also organise all her appointments for any members of the crew who want to meet her" Becky replied.

Grace smiled. "That's cool"

"And I couldn't imagine my life without her now she's here" Claudia added.

Becky grinned. "Aww you're so sweet"

"Are you going to get married?" Grace asked.

Claudia went bright red and sensed that her girlfriend probably had as well. It was something Claudia had thought about and wanted to do - but right now it was early days in their relationship. Even so the support and enthusiasm Grace had shown was something both Claudia and Becky really appreciated.

"Erm...not yet. Maybe in a few months..." Claudia replied.

Becky had indeed gone bright red - but she too wanted nothing more than to marry Claudia when the time was right.

"Aww yay. Can I be a bridesmaid? Please?" Grace said.

Claudia smiled. "Of course sweetheart. Who else would be my bridesmaid?"

Grace smiled and resumed her milkshake whilst Becky and Claudia smiled at each other and held hands over the back of the sofa. Marriage hadn't been discussed by them yet but they both gave each other a look to say that they were more than up for it when the time was right.

"Who wants to take a trip down to the planet next week? Biynah can come as well if you want to come Grace" Claudia asked.

Grace smiled. "Can Becky come too?"

"If she wants to" Claudia replied.

Becky was more than happy to join them. In fact it gave her an idea - but one she was going to have to think about first. Becky was so happy that Grace had accepted Claudia's relationship with her and was excited about the family they would be once herself and Claudia got married.

"Is Becky going to live with us mum?" Grace asked.

Claudia smiled. "Soon sweetheart. We haven't been together for very long but when the time is right and when she's ready then I'm sure we can sort that out. Of course - that's if she wants to"

"Are you serious? I'd love to move in with you guys" Becky grinned.

With that decided they all decided to have a night in and watch a film from the Vindex's database. With some chocolate cake and ice cream ordered from Paul's kitchen they all settled down to spend the evening together once their food had arrived along with some leftover cupcakes. If every night was going to be like this then Claudia couldn't wait for Becky to move in with them.


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