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Family Day Out

Posted on Tue Jan 31st, 2017 @ 12:31am by Commander Akiva ben-Avram & Biynah & Captain Claudia Ainscow & Petty Officer 3rd Class Rebecca Ainscow & Grace Ainscow

Mission: S1E3.5 - Interlude
Location: Gavara IV
Timeline: Mission Day 34; 12:00

It was finally time for the day out that Claudia had arranged with Akiva where they would take Grace and Biynah - as well as Rebecca - down to the surface. It was there that Claudia planned to confide in Akiva and Biynah about her relationship with Rebecca which had gone from strength to strength ever since they agreed to become an item. Once the runabout Mersey - piloted by Muniz - had landed on the surface to drop off the passengers they disembarked with their picnic basket and set off towards the location Claudia had chosen for them to share a picnic together.

"We're headed over this way - whenever you're all ready...let's go" Claudia said.

Becky was delighted to have been invited along on the day out - although she tried not to get too in the way because she knew it was time for Grace and Biynah away from the Vindex more than anything else.

Grace beamed and lead Biynah in the direction her mother had indicated.

"Come on Biynah. Let's go!" Grace said enthusiastically.

Biynah hobbled a little awkwardly at first, though her gait smoothed out the farther she ran after Grace. In time, she was neck in neck with her.

Akiva walked next to Claudia. He smiled at the girls who were leaving them in the dust. "If I don't soon find something that girl cannot learn at a glance, I don't know what I'll do." The pride in his voice was palpable.
He glanced at Rebecca not for the first time, wondering exactly why she had tagged along. Her company was pleasant enough, but both her and the captain seemed a little... anxious. Like himself. But it was unlike either of them.
"Is something the matter, Captain?"

Claudia and Rebecca looked at each other and then gave each other a look as if to say they were ready for their relationship to come out - at least to Akiva anyway. Taking a moment Claudia looked at Akiva and tried her best to have a positive expression without smiling.

" should know something...about me. Becky and I are in a romantic relationship - and I've decided as you're one of my closest friends and also Biynah's father then you should know. It's still early days but...yeah. It's for real" Claudia said.

As soon as Claudia had finished Becky reached for Claudia's left hand with hers and held it lovingly and tightly.

Akiva's mouth opened to form words, but none came out. He looked back and forth at Becky and Claudia, each time losing whatever it was he wanted to say. At length his face blushed with embarrassment until he finally said, "Mazel tov."

He looked away and rubbed his forehead a minute. "This... all right. So is this why Rebecca was assigned in the first place? Does Grace know? I'm sorry, that's not my business. I just... eize seret. I feel as though I should hug you both."

Claudia smiled. "Thank you. Becky was assigned because of my promotion to Captain - we'd never met or heard of each other before then. Grace does know and I'm so happy with how accepting she is - she's already picked what she wants to wear when we get married"

"You're such a flatterer Commander. What do you say CeCe - shall we let him?" Becky grinned.

Claudia giggled. "If he wants to"

Akiva embraced both of the ladies, one in each arm, in a group hug before the words sunk. "Married?" He said with a gasp. "You're... getting married? Mazel tov, indeed! Have you decided when?"

"Well...we will...but nothing's been decided and nobody's proposed yet. I'm sure it won't be too long the way Grace is going on about it - but thank you Commander" Claudia replied.

Becky smiled and embraced both Claudia and Akiva. She was loving being part of this unique but very loving family. It did however spur her on to perhaps set more wheels in motion for their planned future marriage.

"Father! Look at me!" Biynah's voice rang out from high in the air.

Akiva scanned the terrain to see where she had called out from. He spotted Biynah waving hand from the top of a very tall tree. "Ha'Shem have mercy..." he whispered before calling out, "Biynah! Get down from there this minute!"

He looked at Claudia. "Are children always this way?"

Claudia giggled. "I'm afraid so"

Grace herself had chosen not to climb the tree out of fear of falling due to her fear of heights. Instead she looked up at her sister and wondered how long it would be before she either climbed down or fell out of the tree.

"Come on Biynah - climb down!" Grace called.

Biynah shook her head and grinned. "Watch this!"

And then she jumped.

"Biynah!" Akiva's heart shot up into his throat surely as hard as Biynah hit the ground from a 30 foot drop. Dirt and foliage kicked up from her landing.

Akiva broke into a run. Before he had closed the distance, though, Biynah was already rising shakily in the dusty air. "Did you see, Father?"

"Yes, I saw!" Akiva was livid. "What were you thinking? Diagnostic. Now!"

Biynah stopped in mid-reply and closed her eyes for a moment. She twitched her head for a second, then reopened her eyes. "Diagnostic complete. The servomotors in my limbs remain functional with no damage. Shock dampers suffered significant impact with no permanent damage. I should not do that again."

"No! No, you should never do that again!" Akiva dropped to his knees and hugged her closely. "I know your polyalloy frame can take a pounding, but you scared me all the same."

Claudia too ran to see if Biynah was alright - closely followed by Becky. Claudia smiled and looked at Biynah and decided to go down the more relaxed approach.

"You need to be careful when doing things like that Biynah. I know you're curious but if it's something that could result in you causing yourself damage then please don't do it. Your father and I wouldn't be very good parents if we let you climb up and jump out of trees now would we?" Claudia asked.

"I technically did it without permission," Biynah noted. "Isn't that right, Father?"

"Yes. A thousand times, yes." Akiva stood up and patted her head. "Please ask permission the next time you want to jump off of something. Or into it. Or under it."

Grace looked around and decided that where they were was a nice enough position for the family picnic.

"Can we stay here mum? I like this spot" Grace asked.

Claudia smiled. "I think so sweetheart"

Claudia placed the basket down and laid out the sheet she had brought with her for them all to sit on. She had no idea of what was going to happen almost imminently but for now Claudia started getting the cakes and sandwiches that Paul had prepared for them out of the basket - as well as some synthetic supplements for Biynah.

"Now we engage in the familial consumption of nutrients in order to enhance our communal bond while we nourish our bodies." Biynah grinned at her statement.

"As good of a blessing for a meal as any I've heard," Akiva said. "What are our options today?"

Grace giggled and admired the food that her mother placed out on the sheet in front of them all. Looking around she wondered what Claudia had brought them to drink.

"What's to drink mum?" Grace asked.

Becky smiled and opened up the backpack she was carrying to reveal flasks of tea - hoping that Grace and Akiva both liked tea. There was also a flask of liquid especially for Biynah to go with her synthetic supplements.

"Tea for us and whatever this is for Biynah" Becky commented.

"Polysiloxane!" Biynah squealed. "My favorite."

Once everything was set up Claudia took a moment to look around at the people she was with before gesturing for everyone to help themselves to the delicious looking food Paul had prepared for them.

"Tuck in" Claudia said.

"One mutton and onion sandwich on flatbread for me," Akiva said, then handed Biynah a silvery block of approximately equal size, "and one savory 'dimethi-scone' for you." He and he alone chuckled at his own humor.

Claudia watched as Grace helped herself to a few chicken sandwiches - followed by Rebecca and then herself. It was almost perfect - the weather was perfect and the company was perfect too. It was hard to believe that in recent times the Idran Region had been in a great danger of falling to The Consortium and now they were sat on a former Consortium held planet having a family picnic.

"How are we enjoying our food?" Claudia asked.

Grace beamed cutely and nodded to confirm that she was enjoying her sandwiches.

"It's wonderful Claudia" Rebecca commented.

Claudia smiled. "Biynah...there's something I'd like to tell you. It's about your parentage - you don't just have a mother and a father - you have two mothers and a father. How do you feel about that?"

Biynah set her half-eaten dimethicone block next to her flask. "Two mothers. Who is the second?"

"I'm sat right next to her Biynah - it's Becky. She's my partner" Claudia replied.

"Processing," Biynah said. Then she turned to Becky. "Is that why you joined us today? I do not share your brain mapping. Were you always my second mother?"

Becky smiled. "That's right - I'm here because I'm Claudia's partner. However I wasn't always your second mother - I didn't become Claudia's partner until after you were activated"

"But she's always going to be there for you just like me" Claudia added.

Becky nodded. "Absolutely. I'll be there for you and Grace - always"

"We can add to our family through familiar bonds," Biynah said. "Romantic commitments are but one way." She nodded as if making a decision. "Thank you for joining us, Mother Becky."

Grace continued to smile enthusiastically and looked as Biynah held her synthetic supplement - it didn't look particularly appetising to her but Grace supposed it was nice to Biynah at least.

"They're going to get married. I'm going to be a bridesmaid!" Grace said excitedly.

Claudia smiled. "Not quite yet sweetheart"

"If Grace is a bridesmaid, then will I be one also?" Biynah asked.

Claudia nodded and knew that Biynah would potentially ask that question - but it was no issue for Claudia or Becky if Biynah wished to be a bridesmaid.

"You can also be a bridesmaid if you want" Claudia replied.

Grace beamed. "Yay!"

"Now I must determine what a bridesmaid is," Biynah said. "I know Grace will help me with that."

Grace smiled. "A bridesmaid is part of the group with the bride at a wedding. We get to wear a special dress"

"A dress?" A dreamy smile slowly spread across Biynah's face. "I have never worn a dress."

"Your father is not a seamstress," Akiva joked. "I can arrange for some wardrobe for you in the meantime."

Claudia smiled. "We can arrange to get a dress for you too Biynah. I don't think it's going to be for a while anyway - there's a lot for us to do and Becky and I don't even live together yet. I promise I won't forget when the time comes"

"Good." Biynah smirked. "I wouldn't let you forget, anyway."

"Of that, dear one, I have no doubt," Akiva said with a laugh. He glanced at Claudia in mock anguish. "Trust me on that."

Claudia giggled. "She's definitely her father's daughter. When we get engaged and set a date then we'll let you know at the same time as Grace. Until then you'll have plenty of time to read up on what a bridesmaid is Biynah"

"Will you stay on the Vindex?" Biynah asked. "Sometimes people go away when they get married."

"Of course we will. I don't plan on leaving the Vindex for a very long time yet. The Vindex is our home and we want to stay there for as long as we can" Claudia replied.

"I am glad to hear that," Biynah said. She quickly turned to Akiva. "Father, will we stay too?"

"Of course, Biynah." Akiva smiled. "We may leave for temporary visits, but I foresee the Vindex being our home for a long time.'

Claudia smiled. It was just what she wanted to hear - her trusted XO and friend as well as Biynah - would be around for a very long time to come. The Vindex already felt like it had been home for a long time already and it had become very special to her - although Claudia guessed that was down to the fact it was her first command and it would always have a place in her heart.


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