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Posted on Tue Jan 31st, 2017 @ 3:41am by Lieutenant Elsa Johansson & Lieutenant Kazyah Linn
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Mission: S1E3.5 - Interlude
Location: Master-At-Arm's Office
Timeline: MD22 - 1600

Kazyah Linn walked up to the Master-at-Arms office. This was not a place he would normally venture to, he did his best to stay away from Enlisted members of Starfleet, but orders were orders and he had a job to do. He had to know what they were up against.

The thing about gaining rank, Seneca mused, was that there always paperwork to be done. Right now he was reviewing proficiency reports for members of the Security Department and was about to begin making training recommendations when he was interrupted by a signal at his door. Putting the PADD away, he answered "Enter."

Kaz walked into the room but he stopped immediately in his tracks. In front of him stood one of the most gorgeous men he'd ever seen. Tall and human, but it was obvious he wasn't 100% pure blooded. Kaz opened his mouth to speak, but he wasn't quite sure what to say.

Seneca knew who Lieutenant Linn was, of course, though he had had no direct interaction with the Vindex's Chief of Intelligence. When Kazyah stood at Seneca's door, not making a sound, After a few seconds of uncomfortable silence, Seneca asked, "May I help you, Lieutenant?"

"Um..." Kaz cleared his throat. "I uh..." He suddenly remembered the PADD in his hand, "Oh, this." He held out the PADD towards the man. "I'm concerned about the weapons within the Intelligence Offices. During our last security drill, I saw how many were there. I think they should be removed."

Seneca gave Kaz a quizzical look. "Just so I understand this correctly, Lieutenant, you're not asking for assistance in securing the weapons in your section, you're looking to have them removed from your section all together?"

Kaz stood there for a moment, leaning against the bulkhead, staring. Which was an odd sight, to see a blind man stare. But here he was, with his jaw hanging open just an inch. "I'm sorry, what?" he asked, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

If Seneca had noticed Kaz's dazed reaction, he had pretended not to. "I just wanted to verify, Lieutenant, that you wanted the weapons in your department removed, rather than having them left in place but better secured."

"How better can they be secured?" Kaz asked, rubbing his eyes for a second. "I just feel that they can compromise the classified information we have down there."

"Standard biometrics," Seneca replied. "Retinal scan, DNA sampling, neurographic scanning. Add to that such tricks as placing the weapons in a cache, and weapons in your section no longer represent a potential disadvantage."

"And who's biometrics would be used?"

"Presumably yours and your assistant department head's," Seneca replied, "Though this could be adjusted on an area by area basis, to include different individuals. The only usual protocol is that there a redundancy built into your system. That is, if only one person could access every cache, and that person becomes...unavailable...then the caches can't be accessed save by a brute force method."

"That's another concern, brute force," Kaz took a few steps forward, his eyes betraying the fact that his vision was no longer fixed on the man's face, but rather his arms. "How easy is it to break into those compartments? I'm concerned that if there were trouble on board, my department could be compromised. And that's something I can't allow to happen."

"The normal compartments I would install could only have their biometric locks bypassed by something along the line of a cutting tool. There's no such thing as an impenetrable locker," Seneca explained. "What we do is create lockers that it takes time to physically enter, if you can't get through the security protections legitimately."

"Those," Kaz said, suddenly looking back up at the man's face. "Those are the ones I want, please. The ones we have now, I'm afraid, are too easily accessed."

"Won't be a problem then, Lieutenant," Seneca assured the Chief Intelligence Officer. "I'll notify Lieutenant Cusack of what we're doing, then get a Senior Chief from operations I usually work with. Between the two of us, we'll have everything installed and programmed to your specs by the end of next Alpha Shift."

"Thank you," Kaz stated. He leaned forward and placed a hand on the man's arm, "And if you need any help, let me know. I've been known to be handy. I'm sure there's...something I can help with," he said, giving the man a sly, half-smile.

Before Seneca could respond, there was a chime at his door. "Enter," he replied, sliding away from Kaz.

The Vindex's tall Nordic Science Officer stepped in to the office. "Lieutenant Linn," she said with a nod, before turning to Seneca. "Just wanted to make sure you're coming to my dinner party tonight, Master Chief," she said with an uncharacteristic smile.

"No one likes a shadchanit, Lieutenant," Seneca said with a mock growl, "But I"ll be there."

"I've got preparations to make then," Elsa responded before ducking out of the Master-At-Arms office.

"Sorry about that, Lieutenant," Seneca said, turning his attention back to Kaz. "But I'll have everything planned out and ready to go at the beginning of Alpha Shift tomorrow. So if there's nothing else, Lieutenant, I'll get started on the paperwork."

Kaz did everything he could not to roll his eyes, "That'll be it, Master Chief," he said, feeling a bit defeated. "Let me know when you've finished."

Seneca nodded, his attention already turning to his PADD as he sent out texts to all parties about the Chief Intelligence Officer's request.


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