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Miss Fischer

Posted on Tue Jan 31st, 2017 @ 2:15am by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Grace Ainscow & Elsie Cusack

Mission: S1E3.5 - Interlude
Location: Classroom
Timeline: Mission Day 28; 09:00

Claudia had made sure that Grace and Elsie got to the classroom safely and decided to wait with them until Janelle arrived. She was pleased that Grace was excited about starting her education on the Vindex and that Elsie had agreed to be friends with Grace. At least Grace would have someone familiar to sit next to in the classroom.

"I wonder what I'm going to learn today" Grace asked.

Claudia smiled. "I don't know - but I'm sure whatever it is you'll be able to tell me later over dinner"

"I will mum" Grace replied.

Claudia then decided to ask Elsie if she was looking forward to starting her life on the Vindex.

"What about you Elsie? Are you looking forward to starting school on the Vindex today?" Claudia asked.

In truth Elsie wasn't so sure - but she was going to make an effort at the very least.

"Yeah I guess so. I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes" Elsie replied.

Just as Claudia was about to reply she saw Janelle approach and Claudia pointed her out to Grace and Elsie.

"Captain Aiscow, a pleasure to see you, ma'am," Janelle said as she walked up to her classroom. "Thank you for coming early before we started class. And this would be Grace and Elsie?" she asked with a smile.

Claudia smiled. "A pleasure to see you too"

First to respond was Grace. She nodded enthusiastically and smiled at her teacher.

"Hello Miss Fischer. I'm Grace" Grace said.

Elsie didn't have such an enthusiastic reply but she too nodded and sat on the table positioned behind her.

"And I'm Elsie Cusack" Elsie replied.

"It's a pleasure to meet you both," Janelle said with a smile. "And I know you're feeling a little hesitant, but why don't we see how it goes, okay?" the young teacher said as she opened her classroom and led Claudia, Elsie and Grace in.

One wall was was covered with books, maps and other items that might have been a common sight in a classroom on Earth four centuries ago. There were also computer stations and PADDs scattered around the world, as well as plants and animals native to the Quadrant. There were also partially assembled model buildings, bridges and automatons of various levels of sophistication.

"So, what are you two interested in?" Janelle asked Elsie and Grace.

Claudia stood behind Grace and Elsie as they entered. Grace was in awe of the maps and books around the room and almost immediately she picked up a book about different species of birds native to Earth.

"I like birds. My grandparents' garden always has lots of different types of birds in it" Grace replied.

Elsie shrugged. "I'm not sure really. Space I guess?"

"I think I might have something for both of you." Janelle led them to the corner where a curved container of transparent aluminum stretched from floor to ceiling. Inside the container were a number of flowers and orchids, and a blue hummingbird, about five centimeters long, could be seen darting from flower to flower.

"Your Lieutenant Johansson built and stocked this, Captain," Janelle explained, "Or I suppose I should say members of her department did, at her direction. It's a zunzuncito," she told Grace. "A hummingbird native to Earth's Caribbean region."

Grace looked at the container and admired its contents. She looked at the small bird's bright orange feathers which covered most of its body and its feathers which were a dark greenish colour - she was even more excited when the hummingbird took a position on a plant near to Grace and started tweeting at her.

Claudia was extremely happy to see how much joy the container containing the bird brought to her daughter.

"They've certainly done a good job" Claudia commented.

"Thank you, Captain," a pleasant tenor voice said from behind. The owner of the voice, a tall, brown haired human male wearing the teal of the Sciences and Medical division. "I'm glad to see that the aviary's sole occupant is doing well."

"Elsie, Grace, this is Master Warrant Officer Luka Borner," Janelle said by way of introduction. "He's not only our ship's ornithologist, but he also understand how fish and animals will act in captivity."

"Just Mr. Borner will be fine, ladies," Luka added, as he produced a tricorder. After a few minutes of taking readings, he put his tricorder away. "Just came by to see if our hummingbird was ready for a girlfriend. But you have to be careful. Hummingbirds are very, very territorial."

Claudia smiled and nodded.

"I'll leave you all to it anyway - I'll come and check in on you two later. Have a good day" Claudia said.

Grace smiled. "Goodbye mum. hello Mr Borner"

Claudia disappeared off to her ready room whilst Elsie simply sat staring into the aviary with not very much to say. She was feeling let down that her father - who she didn't want to see again after going to The Consortium - was now a reformed man and acting as an agent on behalf of Starfleet on the Vindex. It just didn't feel right and she still wanted to avoid him at all costs.

"What are we going to learn today?" Grace asked.

"When class officially starts, I'm going to ask you and Elsie to take some tests on the computer," Janelle explained. "I have your records already, but it will help me get a feel where you two are, so I know where to begin our lessons. For right now, though, and if Mr. Borner has no objections, I thought he could tell you about everything in our hummingbird biosphere."

"I would be delighted to," Luka said with a smile.

Grace beamed. That sounded like a wonderful idea and she looked up at Luka with a great deal of excitement as she waited to hear more about the beautiful bird inside the aviary.

"And now I have something I want to show you, Elsie," Janelle said with a smile.

Elsie hopped off the table she was sat on and waited for Janelle to show her whatever it was she was going to show her.

"What is it Miss Fischer?" Elsie asked.

Janelle led Elsie to a small darkened room connected to the back of the classroom. "Computer activate current position," Janelle told the empty air. Immediately it was like Janelle and Elsie were standing in empty space.

"This is where the Vindex is right now," Janelle told Elsie. "We have other programs we can run in here too, like a shuttlecraft simulator, and other star maps. Does that sound like something you'd like to learn?"

Elsie looked around slowly and she did appreciate her surroundings very much. She wanted to join Starfleet herself when she was older and it was things like this that only made that desire stronger still. Seeing as her adoptive parents were both in Starfleet already Elsie knew she'd have a decent start at getting to learn what life in Starfleet was like.

"I would. I want to join Starfleet when I'm older" Elsie replied.

"Then we'll work on that goal," Janelle assured her. "We'll need to go inside in a few minutes, but for now, why don't we see what we can learn in here. Computer, Martian night sky, northern hemisphere, Draco ascending." The surrounding instantly changed again, to the thin atmosphere of Mars, looking up. "That constellation is called Draco," Janelle told Elsie, pointing to a portion of the sky, "And right there is the Cat's Eye Nebulae."

"I love it already. I can't wait to go and see it for myself" Elsie replied.


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